Young Wise Tails


The Young Wise Tails' is the totally awesome blog from two of Santa Barbara, California's, brightest shining upcoming surfing talents, Connor and Parker Coffin. It's not as if the sport of surfing ever experience a lull in fans or excitement, but the industry has definitely seen the brothers Coffin as the best and most vibrant defense against surfing ever entering its own, well, coffin. This blog rambles, flows, and ebbs in and out with the virtuosity, chill, and laid-back energy you'd expect from surf phenoms.

Eithan’s New vid.
by Conner about 4 years ago
by Parker about 4 years ago

Writing Thru Complex PTSD


PTSD wreaks havoc on the mind. It can lead to dissociative and bipolar disorders, an atrophy or disappearance of one's personality, and manic episodes. This sufferer, who is also a creative writing MFA candidate, realized that only writing could provide a forum personal and penetrative enough to strike real, authentic change in one's understanding of the self and what life actually means. Readers ought to prepare themselves for some heart-wrenching, cathartic poetry and writing here.

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk
by amy sprague over 2 years ago
Writers on Writing
by amy sprague over 2 years ago

PT Money


This blog is built on simple yet tough principles, like earning more, saving more, and spending less. The spartan focus results in concentrated posts that help you out now.

The Best Student Loan Refinancing Options
by Emily Guy Birken over 2 years ago
Why You Need to Start Building an Emergency Fund Now
by Philip Taylor over 2 years ago

Debt Kid


Think there's no way you can start saving and dig your way out of the financial grave you're currently in? This blog is proof that anyone can do it. This 20-something kid started with over $300,000 in debt and is now documenting his journey back to ground zero. Get some inspiration, plus information and helpful tips on topics such as online banking, coupons, and frugal living.

10-Steps to Improve your FICO Score
by Eric Carnegie about 4 years ago
Bankruptcy Affects One’s Credit Score
by Eric Carnegie about 4 years ago

Taj Burrow


The Billabong-sponsored boarder has composed one of the most fun and visceral pages around. His stint in Fiji and going after huge tuna were really exciting to read.

by tb almost 4 years ago
by tb almost 4 years ago

The 3 Tree


The three brothers Gudauskas employ their rich tans and richer love of the surf to provide this blog's fodder. David Bowie and the art of ripping are recent, warm topics.

Beer Can Beach


Obviously, every surfer would object to a beach that had even one of the rejected cans of this blog's title. The blogger here, though, know it's all in fun, and inject each post with breezy amusement.



Blogger Jamie uses her page to hail her life's almighty trio: surfing, music, and fashion. Her writing blends the charm, smoothness, and athleticism of all three of her loves.

California Art Show at Panorama Framing
by Jamie Watson over 4 years ago
Surf Day
by Jamie Watson over 4 years ago

Women in Charge


Women in Charge is a blog dedicated to empowering women. They believe births should be natural and supported, not controlled. The writters of this blog fill its posts with feel-good stories of happy natural births. The key to healthy and happy births is in this blog.

What day is it?
by Maria Iorillo almost 3 years ago
Kijan ou rele?
by Maria Iorillo almost 3 years ago

A Writer's Life


Lee Goldberg is warmhearted and honest in conveying the highs and lows of mystery writing. He also gets into the realities of publishing in the genre.

Anthony Rainone


Blogger Anthony, of Brooklyn fame, has developed a strong following for his fiction. His blog demonstrates that writing and also his affinity for pop culture.

Best Wall Paint Colour Ireland
by tina kirana almost 4 years ago
The Perfect Small Laundry Room
by tina kirana almost 4 years ago

Birthing Beautiful Ideas


Kristen Oganowski writes Birthing Beautiful Ideas as a mother, doula and friend. She writes about her experiences as a doula and her passion for natural childbirth. She also writes about funny stories, her family and life in general. Come here for a real life view on doula love and beautiful ideas.

