Lessons from the Monk I Married


This blog is about a woman who met and fell in love with a Buddhist monk and later went on to marry him. He continues to inspire her and give her great advice everyday. This blog is about her experience with that.

Finally Friday Week 28: When Things Fall Apart
by noreply@blogger.com (Katherine Jenkins) over 2 years ago
Finally Friday Week 27: Learning to Ground
by noreply@blogger.com (Katherine Jenkins) almost 3 years ago

La Belette Rouge


This blog is about a forty something woman living in L.A. who is a psychotherapist and author. She blogs about her life, psychology, and the things that inspire her the most.

How to Survive the First 21 Days After Something Bad Has Happened
by Tracey Cleantis over 2 years ago
Ever Upward to My Next Happy by Justine Brooks Froelker
by Tracey Cleantis over 2 years ago

Garden's Eye View


This is the blog of a fifty something year old woman who loves to garden and writes about her discovery of life through the inspiration that her garden brings to her.

Taming Wildflowers
by Donna Donabella over 4 years ago
The Freedom To Thrive
by Donna over 4 years ago

Writing Through Life


This blog is all about using writing as a tool to get through life uncertainties and make sense of everything. This blogger shares personal stores as well as some very valuable information for their readers.

Between Writing Projects: 4 Ways to Get Writing Again
by Amber Lea Starfire over 4 years ago
A Week’s Worth of Journaling Prompts: Control and Choice
by Amber Lea Starfire over 4 years ago

Writing to Survive


Writer and stay-at-home-mother Jennifer works through childhood issues, relieves the boredom and slow stresses of daily life, and tosses in the odd bit of short fiction in this well-written, always engrossing blog.

To Dr. X, wherever I may find her
by writingtosurvive over 2 years ago
The human connection
by writingtosurvive over 2 years ago

The Adventures of Buddhist Boy


This blogger is a boy who has taken the leap to become a Buddhist monk. This is quite a fascinating journey, and he has taken us along for the ride!

Andrew is Getting Fit


This blogger is trying to get back into shape, as well as shave off some unnecessary pounds. He is taking this journey and doing it the healthy way-one day at a time.

Nearly a Normal Eater


The blogger frequently updates her entries about dieting and exercise on this blog. She shares her experience and progress about health eating. There are entries that mention about her failure in dieting, and how she needed to have more self-control. The blogger also posts some recipes she created herself, such as Ethiopian Vegetable Stew.

Hey there....
by noreply@blogger.com (wife2abadge) over 3 years ago

Woulda Coulda Shoulda


This blog is about a woman trying to overcome many obstacles in her life such as divorce, single parenting, and finding a job. She thinks about many decisions that she has made along the way while she is still trying to figure things out.

Nerd Night: Better-Than-Cinnabon Birthday Rolls
by Mir over 2 years ago
By my fingernails
by Mir over 2 years ago

Crafty Chica


This is a craft blog that is in a way a diary of all thing glittery and exciting. This blogger is very positive and has a huge appetite for life! She is very interested in sharing her idea with the world!

NEW! Crafty Chica store!
by Kathy Cano-Murillo over 3 years ago
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by Kathy Cano-Murillo over 3 years ago

Kimchi Mamas


This is a blog about everyone who has the background of being Koran American and their relationships with everyone in their lives such as the in-laws, friends, and learning how to speak the English language.

Asking ourselves the right question...
by Kimchi about 4 years ago
Tomorrow is another day…
by Kimchi over 4 years ago

Mighty Bargain Hunter


Here's a guy who may not be a financial expert, but he's got a real interest on the topic. In addition to financial topics, you'll also find lots of information on frugal living and bargaining here.

Golden handcuffs: Six ways to loosen them up a bit
by John Wedding over 2 years ago
Financial goals: Are yours actually goals?
by John Wedding over 2 years ago

Remodeling This Life


Emily subtitles her blog "Simple is Beautiful," and it truly is a beautifully done blog. In it she writes about being frugal (she's eliminated all of her debt for over 7 years) and how to de-clutter our lives. She talks about her downsized life, about not being deprived and shares "lessons in contentment."

Dying Mans Daily Journal


This blogger has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and has taken the opportunity to turn his life around and blog about his journeys. He takes his readers with him as he starts to view life through different eyes.

Dying – attaining a state of bliss
by Bill Howdle over 2 years ago
Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Kindness, the Starfish story
by Bill Howdle over 2 years ago

Fly Lady


Fly Lady helps individuals declutter, organize, set a schedule, get their homes in order, and love life to the fullest! She encourages her readers to jump in where they are and take baby-steps to succeed. Her advice is not overwhelming, but very doable. So go shine that sink!

Clutter Cubed


Caitlin knows what it is like to be a pack rat. In fact, she used to be one herself. But now that she has begun to conquer this issue in her life, she knows just how to help others.

I'm An Organizing Junkie


Meet Laura. Laura's a self-proclaimed organization freak. This blog feeds her passion as she discusses organizational strategies, storage solutions, time tactics, and menu planning. This is an especially great read for mothers who face the daily clutter challenges that come with having children.

Menu Plan Monday ~ February 29/16
by Laura Wittmann over 2 years ago
Week in Review and Sponsor Spotlight
by Laura Wittmann over 2 years ago

Fashionably Organized


Candice is known for her bargain hunting skills, but she also knows how to coordinate fashion and organization. After all, it is only the well-organized closet that is truly functional.

Stacks and Stacks Clutter Control Freak Blog


this multi-authored site offer a weekly quote for getting the most out of life, Tuesday tips for great organizing, and a product of the week. Discover ideas, advice, and news that will help you organize all the spaces in your life.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Closet Storage
by Clare over 2 years ago
Star Wars Storage Combats Toy Clutter
by Clare over 2 years ago

List Plan It


Lists will not only make your life simpler, but they can help you be more organized. Get ideas for lots of lists that are practical and fun, and will streamline your life.

Personal Budget Mistakes Most People Make
by Stephanie Glover over 2 years ago
Five Steps to Building a Spending Plan
by Stephanie Glover over 2 years ago

Prepared Binder


Laura wears many hats from mom to entrepreneur, and she's highly focused on changing lives through preparedness. You'll get lots of motivational "pep talks" on her blog, each one filled with tips that will keep you organized and prepared for whatever life happens to bring.