Lifting Revolution


The philosophy behind this great blog is that the right fitness training program makes all the difference when you're working out. The workout programs offered here are built for women after talking with clients from around the world. It's very motivating and not unlike having your own personal trainer visit you in your home.

Why I Won’t Do A Detox Diet After Thanksgiving… EVER
by TaylorR over 3 years ago
Today I’m Thankful For
by TaylorR over 3 years ago

Inspirations Personal Training


Cindy Brotherston is a woman fitness trainer and nutritional consultant. She reviews a variety of supplements, fitness equipment and weight loss programs and shares them with you. The information is there for you to get started with the real work of getting healthy and maintaining a normal weight.

For Women Only: Weight Loss Solutions Q & A
by Mark Dilworth - Her Fitness Hut over 3 years ago
Prevention’s R3: Andie MacDowell says “I Don’t Diet”
by Mark Dilworth - Her Fitness Hut over 3 years ago

Thrive Personal Fitness


Pamela Hernandez, the author of Thrive Personal Fitness blog is a certified personal trainer who has been on a fitness journey for over 10 years. She believes diets don't work, you need to change habits to and that if you don't take yourself you can't take care of others. This is a great site with some really great thoughts on to achieve your lifestyle goals.

4 Surprising Facts About Women’s Activewear
by Pamela Hernandez about 2 years ago
5 (Almost) Perfect Protein Bars For An Easy Breakfast On A Busy Morning
by Pamela Hernandez over 2 years ago

Body Rock TV


Zuzana is a certified personal trainer and fitness enthusiast and her approach to fitness is very simple. She shares the home workouts that we both do at home on a daily basis (yes these workouts are for guys too) so that you can do them at home as well. She loves to share her daily workouts and the foods she eats that help her stay in tip top shape. If you need to be inspired to get exercising, just take a look at the pictures of Zuzana, she looks amazing!

Boot Camp Diet Challenge – Day #5
by Lisa-Marie about 4 years ago
BodyRock Boot Camp – Day #5 – Sean’s Chest & Back
by Lisa-Marie about 4 years ago

Method Fitness


For a great workout you can go to Central Park in New York with Method Fitness. It's a boot camp for women and you will leave feeling stronger than ever. Method fitness has personal trainers,group classes and many weight loss resources to help you be fit, strong and healthy!

Melinda's Fitness Blogs


Melinda is a certified personal trainer and the author of Melinda's Fitness Blog. She started this blog mainly to help women get back in shape after having children.Her goal is to teach you how to eat healthier and what supplements are actually worth spending money on. She has a daily workout journal to help keep you motivated!

Hammer and Chisel is NUTS
by Mindi over 2 years ago
Jumping on the Sexual Abuse Bandwagon?
by Mindi over 2 years ago

The Fitness Black Book


Fitness Black Book is all about getting the best body you possibly can. This blogger focuses on popular and unpopular training and nutrition methods. He's confident that if you take his advice, you'll have six pack abs in no time.

Finally! How to Tell if a Supplement is Worth Taking.
by admin over 4 years ago

Roxy Fit


Roxy is a Pro Muay Thai Fighter, Personal Trainer, Muay Thai Instructor, Health and Fitness Expert, Nutrition Geek and a writer. Her blog is full of no-nonsense tips and tricks to getting into shape.

Kitchen Table Medicine


Kitchen Table Medicine has a number of qualified contributing writers from dietians, physicians, therapists and personal trainers. Gain a great deal of knowledge from this site about eating healthy within your means.

Everyday Fitness


Everyday Fitness focuses on woman's health and fitness with plenty of training tips. Check out her posts on emotional eating and food addiction to get an understanding of woman's battles with food.

Her Fitness Hut


A personal training blog dedicated to training women. He focuses on woman's trouble spots and different exercises to combat them. We love this blog for the quick, simple workout routines.

7 Pushups Every Woman Should Do
by Mark Dilworth - Her Fitness Hut over 2 years ago
8 Mindsets of Healthy Women
by Mark Dilworth - Her Fitness Hut over 2 years ago

Naturally Intense


Naturally Intense is a body building and fitness blog authored by Kevin Richardson. Kevin is an accomplished body builder with plenty of tips about hydration, diet, workouts and building muscle. We love it because Kevin clearly practices what he preaches and his blog is full of all sorts of knowledge.

Exercise- A Natural Treatment For Anxiety & Depression
by Kevin Richardson almost 4 years ago
5 Ways To Deal With Loose Skin After Weight Loss
by Kevin Richardson almost 4 years ago



Supertraining is a well researched blog based on the fitness studies of Dr. Mel Siff. Supertraining focuses on sports, training, therapy and education. We love this blog because not only does it offer great information, it has a ton of video demonstrations of awesome workouts.

Adelaide Personal Training Blog


Adelaide personal training blog has the answer for many outdoor workouts. Whether you are looking for a beach workout or an outdoor hike, this is the blog to check out.



Eugenization is a blog written by a personal trainer who believes that weight training is the way to lose weight. Whether you or a client is looking to slim down, Eugenization is a good place to find weight training tips, weight loss tricks and slim down secrets.

Alicia Bell Elite Personal Training and Fitness Blog


Alicia has a passion for health and fitness and has over 7 years of practical and educational experience in the track and field training and fitness industry and it shows in her blog. Alicia knows everything there is to know about running and cardio.

Fearless Fitness


Fearless Fitness covers all aspects of personal training, but we love it because it emphasizes how to avoid injury, overtraining and how to work out if you are injured. We love the different positions this blog takes on overall health and fitness.

Instant muscle growth
by John Turk over 2 years ago
Want to get stronger?
by John Turk over 2 years ago

Jam Core Training


This fitness blog focuses on getting it's readers into shape. Jam Core uses a no nonsense approach to health and fitness and makes the argument that everybody has time to work out. It's a great read if you are struggling to commit to an exercise plan.

Phit N Phat


Phit n Phat is all about how to lose weight, the healthy way. The blogger has lost nearly 70 pounds and now trains people to do the same. If you are looking for a blog that is weight loss focused, Phit n Phat is a great one to read.

by Corinne Crabtree about 4 years ago
What’s Your Weightloss Timetable
by Corinne Crabtree about 4 years ago

Breakaway Training


Breakaway Training features many different personal trainers, allowing you to get many different points of view about training. We love this blog because it is full of information about all forms of exercise from pilates to swimming to weight training.

Train with Corey


Train with Corey is a blog that is focused on weight lifting and boxing to get into shape. Corey is a certified personal trainer that knows how to get clients the results they are looking for. We love this blog for the exercise and for the yummy recipes he provides.

1on1 Boxing Fitness


Boxing has been used as a form of exercise for hundreds of years. Many clients will enjoy the act of aggression as they are working hard. This blog teaches safe boxing techniques, nutrition and weight lifting guides.

Flow Training


Caroline writes about many forms of exercise - mainly yoga and pilates. She believes in gentle exercise and working your body hard naturally. She also blogs about stress and meditation and the effects of both on overall health.