The Centsible Life


Blogger Kelly Whalen is a personal finance expert and mother who offers readers advice on budgeting for travel, real estate, and education. Her posts include advice on money saving products and inspiration to live on less.

BIG NEWS! We’re moving!
by Kelly over 2 years ago
Save Money, Buy In Bulk
by Kelly over 2 years ago

Budgets are Money


Readers blush over budgets, get flushed on frugal ideas, and think romantically about thrift here. Recent posts show how even alarm clocks can ring in great savings.

The 100 Things List
by J. Money about 2 years ago
Would You Rather… Cash vs Debt Edition
by J. Money about 2 years ago

Generation X Finance


This guy's on a mission to help people reign in their spending habits, take control of their debt, and learn to manage their money better, particularly those who are of the "X Generation". (He says that this generation is generally those born between 1965-1980.) He's been giving financial advice as a financial advisor for years, so having access to this site is like free advice from a real expert!

How I Became A Millionaire Yearly Update 2002
by KC Beavers over 4 years ago
Maximum 401k Contribution for 2014 Has Been Announced
by KC Beavers over 4 years ago

Common Sense with Money


The motto of this blog is "live well with less." It helps readers find ways to stick to their budgets without sacrificing their daily enjoyment, through coupons, freebies, and money-saving tips.

All You Magazine + FREE OPI Nail Polish Just $10!
by Common Sense With Money almost 4 years ago
Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel Taking Applications!
by Common Sense With Money almost 4 years ago

Man vs. Debt


"Man vs. Wild" is an adventure television show that pits a game explorer with the wonders of nature. This blog is similarly athletic and sheds light on one extremely savvy financial pro who attacks his debt with calm and foresight. Anyone tackling their own debts and demands will really enjoy the comprehensive transparency that Baker demonstrates throughout the site. Everything We Own shows just that, while Our Finances exposes exactly what Baker and his family are dealing with.

Re-Evaluating Your Financial Priorities
by Joan Otto about 4 years ago
The Report from the Three-Year Mark: Joan’s Mid-April Financial Update
by Joan Otto about 4 years ago



"The overwhelming, depressing, soul-sucking experience of being a UK consumer is eroding our consumer souls like acid rain dissolved Nelson in the 80’s;" this blog's bringing back the English joy.

Downloads to cost more
by Ian Wade about 4 years ago
Meat tax! The latest sin tax proposal…
by Sam Thewlis about 4 years ago

Canadian Budget Binder


We're your average married Canadian couple in our 30's budgeting to live a comfortable life. We don't aspire to be Multi- Millionaires just to save money the smart way. Canadian Budget Binder can help you cut down debt,save money and have fun with life! We will be showing you how we pay off our debt, manage our money, and tips for savings. We have saved 40k cash in 2 years using our budget and so can you. You will learn about tricks we have used, Budgeting Skills, Coupons,Frugal recipes, tips and more. You will also learn how we as young adults (students) made it through school with no debt but OSAP and how we paid if off. We feel it is important to start saving and learning about finances when you are young. We hope students of today will follow us and gain insight on how to stay out of debt and save for their future. "It's not about how much money you make it's how you SAVE it"- Mr.CBB

Are tattoos the next advertising phenomenon? : PF Weekly grab a brew #65
by Mr. CBB about 4 years ago
How to keep the grass green on your side of the fence
by Katrina B about 4 years ago

Brilliant Finances Personal Finance How To


Brilliant Finances featuring Brilliant Finances Basic Training - is a one-stop source for personal finance, financial planning, retirement planning, investing, stocks, bonds, mutual funds,taxes, saving money, debt management, free personal finance tools and more

HBS Financial Resources


Information about budgeting, taxes, and reviews of personal budget software. Learn how to create a budget and live within your means. Use budgeting software to track your spending and to reduce or eliminate debt.

Become A Single Income Family
by Gust Lenglet about 4 years ago
Online Budgeting Program – You’re Back In Control
by Gust Lenglet about 4 years ago