Lessons from the Monk I Married


This blog is about a woman who met and fell in love with a Buddhist monk and later went on to marry him. He continues to inspire her and give her great advice everyday. This blog is about her experience with that.

Finally Friday Week 28: When Things Fall Apart
by noreply@blogger.com (Katherine Jenkins) over 2 years ago
Finally Friday Week 27: Learning to Ground
by noreply@blogger.com (Katherine Jenkins) almost 3 years ago

Crafty Chica


This is a craft blog that is in a way a diary of all thing glittery and exciting. This blogger is very positive and has a huge appetite for life! She is very interested in sharing her idea with the world!

NEW! Crafty Chica store!
by Kathy Cano-Murillo over 3 years ago
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by Kathy Cano-Murillo over 3 years ago

Blog by Donna


A personal blog about parenting/family, women issues, health/fitness, tech/gadgets, pop-culture, education, humor, working from home, and everything in-between.

Punk Rock Momma


Take a walk with me through my life with three obnoxious kiddos and one clueless hubby... Gain prizes and knowledge about products that i represent. Learn interesting things and check out the subdomain for knitting with my identical twin http://punkrockmomma.com/boutique

I am me and that is enough.
by Jessica almost 3 years ago
Wishlist for our new home..
by Jessica almost 3 years ago

Bliss Times Three


International adoption related-parenting, sharing, caring

Say it Rah-shay


This is a memoir blog which I share thoughts about my family, books and crafts.

Thy Word


A Christian homeschooling mom writes about her 5 biggest blessings-- hubby and 4 kids-- in her own little corner of the world!

American Girl: Molly week #5 (time #2)
by Jill about 2 years ago
Valentines Day 2016
by Jill about 2 years ago



I am a Jamaican twinless twin who lost my identical twin sister Janine on October 16,2008. Here I share pictures, articles, poems, music videos, quotations etc. I mainly write about being twins, my experiences since the death of my twin, coping with loss and grief and the wide range of interests that my twin and I shared over the years.

Christmas Greetings!
by Judy Haughton-James over 4 years ago
Celebrating Advent - Creative Monday Blog Hop
by Judy Haughton-James over 4 years ago

The World Of Me Me Me


This blog is about me and my life story. I sometimes talk about tech and the latest news, I sometimes talk about music or art. I present my story for everyone to see.

The Nerdy Elephant


The Nerdy Elephant is about the daily life of a college student.

Emiko's Day


This is a blog where a semi-average, semi-weird teenage girl rants about her daily life. Here she shares her views and opinions on the things that goes on in the world around her. Things blossom here, and optimism tries to strive on...

This Blog Just Isn't Me
by Quymbee Chen almost 4 years ago
by Emiko Seiei about 4 years ago

Dave's Life: Thoughts and Reflections


The story of me. My life experiences and how they influence who I am and how I think. I’m blogging my many different experiences about life, work and following Jesus Christ on a very winding road. My experiences in life have included being an Electronics Technician, a member of a religious community (OFM Conv.), a diocesan priest and pastor, and now a security officer having left active ministry as a Catholic Priest.

Blog Site Going Offline Soon.
by David Keller over 4 years ago
Wordless Wednesday – Ducks
by David Keller over 4 years ago

Educated Abroad


Follow in the foot-steps of a Stay-at-Home-Father. Current location: Kuwait. This blog examines my personal thoughts, experiences and impressions on what it’s like being the parent of a child in private education in a foreign country. I’ll also toss in my own personal opinions on related issues, as seen from a male point of view.

Time To Hit The Books, Again.
by Diplo_Daddy about 3 years ago
The Cultural Divide
by Diplo_Daddy about 3 years ago

One Crazy Group


This is my blog, I have a little bit of everything in it. From reviews to things I'm going through in my life, to information about other giveaways.

Purina® Beyond®
by Kathren M over 2 years ago
Advil® Sinus Congestion & Pain!
by Kathren M over 2 years ago

You Won't Tame This Sassy Cat


Inside the mind of your favorite little kitty, SassyCat. Discussing a little bit of everything. From sex to podcasting. Check it out.

Some Assembly Required


There is always "some assembly required" when award winning writer/photographer John Sealander attempts to assemble something coherent out of the confusion around him. Take a day-by-day journey with John as he deals with life's many joys and frustrations.

Day 2266
by John Sealander about 2 years ago
Day 2265
by John Sealander about 2 years ago