The ASPCA is a highly visible organization that is specifically dedicated to protecting pets and farm animals from abuse and neglect. Their blog details the many challenges they are facing, as well as they many happenings in their pet adoption movement.



Fun ForYou and Good For Your Pets - The Smart Pet Lover's Site! Our team of writers post daily on all the latest animal news and fun pet stories from around the world. The website is packed with helpful tips and recommendations for everything you need for your pets, including the latest scientific findings related to the care of your pet, unbiased product reviews, guides to pet insurance, and recommendations on interesting new products to try.

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Get Your Shopping Hopping With A Frog
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Pets Guide


Find out what You and your Pet need to know

Best Pet Jobs


Jobs and Business Ideas for Animal Lovers. Be inspired to live your dream of working with pets.

Thoughts Fur Paws


ThoughtsFurPaws.com is all about my experiences with anything and everything pets. I write and share personal stories here to share, educate, advocate and even learn (more than I know) about animal wellness, animal welfare legislation, the puppy mill industry, pet charity, and more.

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#BetterWithPets Summit Better than the Rest
by JL over 2 years ago

Bonlays Pet Blog


The Bonlays blog aims to provide pet owners with useful articles on pet healthcare and advice, as well as information on all of our latest products and offers.

Pawprints on my Heart


A blog about sharing our lives and our home with many cats and dogs

Black Board Animal Prints Blog


We love animals and art! Our blog is all about combing the two and creating beautiful things to make a happier life. We write about pets, home decor and our Custom Pet Prints.

Jimmy Ha Ha's Blog


Dog treats, Homemade biscuits, cooking, health, nutrition, pet care, recipes, care

Pets Aware News


A blog with articles about pets and pet care!

Dwarf Hamster Blog


A blog about dwarf hamsters with tips, guides, photos and videos for hamster owners or fans of these furry little critters!

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The 7 Most Ambitious DIY Hamster Projects
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Creature Clinic


Veterinary advice & stories for pets & their people

Pet Movers Singapore


jason's pet relocation a singapore based company specialized in pet import ,export, pet relocation etc

Dog Boutique - Designer Dog Sweaters and Accessories For Your Dog


PoshPuppyBoutique Blog for dog boutiques, luxury dog clothing, designer dog sweaters, dogs sweater, dog accessories.

Alam Kucing


Alam Kucing mengajak anda untuk berhenti sejenak, meredamkan amarah dan melupakan rasa gelisah dan dukacita akibat tingkah laku kucing yang membingungkan, dengan cara diam, dengar dan lihat alam ini dari mata kucing. Ia tidak mudah namun beri peluang kepada diri anda untuk mengembalikan semula kasih sayang di antara anda dan kucing anda. Anda berhak memilikinya.

Albert's New York


Albert the Dog describes his adventures in New York, reviews dog-friendly shops and sites, and shares his musings.

Pet care tips


Explore our tips and advice for every aspect of your pet's care and enjoy the benefits of a pet's companion who is happy, healthy and content from professionals in India.

Quality Dog Fence


Best wireless dog fence products for 2015. Comparison of the top rated products. Wireless dog fence reviews with their performance, quality ratings and cost.

Dwarf Hamster Home


Find out everything there is to know about taking care of your Dwarf Hamster. This site includes articles, videos, pictures, links and much more.

PetClue Blog


As one of the fastest growing national pet directories, PetClue offers updates and blogs about pet health and wellness, pet support and adoption, pet stories submitted by pet parents, and more.

Bully Devotion


Bully Devotion is understanding the Bully's passion for family and life. Our goal is to expose the positive love of Bullies. Also, to help Bullies find homes. Reveal the training the is needed for a happy well balanced Bully. We want to educate the importance of rules, family and love to have a balance, peaceful, joyful Bully. Follow our adventures while we love, play and learn life alongside the powerful Bullies, Sir Duke and Bojangles. We support all Bully breeds, such as the American Bully, American Pitbull Terrier, and Mastiff.