On Old Age


In the year 2014, I will use the so called VIA Inventory of Strenghts to identify what kind of people can serve as heroes, and how I should be more like them. If I had followed the lead of the heroes of my past, I would have ended up unhappy, bitter, unhealthy, sad – or dead. My new heroes should be the ones who make me feel the opposite in 40 years time. Luckily, I didn’t turn my youth into something heroic. It’s time to turn my old age, the next 40 years, into a much better kind of heroic.

Transforming Serenity


This blog is more than just a mommy blog or a wife blog, it is a blog for the whole woman. The author shares her experiences and knowledge in trying to live a positive life and find true happiness and contentment.

My Muted Voice


I’m a bit of a dark and serious writer. While I’m a friendly, outgoing and generally happy person, I’m inspired by the darkness in life. Much of my past is also dark and heavy and while I’d love for you to stick around and read my stories, I understand if you need more comedy in your life. Everything on here is true and about my life written the best that my memory allows with the exception of the posts labeled “fiction” (smart right?).

Happy Mothers Day Quotes


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Alcoholics Guide to Alcoholism


This blog is written for active and recovering alcoholics (and those suffering and recovering from substance and behaviour addiction) and those who love and live with them, by alcoholics and addicts in recovery.We do recover from alcoholism and addictive behaviour. We blog about the hows and the whys of addiction and recovery.

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De-addiction & Rehab. Delhi NCR


Help us to help you in creating a drug free society. What is Addiction? The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), Maryland United States, defines addiction as a “chronic, often relapsing brain disease that causes compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences to the addicted individual and to those around him or her.”

Life Still Happens


The whole purpose of this blog is to educate, encourage and share all about life and how we can be better people as well as make better provisions for unforeseen circumstances in life because you know what? Life Happens!

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Dress up and to have fun without any worry in the world.


The fashion industry is a fast-changing industry. Every year, fashion designers come up with new fashion trends. The old fashion outfits are replaced with the new ones. However, there are quite a few outfits which survive the test of the time. They withstand longer periods.