Exploring Alternative Nursing Careers


Helping nurses explore alternative nursing careers with non traditional nursing opportunities such as Holistic Nursing, Nursing Informatics, Nurse Entrepreneur, Nurse Writer and more. Also for LPN/LVN too!

Can An LPN Become A Legal Nurse Consultant?
by Tina over 4 years ago
What’s The Future Of Nursing Informatics?
by Tina over 4 years ago

3Cs: Coffee, Children, and Cancer


Be careful what you ask for…IsntSheLovlei is back on the blogging scene! But now I’m all grown up—or at least I’ve earned a few additional letters behind my name. So instead of bringing my inaugural blog, The Dog Ate My Care Plan, back I decided to start an entirely new blog. After a behind the scenes title war with myself (and after not being able to come up with anything else for “The Dog” to eat that wouldn’t get me sued), 3Cs: Coffee, Children, and Cancer was born. 3Cs basically picks up where I left off after graduating from nursing school and passing the boards. Now I’m just a mom/wife/pediatric oncology nurse extraordinaire (in the making anyway) trying to make it in the big bad city. Come check it out, hope to see you there…

Life in the Clinic


A somewhat irreverent view of my days as a pediatric nurse practitioner in a large teaching practice.

NURSEINTERUPTED: A Nurse's Journey Back to Life


A blog that presents legal cases as a means of educating nursing students and other nursing professionals, discusses political views as they pertain to the profession, nursing theory, nurse advocacy, patient advocacy, practice tips, and bits and pieces from two novels currently being written

“ETOH: 8 OZ TID PRN Stress: It’s a Nurse Thing.” NO, It’s Not.
by NURSEINTERUPTED almost 3 years ago
Sex Change Generation: Implications for Nursing Practice
by NURSEINTERUPTED almost 3 years ago

Lessons in Nursing, Health and Wellbeing


A blog about lessons I have learned while working as a RN in the Emergency Department and what I have endured personally. Health and well being encompasses the entire human being....I firmly believe that all matters in the world mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually absolutely affect the health of the individual. Almost every life experience has given me something to learn, even if I didn't get it right away. Here I will talk about several of those elements as they come up.

Rolando's Logbook-A Nursing Informatics Toolbox


Rolando's Logbook is a collection of useful ideas,tips,tricks,hacks and other relevant information indispensable to a practicing Nurse Informaticist. It also features interesting stuff that can stir the interest of other people outside this industry.

NP for rent


A blog describing a nurse practitioner's travel around the country.

Nurses fyi Magazine


A blog to support the upcoming new nurses magazine for iPad called "Nurses fyi". It will be by nurses for nurses and cover everything about nursing. The nursing articles in each monthly edition will come from all over the world. It is in its development phase now and you can submit an article (1000 words) for consideration being included in an upcoming edition. I am the founder and editor and I am a RN with 25 years nursing experience in a diverse field of nursing departments. Rich Richard Williams RN



Noteworthy is a blog created by CertifiedProfile. The blog contains tips, advice, and articles about the latest trends in education and health care along with career advice.

Flight Nurses: A High-Flying Career
by Megan Beausoleil over 3 years ago
The Skinny on Your Scrubs
by Kathy Stream over 3 years ago

Bahala Na Nurse Blog


A new nurse blogging about personal nursing experiences with lessons learned. Also blogs about Filipino values and living with type 1 diabetes for 40+ years

by chiqui raveloski almost 3 years ago
by chiqui raveloski about 3 years ago

Luminous Nurse: ReClaiming the Heart and Soul of Healing our Patients & Ourselves


This Blog explores the Power of the Nursing Role to be a conduit of support, Wisdom & Advocacy in creating the circumstances under which a Human Being has the capacity to naturally heal itself under conditions that are conducive to both Ancient and Modern Healing Practices that address the whole Being; creating wellness of the Physical body, the Energy or Subtle Body, the Heart and the Soul, as well as the Emotional wellness of a person. As someone begins to heal and become well, it is likely that they will have an expansion of Awareness and Consciousness that is a product of wisdom and growth, which occurs as they heal and grow. We are multifaceted Beings, and as such, the Ancient practices of Healing that have proven to be of Great Benefit over time, such as Yoga and Meditation, address & expand the consciousness, the spiritual heart, the soul and the Life Force Energy inherent within the physical and subtle bodies of all human beings. The experiences, perceptions & the emotions of a person is also very important to address, in addition to Utilizing modern medicine, if True Healing is to occur. Most Nurses are natural nurtures, and therefore they have the capacity to be true agents of Healing and Transformation for their patients and also for each other, as their own overwhelming work load, extreme stress and burn-out rate is very high. To address all of these needs in a Healing, Holistic & Trans-formative way for both patients and Medical Professionals is the subject of this Blog. It is offered with Love and with the Hope that we can Heal the current crises we have found ourselves in, in terms of the way we relate to each other as modern medicine removes itself from the Healing Process rather than potentiating it, therefore Dehumanizing what is supposed to be a process of deeper meaning and connection with each other and within ourselves. Without those deep and meaningful connections & processes, we can make little progress in the ways of Healing.

EasyNCLEX Blog


Solid information about the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN exams, helping nursing students to pass and start a rewarding career in nursing. This blog is by a Nurse Educator and FNP-C, who is also available to respond to students' questions about the NCLEX exam.

Prioritize in the New Year!
by Nurse Amy over 4 years ago
A Study Break for Resume Writing and Professionalism
by Nurse Amy over 4 years ago

Living Sublime Wellness


Living Sublime Wellness is a blog that is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of the busy nurse. Topics vary monthly to speak to the theme that wellness is many parts that go into total well-being. Nurse Coach Elizabeth Scala is passionate about helping nurses live happy, healthy, and whole.

How to Relieve Stress and Nurse Burnout… Through Food!
by Elizabeth over 3 years ago
Find the Nursing Career of Your Dreams: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself
by Elizabeth over 3 years ago

Johnny New Nurse


Stories of the trials and tribulations of the student nurse and new RN

The Nurses' Locker Room


Behind-the-scenes stories about nurses. Nursing Health and Wellness Tips and Topics. Nursing Humor, Jokes and Laughters. Bloopers.

Self Employed Nurse


Self Employed Nurse's mission is to empower nurses through self-employment by providing them with education and motivation even if they want to venture outside the direct career of nursing. Also, this website strives to defeat the societal misconception that a career in nursing means that you must be employed by means other than self-employment. In addition to providing resources to practicing nurses, Self Employed Nurse encourages nursing students to recognize that a future career as a nurse entrepreneur is a viable option.

Critical Care Reflections of A Male Nurse


Blogging at the intersection of nursing and popular culture. Includes profiles of famous people who were once nurses, sex and CPR and everything you ever wanted to know about fevers (but were too afraid to ask).

While I was sleeping ...
by Rick Turner over 4 years ago