RT Connections


A national speaker for nursing organizations, Renee Thompson has a real passion for the nursing profession that spills over into her blog. Her mission is to empower nurses to transform their career, applying simple strategies and techniques that can make a world of difference in their practice.

3 Steps to Increase Your Awareness of Workplace Violence
by Renee Thompson over 2 years ago
The Very Inspiring Blogger Award - AMAZING NURSE BLOGGERS
by Renee Thompson over 2 years ago

Beauty and Bandaids


Missy B a former cosmetologist turned travel nurse blogs her way through the ins and outs of being a travel nurse. A few beauty tips are shared along the way.

Cheap TV Wall Mount That Works
by kEITH over 4 years ago
Awesome Wall Outlet with USB Charger
by kEITH over 4 years ago

Nurses Network


Promoting community engagement, lifelong learning, and the Nursing profession. Together, we learn more.

Call of Nursing


Nurse, Mother, and Entrepreneur trying to balance life and career… Nurse for the past 15 + years working in CCU, NNICU, Addictions, Flight, Education. Entrepreneuring for the past 6 years in e-learning, web-based solutions and simulation. Founded MedSenses and the Nurses Network that just became acquired by CoursePark:) Mom of 3 – 12 Sam, 9 Emma, 3 Ronan who all keep my world interesting!

The Preventionist


My name is Chris Walter. I am an Infection Prevention Nurse Consultant working in the Long-term Care environment in Southern California. A little over two years ago, I created The Preventionist, a blog dedicated to Long-term Care Infection Control Nurses.

Confident Voices in Healthcare


I am a nurse consultant, author & speaker specializing in communication and collaboration. Confident Voices in Healthcare is a blog for Nurses, Patient Advocates & Colleagues to discuss issues that will lead us to safer, kinder care.

Pathway to Nursing


The lifestyle of a nursing student working through an Accelerated BSN program at Concordia University, Irvine.

Golden Rule Care Healthcare


We offer editorial and factual content on policies and other issues relevant to Nurses, items for fun and general interest, and tips on how to engage patients more effectively to build rapport and cooperation. Our motto: Get More Done, Have More Fun!

Not Just a Nurse: I'm Also a Zookeeper


Musings of a nomadic nurse. I've been a nurse since 2007, I've worked in three different provinces and 4 hospitals, ranging from 35 beds to 850 beds. My passion is patient care, and providing the best patient care I can, despite the government and the hospitals I work for trying to stop me.

RN: Real Newbie


I wrote and passed my NCLEX in September 2011 and am now working as an RN in a community hospitals ICU. This is a new grad's journal about life, nursing and everything in between as I try and figure out how to be a "Real Nurse".

Confessions of a Hoarder (plus a Giveaway)
by Nurse Kitty about 3 years ago
Happy Nurses Week
by Nurse Kitty about 3 years ago

The Days When I'm Not A Nurse


A nursing/lifestyle blog in which I discuss experiences of being a nurse AND how I spend my free time (usually involves sugar, or a bike, or adventures in one of the bigger cities in Idaho).

MDpocket Product Review
by Anna about 4 years ago
Nurses Week Promotion from Dansko!
by Anna over 4 years ago

Monogrammed Scrubs and Strings of Pearls


An aspiring pediatric nurse, obsessed with all things "preppy," hoping to depart from her West Coast home to the South for nursing school.

Free Monograms & More
by Ali over 4 years ago
by Ali over 4 years ago

Education of a Nurse


One nursing student's journey through nursing school - starting with waiting for an acceptance letter.

Curiosity Runs in My Veins


A blog about a nurse that live and work in Singapore! Mostly my blog involves the time I am not at work, but I also write about work. Sometimes!

Earth Porn
by Heather over 2 years ago
Beautiful Views
by Heather over 2 years ago

Nursing 101 and Other Things That Make Me Crazy


This is just me little blog where i tell about the day to day activities in my life as a nursing student!

Eloping Stethoscope


I'm a newlywed nursing student in the South about to enter into my third semester of school and my OB and pediatric rotation. I blog about newlywed life and my journey through nursing school.

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming
by Paige Nicole almost 5 years ago
Fall Fancy
by Paige Nicole almost 5 years ago

My God Story


God knows the master plan, and writes the story for each of our lives. This is the story God is continually writing for my life. It's the joys, sorrows, vents, frustrations, oops, and cheers of my journey through nursing school, crocheting for a mission, my love of bicycles, my perfectly imperfect life, and striving to live for God in everything I do. Let God's journey and plan for my life begin.

The Charming


Hello! My name is Amy and I am the blogger of the Charming, a general lifestyle blog with emphases on art, inspiration, and wellness tips and discussions.

This Won't Hurt A Bit


I'm a RN who works in CVICU. I just moved cross country from small town MS to California to do travel nursing. My blog chronicles my life and experience with travel nursing.