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This is a healthy living blog inspiring nurses to lead happier, healthier lives!



RNSpeak is a community composed of different professional registered nurses in various fields under the umbrella of the Nursing profession. We are people who come from different parts of the globe, but united with one commonality: the passion for the Nursing profession. We are people who value the very calling of profession, of caring, of virtue, of altruism, and of excellence.

The Nurse Teacher


Nurse blog dedicated to sharing my passion for nursing and training the next generation so they can cre for us! All things related to being a nurse and being a better nurse!

The Importance and Significance of CPR and First Aid Training


These courses often give certifications if done from registered schools or training institutes. If you wish to obtain such a certification in Washington DC area, you can visit Safety Is Training.

The Role and Responsibility of a Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA


The job of a certified nursing assistant is one of great responsibility and dedication and only those who are truly interested in the welfare of patients must join it.

The Importance of First Aid Training For the Employees of Your Company


Care first nursing academy Northern Virginia is an example of a nursing academy which offers its CPR and first aid training at workplaces and other settings for very reasonable rates.

Top Short Term Courses in the Field Of Medical Science


There are many reputed courses in the medical field which not only improve your knowledge and skill base but also give you a lot of personal satisfaction.