The Humor Vault


Dozens of posts on nurse and doctor comedy comprise this blog's pages. Emergency rooms come complete with laugh tracks here.

Girl in Scrubs


Experienced nurses will probably chuckle lovingly as they read the exploits of this newbie medical pro. Her enthusiasm and constant learning provide the warm humor.

Funny Jokes: Nurses


Delve into a trove of hilarious nurse-directed jokes on this comprehensive page. There's a concentration here on long-form, narrative-style comedy.

What movies teach us
by Chetan Gera almost 4 years ago

Ouch My Toe


This blog fields an Indian's perspective on comedy, with an appreciated set of posts on nurses. Anyone who loves humor with heart will appreciate this page's focus.

Bed-wetting runs in our family
by Jammy almost 3 years ago
Ashley Madison is the bitch nobody ever had
by Jammy almost 3 years ago

Comedy Central: Nurses


Television's concentrated comedy channel has a blog that avidly capitalizes on the hilarity found in nursing. The Colbert Report, the Onion, and more spice it up here.



This blogger writes about nurse humor as she obsesses over Nutella. She also exhibits an understandably zealous passion for Anderson Cooper.



This previously tight-lipped nursing blog has recently moved into the field of nurse comedy. Tune in weekly here for a promising Funny Friday offering.

New Job!
by RNTEMPS over 4 years ago
RN’s Join Our Travel Team!
by RNTEMPS over 4 years ago

You Can't Fix Stupid


This nurse who joking claims to be old enough to know Florence Nightingale blogs warmly about medicine, age, and more. Anticipate desert-dry humor here.

Kathleen Heck


This comedic writers explores her medical chops with a barrage or nurse jokes here. Medical embarrassments tend to sustain her humor the most throughout the site.

Off the Mark


An outstanding cartoonist provides a daily supply of humor, frequently nurse-related, here. The best strips are sometimes available for purchase too.

Nursing and Medical Humor


A huge assemblage of the Web's best nurse humor can be discovered and enjoyed right here. Therapy and psychiatry are the most side-splitting areas.

Nursing Cartoons and Comics


Find simple yet consistently amazing nursing comics here all the time. The dialog bubbles contain some exceptionally rendered one-liners.

Medical Cartoons


A celebrated cartoonist displays his acclaimed comic work here. Nurse humor fans will find the jabs at doctors particularly apropos.

my life as a geripsych nurse


Gina is a new nurse blogging about her new life as she searches for a job, transitions to the working field, and learns lots of lessons. All nurses will relate to her struggles.

Shocking episode at work!
by Paul Shoman almost 5 years ago

As the Pump Turns


A nurse at an inner-city clinic blogs about her life and work, all the while attempting to survive nursing school. Many of her posts are filled with good humor.

Travel Nurse Aim


The author of this blog is Amy, a mother, wife, and traveling nurse. In her blog she chronicles her life and how she makes it work. "Travel Nurse Aim: Has Anyone Claimed the Body Yet? " is a touching memory of one of Amy's experiences.

Nurse and Lawyer


Elizabeth is an RN in a cardiac ICU. Amy is a law student. Their interests are similar, so they decided that their discussions and debates were interesting enough to share on a public forum. Some of the subjects that they touch on include bioethics, regulation, progress, fairness, bicycles, and red wine.

Drawing On Experience


This creative blog is written and illustrated by a guy who works the night shift as a Progressive Coronary Care Nurse at a major University Hospital caring for 6-7 patients a night. This blog is based on his daily life in a humorous way, starting from his early days in nursing school.

by William Hardy almost 4 years ago
by William Hardy almost 4 years ago

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Jobs


Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Jobs is a blog developed by the Melnic Consulting Group Group which specializes in pediatric nurse recruitment. Jill Gilliland is president of this company and her devotion to improve the quality of and access to pediatric health care through the recruitment of passionate, educated, and skilled pediatric nursing professionals is commendable.

Happy Valentines Day- Melnic's Top 5 Cardiac Jobs
by Jill Gilliland over 2 years ago
Friday's Top 5 Advanced Practice Job Locations
by Jill Gilliland over 2 years ago

Labor Nurse CNM


A nurse and midwife chronicles her everyday happenings. We especially love her Childbirth Education Series.

Nurse Anesthetist


This blog provides a comprehensive look at the world of nurse anesthetists. It provides a history of this specialty in nursing how it has evolved in the medical world.

What does the Shadow Know?
by David Roy over 3 years ago
The Anesthesia Machine Check
by David Roy over 4 years ago

Madness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse


A veteran nurse blogs about her adventures working in the ER. Nurses considering this field can get a look at what to expect.

Home at last...
by girlvet over 2 years ago
That guy
by girlvet over 2 years ago

Nursing Comments


A seasoned nurse shares her experiences to enrich the lives of other nurses, moms, patients, and anyone who's a caregiver. Her comments aren't just ramblings, however. She includes many educational posts and videos that will directly benefit anyone in the nursing field.

by Stephanie Jewett, RN over 4 years ago
by Stephanie Jewett, RN over 4 years ago

The Nursing Site Blog


Age-wisened nurse Kathy Quan RN BSN, author of The Everything New Nurse (editions 1 and 2), hosts a real educational blog for nurses. No fluff to be found here! You'll enjoy posts on becoming a nurse, misconceptions about the nursing career, how to find a good educational program, and more. A must-read for every new nurse.

Another Great Recognition
by noreply@blogger.com (Kathy Quan) about 4 years ago
Sites You Need to Check Out
by noreply@blogger.com (Kathy Quan) over 4 years ago