The Decisive Moment


The articles and reviews on this website are written with the purpose of opening channels of communication between photographers. The ultimate aim is to be an interactive site where photographers can share their thoughts and ideas on how to improve, change and inspire others in the same field.

Photo Editor


You will find photographer profiles, industry news, and information on this site. A great post on this blog is titled "Social Media Marketing Talk – Portland & Seattle" and is worth reading.

The Daily Edit – Julia Fullerton-Batten: Blink
by Heidi Volpe over 4 years ago
This Week In Photography Books: Linda Fregni Nagler
by Jonathan Blaustein over 4 years ago

PDN Photo of the Day


PDN features a daily photograph everyday on it's site . The June 9,2011 features work done by Alejandro Chaskielberg titled "The High Tide" and the photographs are amazing.

Photo Attorney


If you don't have a law degree, understanding the legal rules of the photography business can be daunting. This essential blog gives you the legal knowledge necessary to protect your work from infringement.

Secret Bonus to 5DayDeal Complete Photography Business Bundle
by Carolyn E. Wright over 2 years ago
Grab the Year’s Best Bargain for Business Photography Resources
by Carolyn E. Wright over 2 years ago

Streets of Berlin


As this blog's name suggests, this blogger chronicles Berlin street life with a camera. Streets of Berlin is ultimately about seeing everyday life as precious and worth capturing. Learn to see the mundane through a new lens.

Phu Quoc, Vietnam, January 2014 Contax T2 // Agfa Vista 400 //...
almost 4 years ago
Hanoi, Vietnam, January 2014 Contax T2 // Tri-X @400 developed...
almost 4 years ago



This minimalist blog features interviews with all kinds of photographers. See their work to gain inspiration and learn about the stories and ideas behind the photos.

Ron Bigelow Photography Blog


Not a frequent poster, but when Ron blogs, he includes extremely useful photography tips like how to use an infinite depth of field, use triangles in your composition, and how to correctly use negative space in your photos.

Photography Blog


This sleek blog indulges the tech side of the photographer. Read about the latest camera bodies, lenses, firmware upgrades, lighting gadgets, and more to seek out new equipment and boost your technical understanding of your camera.

StreetFoto San Francisco Festival
by Zoltan Arva-Toth over 2 years ago
Nikon Relaunches ‘Nikon Image Space’ Photo Sharing Service
by Zoltan Arva-Toth over 2 years ago

I Love Photo Blogs


Visitors can use this blog as a resource to locate the next up-and-coming star iPhotographer. The site also provides information on contests and prizes for photos.

Baltimore Photographer Dennis Drenner
by admin over 2 years ago
Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR with EF-S 18-55mm IS STM Lens – Wi-Fi Enabled
by admin over 2 years ago

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman


This housewife is one talented woman! A fantastic writer, cook, and photographer, we couldn't help but fall in love with her intelligent and interesting blog. Read her posts on lens distortion, food photography, backlighting, and everything in between.

Jen Kiaba's Blog


This professional photographer does portraits with a hint of vintage romance. Whether or not this is your style, Jen brings you amazingly useful tips and comments on her own daily life. We definitely suggest checking out her post on how to create your own lightbox for under $10!

We're Moving!
by Jen Kiaba almost 4 years ago
What Happens When You Ask Yourself How You Want to Feel?
by Jen Kiaba almost 4 years ago

That's the Shot Photography Blog


This handy professional photographer brings you samples of their own work as well as some do-it-yourself projects like making your own Lensbaby, using an LED flashlight as fill lighting, and creating your own beauty dish.

Muddyboots Photography Blog


Browse through Erica's myriad of links to find useful and fun tutorials, or search through her own posts to learn how to avoid blurry photos or create a twin in post-production.

m2 Photography


Thoughts, DIY Projects, and everything photography from Southeast Wisconsin. I dabble in Aerial Photography from Kites, create "Do-It-Yourself" solutions, and love gadgets and technology.

eMotimo TB3 vs. AutoMate vs. Gigapan Pro
by Michael Mikkelson over 4 years ago
DIY eMotimo TB3 Hyperlapse Rover
by Michael Mikkelson over 4 years ago

Nature's Best Photography Students


If you are enamored with capturing the beauty of nature, then this blog, created all by avid students of photography, is the place for you. Read Ryan Watkin's post on long exposure abstract shots or participate in the nature photography contests that are posted here.

A Face Only a Moth’er Could Love
by Patrick Carney over 4 years ago
Review of The Handbook of Bird Photography
by Patrick Carney over 4 years ago

Show Me Pictures


We thoroughly believe that sometimes, learning can best take place simply through observation. This simple little blog showcases work from other photographers, sometimes with a brief quote on the thinking behind the photo.

© Alexander Missen | Untitled from the series Q & A Website:...
about 4 years ago
All images © Alexander Missen | alexandermissen.com
about 4 years ago

Jason Christopher: Fashion Photography Blog


This fashion photographer writes on some thought-provoking issues like, "Fashion Photographer and Fashion Model Expectations" and the prospect of "overshooting." We also love the occasional lighting diagrams to help you mimic the look of catalogue shots.

Learn Food Photography


If you can't help but appreciate the beauty of food and if you're interested in a career in photography, you may want to consider specializing in food photography! On this blog you'll find useful resources to help you to learn how to style food for a photo shoot.

How I Shot White on White Food Photo
by Neel over 4 years ago
How I Shot Ice Cream in a Can
by Neel over 4 years ago

Guess the Lighting


We consider this blog to be the runner-up to our top five blogs. We're still tormented with having to cut this one. But if you want to better your lighting skills by studying the work of the best photographers around, this is the place to look! See highly visible work and study the lighting diagrams this blogger provides.

Tony Duran lights Emily Ratajkowski for Ocean Drive
by admin over 3 years ago
Annie Leibovitz lights the cast of Game of Thrones for Vanity Fair
by admin almost 4 years ago

The Travel Photographer


There are unique difficulties that the travel photographer faces in their day-to-day work. For example, is shooting from the hip, in order to capture candid street photos, true photography? And how do you interact with new cultures in a way that gives you the best photo? Learn from New York City travel photographer Tewfic El-Sawy.

Hà Nội Report | The Đồng Thầy
by tewfic el-sawy over 2 years ago
Hà Nội Report | Hầu Đồng'ed To Max
by tewfic el-sawy over 2 years ago

Black Star Rising


This blog is not just for those interested in being a photographer. It is also interested in educating photography buyers as well. This comprehensive blog will give you a good background on the artistic, technical, and legal aspects of the photography industry.

What Apple and Samsung Can Teach Photographers About Attracting Loyal Clients
by Kathy DalPra almost 4 years ago
A Simple SEO Tweak To Get Better Blog Traffic
by Kathy DalPra almost 4 years ago

Camera Dojo


Kerry Garrison is the owner of this terrific blog and is based out of Orange Country, CA. He is a wedding, portrait and commercial photographer. Kerry believes in paying it forward by sharing his techniques and advice on photography here on his blog. He also has a weekly podcast, which is one of the top photography podcasts on iTunes.

Should we use drones for aerial photography?
by Kerry Garrison about 4 years ago
Enhancing Your Travel Photos with Aerial Footage
by Kerry Garrison about 4 years ago

Yanik's Photo School


This nature and travel photography aficionado brings you step-by-step guides for how to achieve your best photographs in a number of different styles and of different subjects. Read up on the "7 Steps for Taking Photos in the Rain" and "15 Steps to Perfect Family Portraits."

Lightroom Presets Boxing Day Mega Sale!!
by Yanik over 2 years ago
Saving Serabie 2 Years Later
by Yanik over 2 years ago