Secondhand Thoughts


Photography of the more peculiar sights one finds in a city (plus some nature photography) + poems in English and Polish

time, creeping up on you
by pauliwj almost 3 years ago
the image of self
by pauliwj almost 3 years ago

This is Why You're Fat


This photo blog highlights the CRAZIEST food options around the country. From a 5 lb grilled cheese sandwich with 13 different cheeses, to a Pulled Pork & Mashed Potato Parfait, these photos will keep you scrolling for hours!

Lifes Collage & Still Moments


Mostly I photograph people, every now and then something else will capture my eye.

PhotosByPab My Art, My Life, My Blog


I'm Trish, a photographer, mixed media artist, accessory designer. I live in Sacramento with my boyfriend and 2 black cats. I like leopard print, tattoos, anything in purple, chai tea, and my collection of cameras.



A blog about a writer, photographer, art and a journey to granola crunchie.

Hawk Speaks


On this blog I post a daily meditation and wondering thoughts along with photos I have taken or graphically manipulated with a number of different computer programs. I am a Photographer and Multi-media artist who in search of my own enlightenment in life and If my posts help others along the line, or entertain them, or just give them a moment to stop and think, then great, I am happy about that.

Mei Novenario (Food, Travel & Personal Blog)


i blog all the restaurants that i visit, capture pictures and describe it the way i experience it.



Photographs They allow us to become citizen of the world and, increasingly, of the universe. They reaveal what the eyes cannot see. They take us inside a human cell or to the blackest chamber of a deep cave. They can stretch the angle of vision and show us a landscape as only a hawk could see it. They capture emotion. A grin, a grimace, a tear, a frown, a hug. They record the past, its wars, its games, its glories, its injustices. They celebrate life.

Carol Mattingly Photography


A nature photographer who spends a great deal of time hiking and photographing at national parks, wildlife refuges, nature preserves and arboretums throughout the United States.

Yellow Rumped Warbler
by Carol Mattingly over 2 years ago
Favorites Series
by Carol Mattingly over 2 years ago

Jenn Dixon Photography: Blog


This is where I chronicle my photographic adventures. I also talk about my photography business, what catches my eye, and other photography subjects.

Pagoda in Ice [Flickr]
by jennabee25 over 2 years ago
Dragon [Flickr]
by jennabee25 over 2 years ago

Center Pull Photogrphy


Photography is a new thing for me. Like, since June of 2012, new. I love it and I love sharing the way I see the world with the world. Where did the name come from? Knitters might get it. Winding a center pull ball is is one of those small things that you do to make your overall knitting project smoother and easier. It’s a small thing that leads to a big difference. I’m hoping to make something like that out of my photography.



sunpreview annual and global weather

Sunshine for Pangaea


This blog is about nature photography with emphasis to some techniques like macro- and microphotography, infrared photography, structures and fluorescence, next to it contains animal photography.

Masters of the Sky
by Christian Weiß over 2 years ago
Roses in the Mist
by Christian Weiß over 2 years ago

Nature Photos by Ray Hennessy


Nature photography based out of southern New Jersey. I thoroughly enjoy getting outside and photographing what I see when every I get a chance. I mainly focus on birds but will gladly photograph anything that I see while I'm enjoying the outdoors.

JP Ward - Soccer
by Ray Hennessy over 3 years ago
Colin - Cross Country
by Ray Hennessy over 3 years ago

Table and Throne


Overwrought (and over-written) reviews of the restrooms of restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area

museums More


About museums and the different ways to understand, what the uuniverse of a museum is about