Beginner's Photography Blog


Ingrid's charming blog leads photographers through all the basics to help you advance in your photography goals! This is a great place to go if you are just getting started and need help with questions like, "What is that dial thing on my camera?"

Trick Photography – How to do Multiplicity
by Ingrid over 3 years ago
Take 52 Photo Challenge Critique – Affection
by Ingrid over 3 years ago

Not Without Salt


Artisan baker Ashley shares with us the sweet, the salty, and the savory things of life. Ashley's sunny photography will help bring life and light to your kitchen as well. Learn how to roast your own coffee and and shuck an oyster as well as make a delectable raspberry honey black tea sorbet.

Cherry Ginger “Oatnola”
by Ashley Rodriguez over 2 years ago
Frito Pie
by Ashley Rodriguez over 2 years ago

Nature Photography Blog


This nature photographer specializes in birds, but don’t be surprised to find the occasional alligator, fox or other wild animal. Workshops and technical advice are also offered.

Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM mini-review
by Christopher Dodds over 3 years ago
Canon 7D mark II 1,600 ISO image
by Christopher Dodds over 3 years ago

Graf Nature Photography


Blogging since 2004, this nature photographer has around 500 posts. Also, many of the pictures focus on the small wonders of nature, presenting striking closeups on flowers and plant life.

Crouching Tog Hidden Reward
by Mark about 4 years ago
Spring Sprung
by Mark about 4 years ago

David Blevins Photography


This author and photographer knows how to tell a story with pictures, often posting more than one image of a single subject. Some environmental issues are also touched upon, such as a disease that is threatening caterpillars.

2015 Chatham County Photography Workshop
by David Blevins about 3 years ago
2014 Bald Head Island Photography Workshop Results
by David Blevins over 3 years ago

Photo Blog – Photography Blog for Niebrugge Images


This blogger has great pride for his Alaskan roots, and it shows in many of his photographs. However, many other locations such as Wyoming, California and Nevada are well represented.

Fishhook Cactus
by Ron Niebrugge over 2 years ago
Desert Lily
by Ron Niebrugge over 2 years ago

Nature’s Best Blog


This is the blog for a nature photography magazine out of Virginia. Read about the latest photography awards and events, and check out the reader submitted photos of wildlife and landscapes.

Windland Awards OPEN for entries January 1
by naturesbestblog over 3 years ago
Enter The Windland Awards Now!!
by naturesbestblog about 4 years ago

Deep Green Photography


Focusing on rainforest images, this blog displays birds in flight, clinging green frogs and all manner of exotic foliage. The blogger also aims to inform, providing information on photography gear and techniques.

BEHIND THE LENS — Ant Acacia , how to avoid black backgrounds for macro
by Greg Basco about 4 years ago
BEHIND THE LENS — Poas Volcano with Heavy Post-Processing
by Greg Basco over 4 years ago

Landscape, Nature And Travel Photography


From Switzerland to California, this blog covers a great range of photographic subject matter. There are also free wallpaper downloads, so readers can really share in the bright coastal sunsets and foggy landscapes.

My Latest Interview: Finding Your Own Vision vs Hunting Trophy Shots
by Jim Goldstein about 3 years ago
Snowy Sunrise at Gates of the Valley
by Jim Goldstein about 3 years ago

Lightscapes Nature Photography Blog


In addition to posting gorgeous seasonal photographs, this blogger gives great tips about all aspects of photography. Adjusting tripod heights, and footwear recommendations for cold weather pictures are just a few of the helpful topics.

Canadian Rockies Day 12: A Few Moments of Sunlight
by kerryl29 over 2 years ago
Canadian Rockies Day 11: Penetrating the Parkway
by kerryl29 over 2 years ago

NJ Wight Wildlife Photography Blog


Animals are really the stars of this photography blog. From yawning hippos to fluffy ducklings, the variety of animal life on these pages is staggering.

Baby Zebra in the Rain  Please click by and check out more...
almost 4 years ago
almost 4 years ago

Wildlife Photography Blog


This African based blog showcases different kinds of majestic wildlife. The blogger also gives tips about how to take certain kinds of photos, using different lighting and gear.

Wildlife & Nature Photo Paintings
by Scotch Macaskill over 4 years ago
Wildlife in Pastel Tones (from Facebook)
by Scotch Macaskill over 4 years ago

Bill Meikle Nature Photography


The scope of this Scottish blog ranges from backyard bird's nests to stunning waterfalls and bright skylines. Some of the close-up shots of feathers and spiderwebs are simply breathtaking.

Fine Art Nature Photography Blog


Life in Alaska is one of the main topics of this colorful blog. Old buildings that almost seem a part of nature, sweeping mountain ranges and single birds taking flight are just some of the shots captured by this nature photographer.

by Todd over 4 years ago

Brad Mangas Photography


From wide open skies to the texture of an arching tree, there is a wide variety of images displayed in this Kansas native’s blog. The blogger also posts about photographic inspiration, including finding a great shot, and having the proper equipment to take it.

A Brief Amount Of Time
by Brad over 2 years ago
Inner Workings
by Brad over 2 years ago

Paul Burwell Wildshots


Geared towards instruction, this blogger offers workshops, and very detailed photography advice along with engaging wildlife images. Stop by to see black bear cubs, wolves, marmots, and to learn a thing or two about how to get the perfect shot.

New Member Shout-Outs: February 2016 Edition
by Rachel Reiss over 2 years ago
The First (R)evolutionary Camera of 2016
by Allen Murabayashi over 2 years ago

Slonina Nature Photography


Soaring eagles, playful bear cubs, and watchful owls decorate this photographer's blog. The blogger also offers readers the chance to tag along on photo tours.

New Website 2014 Schedule
by Slonina over 4 years ago

Mom & Camera


Helping readers to take superb pictures is the goal of this mother’s blog. You’ll also find enough elegant photographs of flowers to fill any garden.

InstaMonth: March
by Gayle Vehar about 4 years ago
Mine: Savoring the Now
by Gayle Vehar about 4 years ago

Bird and Nature Photography Blog


Follow along with this photographer’s travels that range from Thailand to the Oregon Coast. There are also some breathtaking photographs of Arizona’s red canyons that might actually make you a bit thirsty just looking at them.

Sean Bagshaw Outdoor Exposure Photography


Desert plateaus and winding river valleys are just a few of the remarkable images you’ll find on this Ashland, Oregon photographer’s blog. Though the photographs can certainly speak for themselves, with such thorough and informative writing accompanying them, they don’t have to.

New Book: America - Wild Landscapes
by sean over 2 years ago
Dreamscapes 2016 - Original STURTZ Calendar
by sean over 2 years ago

Utah Photography


You’ll find stunning sunsets and eagles in flight in this Utah photographer’s blog. There is also plenty of information about birdwatching, and the best times to visit state parks.

Steve Ting Nature Photography


Though recently this blogger has not updated as much as we would like, the range of landscapes and wildlife make it worth a visit. Come see wild horses, dusky grouse, and a spouting geyser.

Vic Schendel Photography


From Colorado, this blogger offers photographs that are full of artistry and personality. Discover rare pictures of the jackalope, as well as images of more well known flora and fauna.

Making our First Promo Video
by Vic over 4 years ago
Canon or Nikon, which is better?
by Vic over 4 years ago