Nursing Ideas


This site's goal is to spread new ideas, promote research, encourage leadership, and develop new a new way of thinking in the nursing profession. It desires to "strengthen the collective voice" of nurses everywhere, shaping the future of healthcare and creating a good name for the nursing profession.

InterOp Nurse


This blog is written by a nurse working in the field of Healthcare Information Technology. She finds the technology tools to help nurses through the different stages and struggles of software maintenance and implementation. The main purpose is to have technology positively impact nurses.

Nurse Ratched's Place


Mother Jones blogs about her life and posts reviews on books relating to health or the medical field. Other nurses are sure to feel an instant camaraderie the moment they start to read her lighthearted yet realistic posts.



This blogger has a passion for nursing and education. He's been in the nursing profession for more than 25 years and is now on the brink of obtaining his doctorate in nursing.

The Man-Nurse Diaries


A man's perspective on the nursing profession. He also writes about current medical news. A great place for male nurses need support and feed their man-side; this guy is known to post random stuff such as X-Rays of video game controllers…yep, this is a guy's site!

My Strong Medecine


It can really take a lot of energy to be a nurse. This guy's surviving the journey and blogging about how he stays fit, happy, and healthy, along with lots of other stuff about the nursing field.

Nurses and their sixth (sick) sense of smell
by Sean over 2 years ago
What about a student Nurse purchasing “RN” merchandise?
by Sean over 2 years ago

Anonymous RN


Anonymous RN works in the great white north…and that's about the specifics you'll hear about his personal life. However, he does offer thought-provoking posts, along with a bit of "nothingness" and random funny nurse comics.

A Place I Call Home


A city RN moves to the country and becomes a smalltown girl. She blogs mostly about her family, adventures, and misadventures in the country. Other RN's might read this blog and realize that there's much more to an nurse's life than the medical field.

It's been to long.....
by Smalltown RN almost 4 years ago

A Little On the Crazy Side


This nurse readily admits that she has a coffee addiction…but what nurse doesn't? As you read her blog chronicling her everyday life as a nurse, you'll little wonder why she has to drink so much coffee.

Nurse XY


Nurse XY has some of the most touching nursing stories out there. A few minutes of reading his blog, and you'll be crying…or laughing…or both. He currently blogs about his life as a staff nurse, writing posts that would make anyone envy the nursing profession.

J. Paradisi RN


This blogger's a visual artist and a 24-year nursing professional. Both her blog and her paintings have received widespread recognition. Now an adult oncology nurse Julianna Paradisi writes about art, science, and humanity.

Breast Cancer Issues: Physical Activity During Treatment
by jparadisirn over 2 years ago
Issues in Breast Cancer: Meditation for The Action-Oriented
by jparadisirn over 2 years ago

Fabulous Nurse


Nurses who aspire to the finer things in the medical can glam up as they guffaw here. This blog enlists its very own readers to create comic posts and cartoon strips.

How Nurses Can Effectively Combat Depression
by Fabulous Nurse over 4 years ago
Thank You Letter After The Nursing Job Interview
by Fabulous Nurse over 4 years ago

Abilene Rob


Rob, inspired by Florence Nightingale, continues the tradition of great nursing with a portion of reverential humor. He also writes warmly about the rigors of nurse school.

Asystole is the Most Stable Rhythm


An Irish medical student charmingly writes about her two loves -- nursing and music. Smart nursing news elbows the regular joke posting here.

Sweaty Scapulas
by Albinoblackbear over 2 years ago
by Albinoblackbear almost 3 years ago

As the Pump Turns


A nurse at an inner-city clinic blogs about her life and work, all the while attempting to survive nursing school. Many of her posts are filled with good humor.

RN: Real Newbie


I wrote and passed my NCLEX in September 2011 and am now working as an RN in a community hospitals ICU. This is a new grad's journal about life, nursing and everything in between as I try and figure out how to be a "Real Nurse".

Confessions of a Hoarder (plus a Giveaway)
by Nurse Kitty about 3 years ago
Happy Nurses Week
by Nurse Kitty about 3 years ago

The Days When I'm Not A Nurse


A nursing/lifestyle blog in which I discuss experiences of being a nurse AND how I spend my free time (usually involves sugar, or a bike, or adventures in one of the bigger cities in Idaho).

MDpocket Product Review
by Anna about 4 years ago
Nurses Week Promotion from Dansko!
by Anna about 4 years ago

Curiosity Runs in My Veins


A blog about a nurse that live and work in Singapore! Mostly my blog involves the time I am not at work, but I also write about work. Sometimes!

Earth Porn
by Heather over 2 years ago
Beautiful Views
by Heather over 2 years ago

The Charming


Hello! My name is Amy and I am the blogger of the Charming, a general lifestyle blog with emphases on art, inspiration, and wellness tips and discussions.

This Won't Hurt A Bit


I'm a RN who works in CVICU. I just moved cross country from small town MS to California to do travel nursing. My blog chronicles my life and experience with travel nursing.

3Cs: Coffee, Children, and Cancer


Be careful what you ask for…IsntSheLovlei is back on the blogging scene! But now I’m all grown up—or at least I’ve earned a few additional letters behind my name. So instead of bringing my inaugural blog, The Dog Ate My Care Plan, back I decided to start an entirely new blog. After a behind the scenes title war with myself (and after not being able to come up with anything else for “The Dog” to eat that wouldn’t get me sued), 3Cs: Coffee, Children, and Cancer was born. 3Cs basically picks up where I left off after graduating from nursing school and passing the boards. Now I’m just a mom/wife/pediatric oncology nurse extraordinaire (in the making anyway) trying to make it in the big bad city. Come check it out, hope to see you there…