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What I lack in brains, I make up for in stupidity. Read my posts... They're funny.

Happy Mothers Day Quotes


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Hot Pink Tutu


This is my wife's inspirational blog of her journey facing HER2+ Breast Cancer. We are still just in the beginning of our journey but I couldn't be more proud of the way she is facing this fight. Maybe I'm bias but I feel her words will speak to women everywhere with or without cancer. She tells the story like it is while providing amazing perspectives into the reality of this path that she didn't ask for. Not to mention while be an amazing wife, mother of 4 boys, and working full time.

Nina Jain


This blog is a journey I am taking you with me, to help me put perspective on my life, give it balance and some normality. At times challenging, tearful, loving and beautiful, I love my two beautiful boys, one with Autism, the star, of the show, an abstract painter in his own right, introducing the Chronicles of Niam Jain.

The Transparent Mom


Personal blog following my life as a stay at home mom who suffers from clinical depression.