November Sky Poetry


Follow the inspiring life of Christine Klocek-Lim on this beautiful blog. She features works of poetry, interviews, and more, along with stunning photography and well-chosen graphics that make it an easy and delightful read.



It used to be a photo blog, but then I wrote a poem. I decided to write a few more, and now it's rapidly becoming a poetry blog with photos. I'm developing my poetry, exploring different styles, and finding my own voice.

Leaf and Twig


a poetry and photography blog where observation and imagination meet nature in poetry. Daily posts.

Unknown Depth
by seedbud over 2 years ago
Steps to Change
by seedbud over 2 years ago

Secondhand Thoughts


Photography of the more peculiar sights one finds in a city (plus some nature photography) + poems in English and Polish

time, creeping up on you
by pauliwj almost 3 years ago
the image of self
by pauliwj almost 3 years ago

viver para contar


Words that come from the soul. My days in pictures.