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Considering specializing in labor and delivery? If so, you'll directly benefit from the experienced wisdom of this L&D nurse blog.

Happy new year!
by AtYourCervix over 3 years ago
Year two as a CNM/First Colonoscopy
by AtYourCervix over 3 years ago

Baby Catcher


Jody, the author of this blog, is an RN working nights in Labor & Delivery in a large teaching hospital. She is learning how to help newborns join the human race and finds her job a blessing and wants to be really good at it. The photographs on this site are precious!

The LaborPayne Epistles


This blogger's got a whole list of credentials behind her name that's sure to make you sit up and listen. She's a nursing instructor, lactation consultant, author, editor for Clinical Lactation Journal, and aspiring certified nurse midwife. She offers lots of advice and acts as an advocate for maternal infant health and lactation.

Pinky RN


This RN works in labor and delivery nursing, and has been taking a midwifery program at the graduate level.There are many recent posts of this bloggers quest to find a job and opinions of certain procedures given during the delivery of a baby.

Labor Nurse CNM


A nurse and midwife chronicles her everyday happenings. We especially love her Childbirth Education Series.