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Have you ever wished you could slow down or appreciate the simpler things in life? Many talk about it, but few ever actually learn to simplify and organize their life in this way. Start de-cluttering and enjoy the meaningful things in life with the tips found here.

A Short Guide to Goal Setting
by Daniel over 2 years ago
How to Free Yourself From Negative Thoughts
by Daniel over 2 years ago

Organized Living By Amy


Amy appears to be an average person with an average life…but she's learned how to keep it all under control. She invites her readers to ask their organization questions and posts helpful menu ideas for housewives.

2016 Goals
by Amy over 2 years ago
Merry Taylor Party 2
by Amy over 2 years ago

Neat & Simple Living


Organization can mean a lot of things. It involves clarifying priorities, reducing clutter, eliminating stress, embracing imperfection, and getting the most out of life. Expert Adriane Benefit blogs about organization, writing articles such as "The Agony and the Ectasy of Neat Ideas" or "Best Kept Secret for Overcoming Perfectionism is…." She also has a strong focus on helping those inflicted with ADHD.



Professional organizer Megan Spears maintains that organizing is not a "one-size-fits-all" idea. Get the encouragement and inspiration that you need to succeed…because you can!

The Clutter Diet


If you're dealing with clutter and chaos, it will affect your life in many ways. It is a huge time-waster, it causes stress, and can contribute to complete overwhelm. If this scenario sounds familiar, consider joining The Clutter Diet. This team of professional organizers can put some peace and order back into your life. You'll get a personalized plan, unlimited access to the team of professional organizers, tutorial, a personal progress checker, and much much more.

Your Life. Organized.


Monica Ricci' an organizing and clutter expert. On her blog, you can read reviews of cool products and get tips for staying neat, tidy, and productive in a modern day world.

Custom Living Solutions


Joshua Zerkel's a renowned Productivity Strategist and organizing expert who's been featured in CBS News, ABC News, the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner, Organize Magazine, Online Organizing, and many more publications. This is the professional blog of his business, Custom Living Solutions. His mission? To help individuals "…find easy ways to take control of their paper, space, time, and technology so they can boost productivity and profits." His blog posts brag catchy titles on productivity, management, and organization that can benefit anyone.

5 Common Mistakes that Can Sink Small Business Owners
by Joshua Zerkel almost 4 years ago
Information Technology Solutions for Busy Entrepreneurs
by Joshua Zerkel almost 4 years ago

Productivity Today


Get organizational tips for everyday productivity in the workplace. Denise Landers is the productivity expert who has been featured on NBC nightly news. She draws on her expertise to share and develop effective and efficient systems to make their workload more organized.

“No Brainer” Techniques for Time Management
by Denise over 4 years ago
Time Management for Thanksgiving
by Denise over 4 years ago

Steps to Organization


Wendy offers step-by-step tips and reviews on cool products to help individuals get their homes organized, from the kitchen to those formidable closet spaces and even garages and kids' rooms. Her blog's a clean and easy read that makes the process of "cleaning it all up" seem much less daunting.

Sorted! organising and decluttering


This is the ultimate guide for organising your life. Lissanne offers organization secrets, from conquering that paper clutter to paying for bills and keeping the kid's rooms neat and tidy.

Newsletter no more
by Lissanne Oliver over 4 years ago
30% OFF everything
by Lissanne Oliver over 4 years ago

Simply Organized Life


Basic ideas for keeping your home spaces neat and tidy, from organizing medicine to storing food, filing paperwork and clearing out the clutter. These great little tips will transform your life!

Moving to Simply Organized Life
by Carolyn, Simply Organized Life almost 3 years ago
Announcing an All New Website
by Carolyn, Simply Organized Life about 3 years ago



While this blog has slightly broader topic than most organizational sites, Claire Josefine has a sincere compassion for those who need to simplify their lives, and she makes it not only simple, but fun.

The Professional Organizer


Here's a site that's all-encompassing for anyone interested in pursuing an orderly life. Find a professional organizer, discover your O.Q., get listed as a professional organizer, or find fun forms for organizing. Sign up to get a free organizing guide, "Take Back Your Home Office in 14 Days".

Need Another You?


Here you can get the tools to simplify your life when you feel that you really can't do it all. This site offers basic principles and ideas that are easily applicable to every day life.

Organize the Whole Shebang


An women's organizing junkie site! Krista says of her blog, "It's all about integrating function + fabulous sprinkled with sass + inspiration." Learn about the essential S.H.E. and get inspired with ideas for organizing outside the box.

i'm still here... kind of
by krista colvin over 2 years ago
Get Organized for the Holidays!
by krista colvin over 4 years ago

I Organize You


Because being organized is about working smarter, not harder. Get advice from a professional organizer who's also a modern day wife and mother. She knows what everyday individuals are dealing with.

Organizing Gift Certificates ... for the person who has everything ... really
by Angie Weid over 2 years ago
Major home clearing and organizing project
by Angie Weid over 2 years ago

Totally Organized


Here's one of New Zealand's most professional organizers. She offers timely tips for her readers on getting their stuff in order, and particularly posts a lot of reviews for neat products that can make life more efficient.

Take Back the Kichen


Many women deal with obstacles that keep them from accomplishing everything that they desire in the kitchen. This blogger will help you change that with ideas and recipes that make cooking less of a challenge.

The Thoughtful Consumer


Its too true: we live in a society of rampant overspending. A thoughtful blogger muses on the issue at hand and offers possible solutions, including getting things in order and simplifying.

Downsizing, Rethinking, Letting Go
by Cynthia Friedlob almost 4 years ago
Peace [and Quiet] on Earth
by Cynthia Friedlob over 4 years ago

Helping You Organize


Here's the blog of a professional organizer that will instantly capture your interest. Lelah posts ideas such as "How to Shop at Home" (in your home), "Spring Organizing", and "Anthony Bourdain on Lists."

Paper Doll, Tackling The Stacks And Piles

http://www.onlineorganizing.com/BlogList.asp?sort=organizer&schedule=1&name= Julie_Bestry

Our modern lives and horizontal surfaces are overrun with paper. Paper Doll (AKA: Julie Bestry) helps make sense of what papers to keep, where to keep them and for how long, and offers some creative solutions and observations for winning the 21st century paper chase.

Clutter Busting with Brooks Palmer


Brooks Palmer has a way of making you sit up and listen. Not only is he a clutter-busting professional, but he's a standup comedian and artist…and it shows on his blog. Learn to clear out the clutter from a blog that's refreshingly laid back and peppered with humor.

Clutter Busting Photos
by Brooks Palmer about 3 years ago
Finding the Deeper Emotional Clutter
by Brooks Palmer about 3 years ago

Oh Crap. I have Cancer.


The late author of this blog eventually lost his battle against esophageal cancer, but not before sharing insight on his journey through candid, courageous, and heartbreaking posts.



Crazy.Beautiful.Life is penned by Stephanie who decided to begin blogging to get over heartbreak. She now blogs about her life, her interest and random interesting musings!