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Are you or your kids exposed to too much blue light?
by Kerri Jablonski almost 4 years ago
SNICKERS® dip? Yes please!
by Kerri Jablonski almost 4 years ago

Bliss Times Three


International adoption related-parenting, sharing, caring

misadventures of a chunky goddess


the true story of a weight watcher junkie with a penchant for F bombs and brutal honesty -- on a mission to become fit and fabulous -- because life is just too effin' short to wear boring clothes...

Multi-Testing Mommy


A Canadian Mommy Blog that features product reviews, giveaways, information, tips and recipes for parents, families, women and children.

A 2 YEAR Supply of Printer Ink!
by Amanda over 2 years ago
Homemade Healthier Chocolate Spread
by Amanda over 2 years ago

Bewildered Bug


I'm a 30-something, PR-friendly, "smug-married", self-proclaimed people-watcher just trying to navigate this obstacle course called life. My blog is my measly attempt to relay my everyday adventures. My blog is basically about every and anything, challenges that face me, events that occur and things I look forward to. I share my joys, my sorrows, my ups and my downs and everything in between. I also do product reviews and giveaways for products I truly believe in and love. You can always rely on an honest and true opinion on my blog whether it be an blog post about something in my life, a fictional story or a product review.

Say it Rah-shay


This is a memoir blog which I share thoughts about my family, books and crafts.



Horseshoes gives insight into the life of a married 34 y/o Canadian who has a twisted sense of humor. Horseshoes offers product reviews and giveaways plus much more!

My Name is Yona Williams...and I Write


In a nutshell - I like to review products, offer commentary and share interesting facts. I enjoy researching beyond a review to provide cool and intriguing details. The majority of my reviews focus on food and drink.

Made for Kids, but I’m Crazy Over the Somasix Alphabet Letter Set Too
by Yona over 2 years ago
Reynolds Cookie Baking Sheets Parchment Paper is Ideal for my Type of Baking
by Yona over 2 years ago

Sweepstake Lover


Here, you can find the links to the online giveaways (international) with lots of wonderful prizes. I also do product & book reviews and host giveaways. I write about offers, coupons, deals, etc.

by noreply@blogger.com (Damla) over 2 years ago
by noreply@blogger.com (Damla) over 2 years ago

Silkki's Reviews


I love testing products and writing reviews. I pride myself on writing wonderful reviews, even if they are negative, I will not let anyone's ideas influence my work. My reviews are always honest and will not be persuaded by anyone. If you have a product you would like to have reviewed send me an email s.silkki@yahoo.ca I will reply promptly. Thank you.

Just Your Everyday Blessed So and So


A Hodge Podge Blog! Reviews, thoughts, family, working, God..... whatever comes to mind! A step (adoptive) mom of two great girls (a tween and a teen). Just trying to balance, work, family, God, marriage, friends...... writing about the journey!

We Harvest. We Say Thanks. He's Got It Covered.
by Jamie almost 4 years ago
I'm Sleeping My Way To The Top
by Jamie almost 4 years ago

Thy Word


A Christian homeschooling mom writes about her 5 biggest blessings-- hubby and 4 kids-- in her own little corner of the world!

American Girl: Molly week #5 (time #2)
by Jill over 2 years ago
Valentines Day 2016
by Jill over 2 years ago

Bella Savvy


Sharing my life as I work from home as a freelance graphic design. I'm a wife and mother to four beautiful children, and blog about family life, recipes and cooking, holidays, party planning, home decor, landscaping and innovative products.

Balboa Baby Quilted Duffle Bag GIVEAWAY
by Dee @ Bella Savvy about 4 years ago
Mohawk Home Area Rug GIVEAWAY #ilovemyhohawkrug
by Dee @ Bella Savvy over 4 years ago

Truly Simply Pink


A pink, fun, 16 almost 17 year breast cancer survivor/advocate, wife, mother of one college sophomore that writes about just about anything including books.

January 2016 continues...
by Pinkim Kimberly Wright over 2 years ago
Love in the Light: Release Week
by Pinkim Kimberly Wright over 2 years ago

Coupon Dream Team


Coupon Dream Team is a blog dedicated to helping people learn how to save money with coupons and price matching.Our main goal is to be able to help as many people as possible by learning to be wise spenders.We believe everything we've been given is a blessing and should be used in such a way that it will ultimately bless someone else.Please come join us!

Music and Mommies


At Music and Mommies you can find a rural mother's perspective, an inside scoop of her life and musical ambitions, product reviews and giveaways.

The Lucky Ladybug


Ladybugs bring good luck, true love, and fair weather. Journaling about personal interests and issues, listing Rafflecopter-only blog giveaways, and reviewing products with giveaways.