Dan Bailey's Adventure Photography Blog


Tips on equipment, and interviews with a renown photographer are a few of the posts on this Alaskan photographer's blog. This is an especially interactive blog, with reader polls, and reviews of books and other photographer's blogs.

Lightroom 5.4 Adds Fuji X-T1 Support and an iPad app
by Dan Bailey over 4 years ago
CLARITY, Photography Beyond the Camera Volume 3
by Dan Bailey over 4 years ago

Mountain Photographer


You'll find lots of snow covered trees, big blue skies, and jagged peaks on this mountain photographer's blog. For the skiing enthusiast, there are also plenty of action shots of people hitting the slopes.

Return to Winter
by Jack Brauer over 4 years ago
Escape to the Canyonlands
by Jack Brauer over 4 years ago

Liewwk Nature Photography


From the detail of a mosquito sitting on a frog’s nose, to the turmoil of waves against rocks, there are some impressive shots on this nature photographer’s blog. And since this blogger is based in Kuala Lumpur, readers should expect some gorgeous sunsets and skylines.

Comment on Lee Filters And Singh-Ray filtes for sale by liewwk
by liewwk over 4 years ago
Comment on Lee Filters And Singh-Ray filtes for sale by Richard Charles
by Richard Charles over 4 years ago

Sherri Meyer Photo Blog


The Gold Country and Sierra Regions of California receive special attention from this blogger. There are some great landscape photographs of mountains and winding rivers, as well as more abstract close-ups of ice and frost.

Father’s Day Sale
by Sherri about 3 years ago
Gold Lake Paradise
by Sherri about 3 years ago

Guy Tal Photography


Based in Utah, this photographer spent some time collecting portraits of the Colorado Plateau. There are also contests for readers, with pictures by the winners and runners-up put on display.

Positive Negativity
by Guy Tal over 2 years ago
We Who?
by Guy Tal over 2 years ago

Scott Dickerson


This photographer demonstrates great range, posting extreme close-up shots of moose fur, as well as aerial pictures of wild Alaska. So come see planes fly over glaciers, and read about this blogger’s latest photo exhibit in Bristol Bay.

by Stephanie Dickerson over 4 years ago
Surf Alaska video series intro
by Scott Dickerson over 4 years ago

The Taelemans´ Blog


Visit this Canadian blog for Pacific Coast sunsets, as well as very dramatic chipmunks. Since this photographer is originally from Belgium, expect pictures from all across the world.

Kona Sunset
by Kris over 4 years ago
Big Island of Hawaii 2013 – Part 2
by Kris over 4 years ago

Jess Lee's Photo Adventures


Wild horses and snowy wolves seem to run across this blog. There are also some great tips on making your image a masterpiece.

Paul Grecian – Photography


Delicate flowers and soaring eagles are a few of the images posted here. One thoughtful article discusses how to know when a piece of art is finished.

From Fossil to Organism
by Paul Grecian over 2 years ago
Thoughts on Collecting Art
by Paul Grecian over 2 years ago

Adventures Through the Lens


This blogger aims to not only present fantastic pictures of wildlife, but to explain how those shots were taken. There is also an attention to the state of endangered animals.

2014 The Small Year
by Rebecca Jackrel over 3 years ago
The Year that Sucked
by Rebecca Jackrel over 4 years ago

Todd Caudle's Colorado


This Colorado blogger really discovers the beauty of his home state. You'll find deep blue night skies, rocky snowfields, and a few pictures of his dog Riley.

Free Roaming Photography


Some of the pictures you’ll encounter on this nature photography blog are bison families and sweeping sunsets. The blogger embraces the idea of free roaming photography by taking pictures of wildlife in their most natural state.

AZT – Redington Road to Molino Basin
by Mike Cavaroc over 3 years ago
AZT – Grass Shack to Redington Road
by Mike Cavaroc over 3 years ago



David and Libby Nightingale are the owners of Chromasia, which is the combination of their other two companies, Chromasia Limited and Chromasia Training Limited. Their expertise is in the fine arts and commercial photography, along with Photoshop and photography training. They also have on-line tutorials.

Venice Carnival Photo Tour 2016 #12
over 2 years ago
Venice Carnival Photo Tour 2016 #11
over 2 years ago

Laurens Kuipers Daily Photoblog


Laurens Kuipers is a photographer specializing in architecture and is the author of this fantastic blog. He deals mostly with architects, building companies, developers and consultants. He posts a new photo daily to keep things interesting.

Holland - Rijswijk
over 3 years ago
Holland - Amsterdam - De Schoen
over 3 years ago

I Heart Faces


This blog is operated by two moms, Angie and Amy, who met through blogging. They love taking photos of their children and decided to create a place to show them. Their blog is a place to share photos of unique and beautiful faces for others to view.

Preparing Your Photos for Canvas
by IHF over 2 years ago
Beautiful Photo of the Week
by IHF over 2 years ago

Daily Art Fixx


Wendy Campbell, the blogger of Daily Art Fixx, wants to educate and inspire those who love the art photography as she does. This site includes artist profiles--both historical and current--visual arts and women in the arts. She believes that art is a highly personal thing and that everyone has there own interpretation, which is what makes art so intriguing.

TEDx Met: Luke Syson: How I learned to stop worrying and love “useless” art
by Wendy Campbell over 4 years ago
Henrique Oliveira – Baitogogo
by Wendy Campbell over 4 years ago

The Architecture Blog


Picture after gorgeous picture of great architecture appearing somewhere in the world makes up this page's posts. Architecture students will find this site rife with inspiration.

condenasttraveler: The domes of Süleymaniye Mosque. Istanbul,...
about 4 years ago
picturestalktoo: Tromsøysund Church
about 4 years ago



Blogger Jake is a Brooklynite photographer with a gift for capturing luscious views of New York's gritty locales. Atget, Sugimoto, and the Bechers are some of his inspirations.

Desolate Metropolis


Abandoned architecture is the craving of blogger Dave, who'll do almost anything to capture a lovely slum of a building. Infrared and surreal shots also surface here.

Among Infrared Trees
over 4 years ago
Fire Gauges
over 4 years ago

Hello Beautiful


Edward concentrates on fielding something of architectural beauty to his readers every day. It's a great way to keep sharp on the latest goings-on in the art field.



Photopreneur was developed to give the photographer resources to help them earn money from their photography. With the rapidly changing world of Digital Photography you will find all the resources you need to be a great photographer.

SIBUTRAMINE FOR SALE - No Prescription DrugStore
by Dean almost 4 years ago
AMBIEN FOR SALE - No Prescription DrugStore
by Dean about 4 years ago

The Imaging Buffet


Andrew Darlow is the owner of this multi-faceted online magazine. It is a "buffet" of sorts with podcasts , news and reviews about digital photography along with imaging topics and new media. This site touches on many areas that are important to working, amateur and novice photographers.

How to Get Great Photos at Balloon Festivals and Related Events: PDF Available for Download
by imaging@andrewdarlow.com (Andrew Darlow) over 2 years ago
New Article on Tips for Photographing Pets in Costumes
by imaging@andrewdarlow.com (Andrew Darlow) over 2 years ago



Photoinduced is a site for the professional, amateur and the in-between photographer. You will find galleries to view along with the most updated news and events for the shutterbug in you.

July 4th Fireworks Photos! A Simple Guide to Cool Images
by Damon about 3 years ago
CE WEEK – A Fast Look at Some Cool New Tech
by Damon about 3 years ago