Weird Nursing Tales


This registered nurse calls his career an adventure "from the life-changing moments to the absurd." Stop by his blog and enjoy a random post that's sure to contain some of his nursing encounters.

Sam the RN


Here's one for the guys! Sam the RN is a typical guy, blogging about the interesting in his profession, along with random posts such as "Bathroom breaks may cause heart attacks, luckily we usually can’t take one" or "wherin the hospital flips the nurses upside down and shakes them to take what falls out."

Pee and Sympathy: True Stories from an RN


This RN writes lots of tales about her everyday happenings on the job. We love her sweet rants, such as "Scrubs - 5 Things I Hate About You."

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Jobs


Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Jobs is a blog developed by the Melnic Consulting Group Group which specializes in pediatric nurse recruitment. Jill Gilliland is president of this company and her devotion to improve the quality of and access to pediatric health care through the recruitment of passionate, educated, and skilled pediatric nursing professionals is commendable.

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