David and Libby Nightingale are the owners of Chromasia, which is the combination of their other two companies, Chromasia Limited and Chromasia Training Limited. Their expertise is in the fine arts and commercial photography, along with Photoshop and photography training. They also have on-line tutorials.

Venice Carnival Photo Tour 2016 #12
over 2 years ago
Venice Carnival Photo Tour 2016 #11
over 2 years ago



Photopreneur was developed to give the photographer resources to help them earn money from their photography. With the rapidly changing world of Digital Photography you will find all the resources you need to be a great photographer.

SIBUTRAMINE FOR SALE - No Prescription DrugStore
by Dean almost 4 years ago
AMBIEN FOR SALE - No Prescription DrugStore
by Dean almost 4 years ago

The Imaging Buffet


Andrew Darlow is the owner of this multi-faceted online magazine. It is a "buffet" of sorts with podcasts , news and reviews about digital photography along with imaging topics and new media. This site touches on many areas that are important to working, amateur and novice photographers.

How to Get Great Photos at Balloon Festivals and Related Events: PDF Available for Download
by imaging@andrewdarlow.com (Andrew Darlow) over 2 years ago
New Article on Tips for Photographing Pets in Costumes
by imaging@andrewdarlow.com (Andrew Darlow) over 2 years ago



Photoinduced is a site for the professional, amateur and the in-between photographer. You will find galleries to view along with the most updated news and events for the shutterbug in you.

July 4th Fireworks Photos! A Simple Guide to Cool Images
by Damon almost 3 years ago
CE WEEK – A Fast Look at Some Cool New Tech
by Damon almost 3 years ago

The Decisive Moment


The articles and reviews on this website are written with the purpose of opening channels of communication between photographers. The ultimate aim is to be an interactive site where photographers can share their thoughts and ideas on how to improve, change and inspire others in the same field.

Photo Attorney


If you don't have a law degree, understanding the legal rules of the photography business can be daunting. This essential blog gives you the legal knowledge necessary to protect your work from infringement.

Secret Bonus to 5DayDeal Complete Photography Business Bundle
by Carolyn E. Wright over 2 years ago
Grab the Year’s Best Bargain for Business Photography Resources
by Carolyn E. Wright over 2 years ago

Ron Bigelow Photography Blog


Not a frequent poster, but when Ron blogs, he includes extremely useful photography tips like how to use an infinite depth of field, use triangles in your composition, and how to correctly use negative space in your photos.

Jen Kiaba's Blog


This professional photographer does portraits with a hint of vintage romance. Whether or not this is your style, Jen brings you amazingly useful tips and comments on her own daily life. We definitely suggest checking out her post on how to create your own lightbox for under $10!

We're Moving!
by Jen Kiaba almost 4 years ago
What Happens When You Ask Yourself How You Want to Feel?
by Jen Kiaba almost 4 years ago

m2 Photography


Thoughts, DIY Projects, and everything photography from Southeast Wisconsin. I dabble in Aerial Photography from Kites, create "Do-It-Yourself" solutions, and love gadgets and technology.

eMotimo TB3 vs. AutoMate vs. Gigapan Pro
by Michael Mikkelson over 4 years ago
DIY eMotimo TB3 Hyperlapse Rover
by Michael Mikkelson over 4 years ago

Jason Christopher: Fashion Photography Blog


This fashion photographer writes on some thought-provoking issues like, "Fashion Photographer and Fashion Model Expectations" and the prospect of "overshooting." We also love the occasional lighting diagrams to help you mimic the look of catalogue shots.

Feeling Negative?


This blog might be a little lonely--it is the sole site devoted to film on our whole list! But they assure us that film isn't dead yet and we believe them!

Kim Guanzon Photography


Kim is not afraid to show you the tricks of the trade! Use Kim's blog as a helpful guidebook by looking through her lighting diagrams and her step-by-step tutorials for creating Holga-like images.

Serious Amateur Photography


When someone asks you, "Are you a photographer?" the answer can be difficult. If you aren't getting paid, but you love to take photos, are you still a photographer? This blog introduces a new class of photography lovers: serious amateurs. Advance in your photography by reading through this Texas photographer's notes.

A Texas Pyramid – Davis Mountains, Texas
by Jeff Lynch over 4 years ago
Punta de la Sierra
by Jeff Lynch over 4 years ago

TAO of Photography


Mr. Ilachinski is a physicist and a photographer.When taking pictures he studies the mysterious relationship between inner experiences and outer realities . He is fascinated by science and photography and how they relate to each other.

Deciphering the External World
by noreply@blogger.com (Andy Ilachinski) over 2 years ago
The Mind is Simply Aware
by noreply@blogger.com (Andy Ilachinski) over 2 years ago

Ask the Photographer


This site offers tutorials, photographer profiles, video podcasts, and photo reviews. It is authored by professional photographers and you will find a wealth of photography resources here.

Manfaat Filter Neutral Density
by qdid123@yahoo.com almost 4 years ago
Perlukah kita membeli lensa off brand/third party
by qdid123@yahoo.com almost 4 years ago

Art In Liverpool


This blog has been given the title of 'The Best British Art Blog’ since 2004. You will find an abundance of postings covering news, reviews and interviews relating to the Liverpool Art & Culture scene.

Workshop Provider, Crafts and Giggles
by Ian Jackson almost 3 years ago
Music Practitioner, The Challenge Network
by Ian Jackson almost 3 years ago

Self-Reliant Film


This blog can help iPhone users become more autonomous in their picture taking. It provides advice on how to take your photos or films and perfect them into a professional product.

Something, Anything – World Premieres
by Paul Harrill over 4 years ago
Advice to Young Filmmakers
by Ashley Maynor over 4 years ago

Bella Sparks Photography


Bella Sparks Photography is a West Michigan based photography service in Holland, Michigan. We strive to create unique and innovative portraiture and wedding photography! The blog will update with new photo sessions, print and book deals, creative ideas to take pictures on your at home with you family!

Lily Chandra Photography


I am a photographer located in Vancouver, Canada. I do food and travel photography as well as weddings, portraits and events.