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The Nerdy Nerdy nurse is a Patient, Nurse, and Technology Advocate. This RN is a devoted wife and mother, and a passionate advocate for nurses everywhere, encouraging them lift up one another and help each other reach their highest potential. Her posts are practical and helpful, and offer occasional tips for mothers.

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by Ramona Vega. BSN, RN about 3 years ago
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Rolando's Logbook-A Nursing Informatics Toolbox


Rolando's Logbook is a collection of useful ideas,tips,tricks,hacks and other relevant information indispensable to a practicing Nurse Informaticist. It also features interesting stuff that can stir the interest of other people outside this industry.



RNSpeak is a community composed of different professional registered nurses in various fields under the umbrella of the Nursing profession. We are people who come from different parts of the globe, but united with one commonality: the passion for the Nursing profession. We are people who value the very calling of profession, of caring, of virtue, of altruism, and of excellence.