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Karen Walrond is a photographer and writer with a lengthy résumé and professional accreditations. Her blog shows stunning examples of her work and gives helpful advice on purchasing and operating cameras.

togs: ode to the uniform
by Karen Walrond over 3 years ago
this was a good week?
by Karen Walrond over 3 years ago

mati rose


Mati Rose features creative photos of blogger Mati's daily life and illustrations. Her work shows heavy influence from the ocean; she's lived on both the East and West Coasts.

Photo Focus


We could not help being sidetracked by this blog. After fifteen minutes, we realized that we needed to write up this description! So take it from us, this blog will give you excellent tips and tricks to improve your craft.

Review: Photoboards from Sweet Pix
by Nicci Widener over 2 years ago
Photofocus Podcast February 28, 2016 — Mirrorless with Scott Bourne & Marco Larousse
by Marco Larousse over 2 years ago

Laurens Kuipers Daily Photoblog


Laurens Kuipers is a photographer specializing in architecture and is the author of this fantastic blog. He deals mostly with architects, building companies, developers and consultants. He posts a new photo daily to keep things interesting.

Holland - Rijswijk
over 3 years ago
Holland - Amsterdam - De Schoen
over 3 years ago

PDN Photo of the Day


PDN features a daily photograph everyday on it's site . The June 9,2011 features work done by Alejandro Chaskielberg titled "The High Tide" and the photographs are amazing.



This minimalist blog features interviews with all kinds of photographers. See their work to gain inspiration and learn about the stories and ideas behind the photos.

I Love Photo Blogs


Visitors can use this blog as a resource to locate the next up-and-coming star iPhotographer. The site also provides information on contests and prizes for photos.

Baltimore Photographer Dennis Drenner
by admin over 2 years ago
Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR with EF-S 18-55mm IS STM Lens – Wi-Fi Enabled
by admin over 2 years ago

Show Me Pictures


We thoroughly believe that sometimes, learning can best take place simply through observation. This simple little blog showcases work from other photographers, sometimes with a brief quote on the thinking behind the photo.

© Alexander Missen | Untitled from the series Q & A Website:...
about 4 years ago
All images © Alexander Missen | alexandermissen.com
about 4 years ago

L' oeil ailleurs


In this thought-provoking blog, photographers speak directly about their art. Sometimes they shock us. Sometimes they intrigue us. We assure you that when photographers speak about their work, powerful things happen.

INTRODUCING ANDREA GRÜTZNER Born in 1984, I spent the first few...
over 3 years ago
INTRODUCING MADISON CAROLL I’m from a suburb outside of...
almost 4 years ago

Earth Shots


Earth Shots celebrates the beauty of our planet. Each day a fabulous photograph is chosen to be on the homepage. This contest is open to all.

Crane Silhouette by David Swindler
by Earth Shots over 2 years ago
Monarch by Rudi van den Heever
by Earth Shots over 2 years ago

Phill Price Photography


Phill Price is the photographer of this blog. He prefers minimalist architecture, abstract and street photography He has no formal training in photography but you would never guess that from the beautiful photographs displayed on his blog.

Tree In Forest


Arwen, the author of this blog, is a trained herbalist and a photographer. Her photographs are very beautiful and can be viewed in her online journal.

Lanora Mueller Photographer


Lanora Mueller is the author and photographer of this blog. She captures human emotions and wonders around the world. Her gallery is full of amazing photographs from family portraits to military scenes to photos from far away places.

Touring Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way
by Lanora Mueller over 4 years ago
Late night break, Paris Saint Germain
by Lanora Mueller over 4 years ago

Shutter Sisters


Tracey and Kate are the owners of this beautiful blog. Tracey likes to produce the kind of images that remind us that life is beautiful and Kate loves to capture scenes after destruction, like the beach after a hurricane or power outages. These two photographers compliment each other and have produced some terrific work.

Steve Beal


Supremely talented photog Steve has recently begun to incorporate the iPhone into his more traditional repertoire here. He posts daily and usually includes information on how the shots were taken.

Moment Captured
by Steve Beal about 4 years ago
by Steve Beal over 4 years ago

Matt Brennan


Matt heeds Ansel Adam's adage about great photography being bound by no rules here. Be it via iPhone, Canon, or what he will, Matt always manages to perfect the image.

Photography By Kids


Children have a unique perspective on the world. Many children are not very knowledgable when it comes to photography, but that doesn't mean that the photos they take don't have value. At Photography By Kids, you'll gain insight into the perspective of children by viewing the photos that they have taken and shared here with you!

Grainy Pictures


paint the world any color you like, someone's bound to like it.

My Photopage


I am a Sabahan, married with 3 children and living in Canada. This blog is about my life where I keep and show the pictures and stories of me and my family to share with friends and relatives around the world.

#BeWell - Ends March 14/16(WW)
by SJB aka SUELYN J-B. over 2 years ago
#LoveGiveaways - Ends Feb 15/16(CANADA ONLY)
by SJB aka SUELYN J-B. over 2 years ago

hot pink muumuu


Photography by Susan Stayer. With a little encaustic painting thrown in.

Crina Prida


This blog is documenting my photographic 'journey', in a less organized or selective way than a portfolio site. I post here bits and pieces of my edited photos, on the go, in relationship with ongoing projects or photo sessions I am doing, sometimes aleatory, sometimes pending to external exhibitions or events.

Living in a box
by Crina Prida over 4 years ago
The old window
by Crina Prida over 4 years ago