All posts are everything I love in life, whether it is something personal to me or if it is something that inspires me. I love all things pink, floral, fluffy and cute; anything vintage and of course my darling husband. I am a true believer that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you really should enjoy the simple and beautiful things in life.

The Dark Smile


The Dark Smile is a generalist blog dealing with a wide variety of themes. Right now, most of the content involves reviews of restaurants in Singapore, but there are also items on television shows and other phenomena that interest me. I plan to add book and hotel reviews, travel tips and finance articles soon.

Dispensable Thoughts


Collect your thoughts. One day they may be indispensable. :)

Life with Karlly


Life with Karlly is a Doha, Qatar based blog run by best friends Karen & Allyson. They write about anything and everything that piques their interests such as travel, fashion, food, music, etc. They also blog about hotel reviews for the hotels that they have stayed at within the country or outside during their travels.



My veg fare is all about vegetarian & vegan recipes. Delights of cooking & baking, easy to follow largely Indian & international recipes