Help My Relationship


This blog is written by a man who has been married for over 35 years. His personal experiences combined with his relationship coaching training allows him to provide a unique and trusted opinion on how to best salvage a relationship.

A Year of Living Flirtatiously


The author of this blog is in her thirties and claims to have never been in love before. She decided to start making dating her job if it's ever going to happen, and thus this blog was born. Topics covered include love, flirting, and romantic expectations.

L.A. Dating Blog


Looking for love in the City of Angels is no more cherubic than the search for it anywhere else. This site provides a man's perspective on it all.

The Bedroom Blog


If you're going through the ups and downs of dating, you might enjoy reading the dating adventures of K. on Cosmopolitan. They're always full of adventure, fun, and sex, so you can get a little inspiration to "spice-up" your love life!

Sex, Lies, and Dating in the City


This blog features real stories about dating, relationships, and sex in New York City. Read the stories on this blog so you'll know how to spot true love and won't fall for the wolves in sheep's' clothing. And every now and then you might even read a story of true love blossoming.

Never Had a Boyfriend


Never Had a Boyfriend chronicles the challenges, experiences, and thoughts of a straight woman in her late twenties who has never had an intimate relationship with a man. She started the site to promote community amongst others in the same boat as her. Many of the posts explore the intersection of love, sex, and dating in modern times.

Stepping Away for a Bit
by neverhadaboyfriend about 4 years ago
Facebook vs. Reality
by neverhadaboyfriend over 4 years ago

He Loves Me Not


Sarah has been blogging about her self-proclaimed pathetic love life for over five years. Visit her blog to read her funny, entertaining, and at times even inspiring stories about the remarkable quest for love and companionship.

"Post Script," Alternate Title: "He Remembered Things," Alternate Title: "Let It Go"
by Sarah over 3 years ago

Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40


True love has no time limit, and the Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40 blog is proof of that. The blog offers advice and stories on romance, love, and relationships even if you are a tad bit older.

Moving from friends to more
by Dating Goddess over 4 years ago
Emotional cheating
by Dating Goddess over 4 years ago

The Real L.A. Love Story


This blog chronicles the rather complicated love story of Artemis--a southern California resident who just had a baby, and, though she tried, could not marry his father. Follow the blog for an eventful ride on the journey of love, life, laughter, and motherhood.

Conversion Diary


The blog is written from Jennifer's experiences as a former atheist who converted to Orthodox Catholicism. Blogging became an outlet for her to pose questions about God and religion and continues to be an outlet for her spiritual journey.

This is not going to be the post that convinces you that my radio show is a professional operation
by Jennifer Fulwiler over 2 years ago
Your saint for 2016
by Jennifer Fulwiler over 2 years ago

Charlotte Was Both


Amy has written several books such as The Catholic Woman's Book of Day, as well as other books. The blog is written about everyday life, but includes contemplation of larger social issues.

7 Quick Takes
by Amy Welborn over 2 years ago
Catholic Books for Kids – on sale!
by Amy Welborn over 2 years ago

Minnesota Mom


Margaret shares the joys of Catholic homeschooling with us. She has links to fellow mothers who homeschool, organized topics such as family fun, motherhood, and religious life to name a few.

Alive not Dead: an Adventure through Life
by Margaret in Minnesota almost 3 years ago
In His Hand
by Margaret in Minnesota almost 3 years ago

Waltzing Matilda


Charlotte is a Roman Catholic homeschooling mom who blogs about her daily adventures. She has interesting topics within her blog such as Catholic coloring pages, and party themes.

Easter Scenes 2014
by Charlotte (WaltzingM) about 4 years ago
Kari's Birthday
by Charlotte (WaltzingM) about 4 years ago



In this website, Jimmy Akin discusses current affairs in a conversational manner. He also has permanent posts that he deems important available.

Self-Defense and Firearms
by Jimmy Akin over 2 years ago
Why Are the Gospels Called “Gospels”?
by Jimmy Akin over 2 years ago

The Clay Rosary Girl


Sarah makes and sells clay rosaries, chaplets and bracelets from her website: www.clayrosaries.com. In her blog she discusses current affairs from a mother's perspective such as her opinion on censoring abortion with children, book reviews, and her own family happenings.

The Symbolism of the Divine Mercy Image
by Sarah Harkins almost 4 years ago
July 28, 2014
by Sarah Harkins almost 4 years ago

Karen Edmisten


Karen has written a couple of books about Catholicism. In her blog she writes about her everyday life. Within her blog she has links to other homeschool families, her writings, and the liturgical cycle.

Poetry Friday: There is No Frigate Like a Book
by Karen Edmisten over 2 years ago
Five Reasons Lent is Hard on INFJs
by Karen Edmisten over 2 years ago

Darwin Catholic


The Darwins write about religion and philosophy in their blog. They write about current affairs and provide research to back up their opinions.

Love and Friendship
by mrsdarwin over 2 years ago
Confessions of a Wine-Neutral
by mrsdarwin over 2 years ago

Catholic And Enjoying It!


Mark P. Shea is a popular Catholic writer and speaker who converted from agnostic pagan to non-denominational Evangelical, to finally becoming Catholic. He has written many books, has tv appearances, and is a Senior Content Editor at Catholic Exchange. The blog is a means of communication on his everyday thoughts as well as a forum for others to share their ideas and thoughts.

More on Walid Shoebat
by Mark Shea over 3 years ago
Mary Did You Know FAQ
by Mark Shea over 3 years ago

Catholic Mom Moments


The blog is a part of CatholicMom.com, a site dedicated to "faith, family, and fun from a Catholic perspective." Lisa has a variety of subjects in the blog (such as book reviews, music, interviews, and forums) contributed by herself and guest columnists.

Sweet Tattletales


A mother chronicles her sweet journey with three little girls in the house. She writes about real life and everything that this brings with small children in the home. Follow this blog to laugh, cry, be inspired, and enjoy some amazing photography.

by Michelle M. over 4 years ago
EEk I'm a horrible Blogger Fathers Day
by Michelle M. over 4 years ago