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Nina Jain


This blog is a journey I am taking you with me, to help me put perspective on my life, give it balance and some normality. At times challenging, tearful, loving and beautiful, I love my two beautiful boys, one with Autism, the star, of the show, an abstract painter in his own right, introducing the Chronicles of Niam Jain.

Statins Medications Can Affect Your Brain – What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You


High levels of cholesterol can be risky if left ignored. Make sure you are implementing a healthy regime and getting good sleep. You can even out these natural remedies that will lower high LDL, total cholesterol and triglycerides level.

Statins Medications Can Affect Your Brain – What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You


Suffering from memory loss? Its probably your cholesterol cutter – statins medications. One of world's prescribed drugs called statins comes with quite some side effects. Read on to know more. Did you know that cholesterol lowering drugs – statins get a profit of $20 billion per year. In fact they are one of the topmost drugs who reap huge profits in the pharmaceutical field. Almost one out of four adults pop statin drugs everyday as a preventive measure for cardiovascular disease. Though the initial treatment is purely a complete change in the dietary choices, rarely do people follow that and sadly have more faith in these drugs than one's self. But has any one dared to find out what these statin medications contain and how they affect the body? It has been researched upon but is overlooked by the benefits that statin medications offer. Statin medications is in fact that only cholesterol lowering drug that promises to cut down the risk of heart diseases by a good extent. As many people want faster results, they keep on consuming these medication without pausing a moment to take a look over its side effects. But keep in mind that these medications only give you temporary relief to your cholesterol level and the chances of shooting up LDL levels are always there. Another point to be noted is statin medications come contain addictives that urges you to keep on consuming it. This is a reason why people have a dilemma in quitting statin and adopting natural methods to lower their cholesterol levels. In fact there are natural medication too such as Choleslo which is available online at an affordable price. Choleslo has been in the market for more than twenty years now and has more than 517,000 faithful users who have successfully lowered their cholesterol levels. Coming back to statin medications, there are a lot of side effects that have been commonly seen in people such as muscle pain, digestive problems, dizzyness, rash, constipation etc. But prolonged consumption of statin medications can lead to cataracts, liver damage, myositis and more. As per recent research on animals, statins can affect the nerve cells in the brain. Not many know but quarter portion of your body's cholesterol can be found in your head where it promotes the signal transmission between the brain cells. Though there are still answers to be found out, when these animals were taken out of statin dosage, the problems that existed during statin consumption were totally gone. Dr. Duane Graveline, a doctor and a former astronaut in his book called “Lipitor: Thief of Memory” says that there have been thousands of cases that reported transient global amnesia and how he himself was a victim of this disease. He said that prolonged consumption of statin medication can trigger a cholesterol deficiency in the brain. If the cholesterol in the brain is insufficient, the brain lacks the necessary elements to produce chemicals that are essential for memory and other cognitive functions which includes Coenzyme 10, dolichols and many more. This may affect the mood behavior, emotions and cognitive functions of a person. Choleslo is one such product that include Coenzyme 10 along with other vital and may I say, natural ingredients such as Milk thistle, guggulsterones, garlic deoderized and many more which cut down the risk of high cholesterol in the body. These ingredients work together in keeping your ldl levels at bay thereby increasing the HDL (good) cholesterol in the body. The best part of Choleslo is if at all you are consuming statin medications, you can simulataneously use both of these medications as Choleslo will not interfere with your current drug. Just make sure to consult your medical practitioner before consuming Choleslo. A complete USA product, Cholelso comes with optimum results and high scrutinization by a third party lab thereby double ensuring the consumers of the fact that product and its ingredients match exactly with the label and no fillers or additives are ingested in this product. A complete VEGAN product, Choleslo can be stopped and restarted at any point of life once you feel your cholesterol levels are going high. This is very unlike statin medications that you have to consume forever and this is exactly the reason why people have been faithful to Choleslo apart from the fact that they have received positive results without any side effects.

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Help us to help you in creating a drug free society. What is Addiction? The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), Maryland United States, defines addiction as a “chronic, often relapsing brain disease that causes compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences to the addicted individual and to those around him or her.”

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There are several online stores that are facilitating people to buy them. These stores offer huge variety of leg warmers and socks for all members of the family. Be it a toddler, grown up kids, adults, men, women, girls and boys. Momo Fashions is one such online store that facilitates people to buy leg warmers and socks for them. Visit their site www.momofashions.co.uk and buy the kind of leg warmers and socks you want and meet your requirements.

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The fashion industry is a fast-changing industry. Every year, fashion designers come up with new fashion trends. The old fashion outfits are replaced with the new ones. However, there are quite a few outfits which survive the test of the time. They withstand longer periods.