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Want to find free money? Find the best credit card? Uncover the mystery of mortgage rates? It's all here on CashMoneyLife, a place where readers can learn to manage their money better no matter what their personal situation.

FreshBooks – Smart Accounting for Small Businesses & Freelancers
by Miranda Marquit over 2 years ago
Personal Capital Review – Free Online Financial & Portfolio Management
by Ryan Guina over 2 years ago

2 Million Blog


This blogger set out on a journey to increase his personal wealth to 2 million. He blogs here about ways to increase your financial independence and generally improve your financial literacy and habits.

January 2016 Net Worth (-$63,181)
by 2million over 2 years ago
December 2015 Net Worth Update (-$15,351)
by 2million over 2 years ago

The Sun's Financial Diary


Here's the personal diary of someone who's dug through all the financial information out there to find tips and advice that are most helpful for the average individual. Read reviews, learn how stock trading works, learn what makes a good checking account, or get a free credit score from a safe website.

Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP) Review
by Sun over 4 years ago
Free Credit Report and Credit Monitoring Services
by Sun over 4 years ago

Oblivious Investor


Investment need not be complicated. This blog covers topics that investors need to know about understanding risk, dealing with mortgages and retirement funds, the stock market, and more, all in very simplified terms. It's easy to read and well-organized.

Does Tax-Loss Harvesting Occur within Funds of Funds?
by Mike over 2 years ago
Investing Blog Roundup: “Is the Fed Running Out of Ammo?”
by Mike over 2 years ago

I Will Teach You to Be Rich


Blogged by a Stanford graduate and New York Times bestselling author of "I Will Teach You To Be Rich," this site provides reliable advice for young people who want to be in control of their finances. Covering a variety of topics, from paying your taxes to starting a business, Ramit provides well-written advice.

Online Forex Trading


Online Forex Trading Tips.. currency forex online trading, learn forex trading online training course

Smart Finance 101


Smart Finance 101 is a blog dedicated to personal finance, personal development, and fitness for generation-Y. Generation-Y is radically different than their predecessors. That is why old and outdated advice doesn't work for this generation. This blog is built around giving advice that actually works---right now.

Relevant Investments


Helping peolple navigate their IRA, 401k, TSP, and 403b retirement accounts. Learn how to make appropriate choices within your current retirement plan and make adjustments based on current market conditions.

by Relevant Investments over 4 years ago
Wall Street is in a Deep Freeze
by Relevant Investments over 4 years ago

A Young Investor


A Young Investor was founded by Tony, a blogger dedicated to teaching others how to invest profitably in today's financial markets.

InvestorBee Blog about Personal Investing


InvestorBee is a free service which provides unique information, data and tools to help decide how to invest. Our blog focusses on the basics and the issues facing people who want help deciding what to invest in.

Honestly Banking


Honestly Banking are insiders so we are taking big risks by exposing the trade secrets. The aim is education - to help people make better financial decisions by being better informed without the usual spin & marketing that your normally find in the world of personal finance, investment and banking We cover quite a few topics – but if you want a view on something – just ask or see how we can help. We take confidentiality very seriously. If there's something you need to let us know, rest assured we NEVER reveal our sources. We hear all sorts of things from both insiders and those who've been stitched up. Keep visiting us, you might be surprised (or perhaps sadly not) by what you read.

The Tomlinson Report
by BusinessTom over 4 years ago
Interest Rate Swaps: how the FCA allowed accused banks to be judge and jury for their own dodgy deals
by BusinessTom over 4 years ago

The FundingKnight blog


Posts about crowdlending, peer to peer finance and making your money work harder. The blog's powered by FundingKnight, who arrange crowdlending for businesses, but this isn't simply a self-promotion tool, it's a space for updates about saving or borrowing money, developments in the new finance space and financial innovation and its connection to the way in which we live our lives. Come along and see for yourself... We hope you'll like it.

Money Q&A


Money Q&A is a personal finance blog that helps answer readers questions about a wide range of money topics: investing, insurance, savings, debt, retirement, and more.

How To Make Money By Trading Online
by Guest Contributer over 2 years ago
The Benefits of Boosting Your Salary by Investing
by Guest Contributer over 2 years ago