Sometimes When you do Nothing, you’re Doing Everything Right
by BirthingBeautifulIdeas about 4 years ago
Birthing Beautiful Ideas Turned Five, So Stop by and Delurk or, you Know, Whatever, SQUIRRELS!
by BirthingBeautifulIdeas about 4 years ago

Finance Dad


This dad of 4 works as an accounting manager for a large company. Having seen so many others get into financial trouble, he seeks to guide others toward simple budgeting, saving, and debt-solution. Ask him any question, and he'll be glad to help!

What Homebuyers Should Know Before Locking a Loan
by FinanceDad about 4 years ago
Aldi coupon removed for $10 off of $40? I saved it for you.
by FinanceDad over 4 years ago

Ultimate Money Blog


Mrs. Money is a bank supervisor, so you'd certainly think she's an expert on the topic of money. Discover frugal tips, recipes, ideas for making more money, and tips for saving and paying off debt.

Is Home Ownership Worth it?
by Mrs Money almost 3 years ago
Travel Now While You’re Young, or Save and Travel Later?
by Mrs Money almost 3 years ago

College Confidential


Universities are not necessarily willing to divulge their innermost secrets. Let this undercover blog get to the heart of the matter for you, with insightful reads.

Wait listed?
by falconrunner over 3 years ago
KAIST requirement
by gianguyendo over 3 years ago

Confused By Personal Finance


After being bankrupt, this young blogger and recent college graduate decided it was time to turn things around, and then share that story with others to help them avoid bankruptcy. Check out her yearly financial goals and follow her as she pursues them.

June Spending Recap and July Goals
by Confused almost 4 years ago
What goes up must come down...
by Confused about 4 years ago

Frugal Babe: A Rich Life Without a Lot of Money


A great resource for women in their 20s and 30s, especially those with young families, Frugal Babe provides great saving, spending, and budgeting information for raising children, starting a business, and enjoying life's little luxuries. Many of her posts feature DIY project ideas.

An update from our frugal corner of the world
by FrugalBabe over 2 years ago
Outfitting our whole live – second hand
by FrugalBabe over 2 years ago

Notes From the Frugal Trenches


Designed to help people transition from a lifestyle of free-spending to a frugal life of strict budgeting, Notes From the Frugal Trenches follows the blogger's personal journey in spending, debt, and saving. She also includes posts that are aimed at helping readers rehabilitate their lifestyle.

Garnering Perspective
by Frugal Trenches about 4 years ago
Processing Disability In Children, Any Suggestions?
by Frugal Trenches about 4 years ago

Bouncing Back From Bankruptcy


As is evident by the title, this blogger began writing when she found herself in so much debt that she was forced to declare bankruptcy, and had to reevaluate her lifestyle. Her posts focus on spending habits and how to stick to a budget successfully in the face of spending temptation.

Chalk Talk: A Kindergarten Blog


Mrs. Larremore has been a kindergarten teacher for more than 14 years, and with such a high level of experience, she's able to contribute a ton to the online blogging community interested in kindergarten matters. Mostly, she gives us many of her lesson plans, useful and relevant for teachers and parents alike. Most importantly, she makes us see the reward and satisfaction teaching kids inevitably begets!

Type 2 Diabetes – A Personal Journey


Australian blogger Alan has created this blog for diabetics. As a diabetic himself, Alan wants to share his experience in how to manage type 2 diabetes. He offers advice on how changing eating habit is crucial to maintain healthy, and he introduces different recipes that have improved his wellness as a diabetic.

Catering For Different Tastes When Cooking
by Alan almost 4 years ago
It Must Be OK - It's Sugar-Free! Wrong!
by Alan almost 4 years ago

Sneaker Teacher


Sneaker Teacher's blog is a great resource for people interested in the day-to-day lives of kindergarten teachers (or teachers in general). Aside from spelling out the activities in the classroom, she delves into her own life, and so we get a completely new aspect on her life outside of the classroom. It's a fun, delightful, inspiring blog.

Seeds of Knowledge for Future Generations


The author of this blog takes her job very seriously and has created this website as a connector for her kindergarteners' parents to be filled in. Her hope is that this will make it easier for the parents to initiate conversations with their kids about their schoolwork and what they're doing on a daily basis in class. She posts frequently, which is great for those who want to be constantly updated.