Anticipate This! Patent and Trademark Law Blog


Anticipate This! (AT!) is a patent and trademark law blog that provides thought-provoking commentary with a dash of irreverent humor. This blog has the unique ability to hold its readers' attention by structuring posts in a manner that is captivating, stimulating, and engaging. Some of the posts even analyze the patents behind some of today's most widely used products.

They Invented What? (No. 244)
by Jake Ward over 2 years ago
They Invented What? (No. 243)
by Jake Ward over 2 years ago

Green Patent Blog


This blog covers intellectual property issues in clean technology. The blog is maintained by a patent attorney at a firm based in San Diego, CA. As more and more members of society become environmentally conscious and committed to "going green," it is interesting and at times even entertaining to consider the patents and rights behind every new "green" invention.

From Burgers to Biofuels: Trademark Board Rules McDonald’s “Mc” Rights Extend to Biodiesel
by Eric Lane almost 4 years ago
More Green Patent PR: Phytonix, Proterro and Others Tout Patents and Licenses
by Eric Lane almost 4 years ago

Patent Baristas


Patent Baristas is an intellectual property news and commentary blog featuring freshly brewed chat on patent and intellectual property issues in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields. The Patent Baristas website is the online embodiment of a cyber cafe. Readers of the blog's posts almost get the feeling they are sipping coffee while having a live chat about biosciences patent news.

Expert Institute’s Best Legal Blog Contest
by Stephen Jenei over 2 years ago
Patent Office Creates New Automated Interview Request (AIR) Tool
by Stephen Jenei almost 3 years ago

The Patent Prospector


The Patent Prospector provides news, information, and sassy opinions about all aspects of patents. The blog is an open forum weblog and subscriber contributions are most welcome. This blog has no limits when it comes to the discussion of patents. Whatever topic pertaining to patents interests you, this site proves a resourceful forum.

Not Withdrawn
by Patent Hawk over 3 years ago
by Patent Hawk over 3 years ago

Anything Under the Sun Made by Man


This blog is written by a design engineer turned patent lawyer with a two-fold focus. The first focus is understanding the technology, capturing the salient features, and writing a broad yet concise patent application. The second is counseling clients in developing a patent strategy that makes good business sense.

How to Select a Patent Attorney
by Russ Krajec over 3 years ago
What does a response to Office Action cost?
by Russ Krajec over 3 years ago

Chicago IP Litigation Blog


This blog tracks intellectual property cases in the Northern district of Illinois. It also serves as a premier resource for attorneys and litigants who routinely practice in the Northern disctrict of Illinois or find themselves in the disctrict for the first time.

No Reasonable Construction Would Save Plaintiff’s Patent Infringement Claims
by R. David Donoghue over 2 years ago
Counterfeit Sales Warrant Statutory Damages, Permanent Injunction and Attorney’s Fees
by R. David Donoghue over 2 years ago

The Daily Scan


This blog tracks the most relevant news and information sources pertaining to intellectual property and patenting in the field of genomics.

Lobbying Rule May Affect UK Researchers
by ccurtin over 2 years ago
Lessons Learned
by ccurtin over 2 years ago

Dear Rich


Dear Rich is Attorney Richard Nolo's patent, copyright, and trademark blog. Each post features a question submitted by one of the blog's subscribers and Rich's expert response to it.

Why Do I Have to Pay to Use My Own Work?
by The Dear Rich Staff over 2 years ago
Mad Hatter as Trademark for Kitchenwares
by The Dear Rich Staff over 2 years ago

Electronic Frontier Foundation


Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is the leading civil liberties group defending consumer rights in the digital world. The blog covers topics of intellectual property, internet patents, and digital ownership.

For Shame: Gannett Abuses DMCA to Take Down Political Speech
by corynne mcsherry over 3 years ago
Even a Golden Key Can Be Stolen by Thieves: The Simple Facts of Apple’s Encryption Decision
by Jeremy Gillula over 3 years ago

Florida Patent Lawyer Blog


This blog is published by the office of Mark Terry, a Florida Bar Board certified patent attorney. Topics covered include patent infringement, patent enforcement, and trademark prosecution, amongst others.

Intellectual Property Experts


The posts on this blog feature various perspectives from experts in intellectual property. The experts highlight litigation and news from around the world.

IP Dragon


IP Dragon started in 2005 and has since grown into a blog that allows subscribers to gather, comment on, and share information about intellectual property in China with the hopes of making it more transparent. Danny Friedmann, the blog's creator, is a consultant and author who provides advice, reports, and publications to law firms, companies, and IPR holders' organizations.

IP Finance


Where money issues meet IP rights. This blog examines financial issues for intellectual property rights, including tax breaks, quantum of damages, IP valuation for acquisition, and securisation and collateral.

HP and 3D Printing: The Next Big Thing or Paper Tiger?
by Neil Wilkof about 4 years ago
Tax relief for British creatives: an improving situation
by Jeremy about 4 years ago

The IP Law Blog


The official blog of the Weintraub Patent Law Firm--a non-profit corporation that provides business clients worldwide access to sophisticated legal advice and exceptional service.

Challenging Business Method Patents
by Audrey A Millemann about 4 years ago
Holy Lawsuit Batman
by James Kachmar over 4 years ago

Likelihood of Confusion


A blog on trademark, copyright, internet law and free speech. The writer's savvy humor combined with his extensive knowledge of the law makes this blog both entertaining and informative.

Likelihood of peregrination – Minnesota CLE
by Ron Coleman over 2 years ago
Buzzr trademark lawsuit
by Ron Coleman over 2 years ago

Los Angeles Intellectual Property Trademark Attorney Blog


The official blog of Milord and Associates Patent Corporation--a firm dedicated to safeguarding your intellectual property. The blog offers complimentary legal advice and a list of resources for anyone interested in intellectual property.

Mickey Mouse May Sue DJ Deadmau5 Over Mouse-Head Trademark Application
about 4 years ago
Presenting At Bridgeport's Trade Secret Seminar
about 4 years ago

Modern Times Legal


Modern Times Legal is the blog of a Boston-area patent law firm. The blog is used to offer legal advice to clients and other innovators.

Patents 101 at Harvard University
about 4 years ago

Patents 4 Life


A biotechnology patent law blog sponsored by three patent attorneys. Most posts cover the legal standings of various patents, inventions, and intellectual properties.

Genetic Technologies v. LabCorp. – Mayo Redux.
by Warren Woessner almost 4 years ago
SLW Smashes 101 Rejections
by Warren Woessner almost 4 years ago

The Patent Search Blog


This is information expert Steve van Dulken's blog on patents and intellectual property.



PharmaPatents is a blog that provides timely insight on emerging legal developments in the pharmacology field. The blog serves as an online resource for up-to-date information to help you get the most out of your patent budget and meet the challenges of maximizing the value of your intellectual property in the chemical, biotech, and pharmaceutical fields.

Patent Term Adjustment Versus Double Patenting
by Courtenay C. Brinckerhoff over 2 years ago
Sandoz Asks Supreme Court To Reverse Biosimilar Decision
by Courtenay C. Brinckerhoff over 2 years ago