Baking Bites


Nicole Weston does all the cooking, baking, photographing and taste-testing for most of the recipes featured on the site. The site is a great resource for baking tips, advice, food news, reviews, discussions, inspiration, and recipes.

Nordic Ware Easter Bunny Cake Pan
by Nicole over 4 years ago
Blackberry Marshmallows
by Nicole over 4 years ago

What's For Lunch Honey?


This blog has absolutely terrific recipes. We enjoyed everything we tried! And you will be wowed by the photography. Meeta Wolff, the author and owner of this site, is accomplished in both cooking and photography.

Roasted Root Vegetable and Pearl Barley Soup
by noreply@blogger.com (Meeta K) over 3 years ago
Saint Martins Croissants | Martinshörnchen
by noreply@blogger.com (Meeta K) over 3 years ago

Traveler's Lunchbox


Melissa, the author of this great blog, has lived all over the world from New Orleans to Singapore. She writes and photographs her experiences including her culinary finds. Great photos of very delicious looking foods.

The Black Apple


This Portland-based crafter quit her day job years ago and is now a full-time painter, writer, seamstress, and blogger. Her blog is gracefully and adorably decorated with her own art and photos of her life both in and out of her crafting business. She is a prime example of a successful professional crafter.

A Cookie Party
by theblackapple about 4 years ago
Soviet Era Children's Books
by theblackapple over 4 years ago

Darkroom Door


Darkroom Door sells rubber stamps and photography tools for card making, scrap-booking, and other mixed media art. Their blog features photos and projects submitted by crafters who use their products, but are inspiring for anyone interested in the techniques.

Darkroom Door Blog Has Moved!
by Rachel Greig over 4 years ago
Darkroom Door Blog Has Moved!
by Rachel Greig over 4 years ago

Ali Edwards


Ali Edwards is a designer, blogger, author, wife and mother of two and is known for capturing everyday life with photos and words. From these life experiences she creates scrapbooks of these moments that often pass by in an instant. She invites you to share her fond memories.

Project Life® 2016 | Week Seven
by AliEdwards over 2 years ago
Week In The Life™ 2016 | Kit Now Available For Pre-order
by AliEdwards over 2 years ago

Everyday Beauty


The style on Everyday Beauty is perhaps best exampled by the most recent post to date: a "sugarplum tree" with white branches and pink ornaments. If you like flowers, ivory, and just a little bit of glitz, take a look at the projects photographed here.

Guest Curator on CRESCENDoh
by Andrea Singarella over 4 years ago
An Affaire at Downton
by Andrea Singarella over 4 years ago

c h o o k o o l o o n k s


Karen Walrond is a photographer and writer with a lengthy résumé and professional accreditations. Her blog shows stunning examples of her work and gives helpful advice on purchasing and operating cameras.

togs: ode to the uniform
by Karen Walrond over 3 years ago
this was a good week?
by Karen Walrond over 3 years ago

mati rose


Mati Rose features creative photos of blogger Mati's daily life and illustrations. Her work shows heavy influence from the ocean; she's lived on both the East and West Coasts.

Gluten-free girl and the chef


If you prefer gluten-free food, this is where you should visit. Shauna James Ahern had been suffering from severe stomachaches and different illness for 40 years until she’s diagnosed as having celiac disease. Since then she started exploring recipes that are all gluten-free. This blog offers a lot of wonderful pictures of food and is a great resource for gluten-free food.

GFF magazine
by shauna over 3 years ago
my fennel fascination
by shauna over 3 years ago

Scott Kelby


In the world of graphic photography design, Scott Kelby's name reads like Picasso or Cezanne. His mastery of Photoshop always lands him on the cutting edge of the technology, and he graciously doles out generous helpings of his genius at a consistent pace on his blog page. Texture fanatics will find a gold mine here, as Scott is particularly gifted with the technique great Texture requires. Newbies and old hats alike will gravitate to Scott's blog and not mind sticking around there.

It’s Free Stuff Thursday!
by Brad Moore about 4 years ago
It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Beno Saradzic!
by Brad Moore about 4 years ago

Michael Ray Food Photography Blog


An expert food photographer posts his best work for all to see. Get ideas for presentation, new inspiration, and a sudden appetite.

Dorie Greenspan


Dorie Greenspan is the author behind Baking with Julia, the book that accompanied the PBS Julia Child television series. Enjoy delectable recipes along with photos to please.

Everyday Dorie: Belgian Beef and Beer Stew
by Dorie Greenspan over 2 years ago
Everyday Dorie: Cream, Crunch and Berries for Valentine's Day
by Dorie Greenspan over 2 years ago

the scent of green bananas


Visually appealing site. Gorgeous photos that are unique, too.

Tea & Cookies


After reading about food to pass the time while recuperating from an illness this blogger went on create this award winning recipe site.

What Would You Tell Yourself at Thirteen?
by Tea over 2 years ago
by Tea over 2 years ago

Not Eating Out in New York


Although New York City is often considered a culinary paradise, this blogger willfully says no to the expensive lifestyle of restaurant and take-out eating. Learn to "stop spending and love the stove" by reading from this blog and take a look at a new "reason of the month" not to eat out in New York City.

Cavatelli with Cranberry Beans and Pea Shoots
by Cathy Erway over 4 years ago
Roasted Root Vegetables with Miso Shallot Dressing
by Cathy Erway over 4 years ago

Chocolate Shavings


Specialty foods and unexpected recipes. Learn little cooking tips and techniques that can turn an ordinary dish into something extraordinarily special. The photos really make the blog.

White Chocolate-Dipped Citrus Segments
by Jennifer Bartoli over 2 years ago
Homemade Gravlax with Dill and Clementine
by Jennifer Bartoli over 3 years ago

Cook, Shoot, Eat…A Food Photographer's Journey


A food and photography blog from someone who is extremely passionate about both. Guaranteed to make you want to get to work capturing delightful delicacies.

Piece of Cake


Get creative and mouth-watering glimpses of sweet recipes for every season and holiday. Good photos and definitely good sweets.

Homemade Paczki
by shauna over 2 years ago
A Lemony Iced Pound Cake for Winter Days
by shauna over 2 years ago

A Slice of Cherry Pie


This self-taught cook has a love for good food and feeding her family frugally, something that most of us can relate with. Photos present the recipe selections brilliantly.

The Journey of Life
by Julia about 3 years ago
Pepped Up Veg
by Julia over 3 years ago

Cook Sister


This innovative cook and blogger has South African roots, which shows in her recipe selections. Enjoy her unique writing style along with professional photos that enhance each post.

Tartiflette – an Alpine treat
by Jeanne over 2 years ago
Uni restaurant – a Nikkei experience
by Jeanne over 2 years ago

Lucillian delights - an Italian experience


Could anything be more delightful than Italian-inspired food and photographs? Ilva loves Italian but comes from Swedish roots, so expect a little of both. She lives in Tuscany, the perfect setting for the food blogger, and one that readers can't get enough of.

Food Photography & Food Styling Workshop in Stockholm, Sweden
by Ilva almost 3 years ago
Plated Stories’s Food Photography & Food Writing Workshop/Retreat ‘Inspiration’
by Ilva over 3 years ago

Chez Pim


This blogger has earned her place in the world, famous not only on the web, but in the media world as well. She has been featured in top food magazines and television cooking shows worldwide. Readers can enjoy interesting recipes and professional food photos from a woman who's tasted and seen it all.