Sam the RN


Here's one for the guys! Sam the RN is a typical guy, blogging about the interesting in his profession, along with random posts such as "Bathroom breaks may cause heart attacks, luckily we usually can’t take one" or "wherin the hospital flips the nurses upside down and shakes them to take what falls out."

Lois Roelofs


This nursing teacher has been in the field for over 40 years, so you can trust that she has lots of wisdom to impart. She's also a creative writer who takes her skill seriously and is now a published author of "Caring Lessons".

Historic Pullman – Chicago
by Lois Roelofs almost 4 years ago
New Neighbors in Millennium Park – 2014
by Lois Roelofs almost 4 years ago

Travel Nursing Job Notes


Considering a travel nursing career? This can be an exciting and rewarding profession, but it takes guts, too. Here's a great resource to discover if this nursing specialty is really for you. Also search and browse jobs, or even apply to one that seems a perfect fit.

You’ll Never Guess What Celebs are Former Nurses
by Travel Nurse Source almost 4 years ago
Study: Nurse Education Level Correlates to Patient Mortality
by Travel Nurse Source almost 4 years ago

A Place I Call Home


A city RN moves to the country and becomes a smalltown girl. She blogs mostly about her family, adventures, and misadventures in the country. Other RN's might read this blog and realize that there's much more to an nurse's life than the medical field.

It's been to long.....
by Smalltown RN almost 4 years ago

Caffeine and Xanax


This RN works in the Critical Care Medical Unit and sees it all. Read her intriguing tales, following challenging cases and learning compassion along the way.

A Little On the Crazy Side


This nurse readily admits that she has a coffee addiction…but what nurse doesn't? As you read her blog chronicling her everyday life as a nurse, you'll little wonder why she has to drink so much coffee.

Pinky RN


This RN works in labor and delivery nursing, and has been taking a midwifery program at the graduate level.There are many recent posts of this bloggers quest to find a job and opinions of certain procedures given during the delivery of a baby.

Pee and Sympathy: True Stories from an RN


This RN writes lots of tales about her everyday happenings on the job. We love her sweet rants, such as "Scrubs - 5 Things I Hate About You."

Nurse XY


Nurse XY has some of the most touching nursing stories out there. A few minutes of reading his blog, and you'll be crying…or laughing…or both. He currently blogs about his life as a staff nurse, writing posts that would make anyone envy the nursing profession.

J. Paradisi RN


This blogger's a visual artist and a 24-year nursing professional. Both her blog and her paintings have received widespread recognition. Now an adult oncology nurse Julianna Paradisi writes about art, science, and humanity.

Breast Cancer Issues: Physical Activity During Treatment
by jparadisirn over 2 years ago
Issues in Breast Cancer: Meditation for The Action-Oriented
by jparadisirn over 2 years ago



Vividly rendered and hilariously specific comic offerings set this nursing humor blog apart. There's particular excellence in finding the funny in nursing school here.



This blog concentrates on the humor that results from the dirtier experiences nurses face daily. Nurses looking for equipment can also shop here as they chuckle.

How to Choose Your Medical Profession
by admin about 4 years ago
How to Shine and Excel in Your Nursing Career
by admin over 4 years ago

Wade Grindle


Nurses, doctors, and even patients might all need surgery to recover from this page's generous helping of funny. It's the perfect place to crack up before your checkup.

Scrubs Turk’s Booty Breakdown
by Wade Grindle MD over 4 years ago
Scrubs J.D. Enters As A Surgeon
by Wade Grindle MD over 4 years ago



Relish the smart blend of medicinal news and mirthful comedy here. Colonoscopies and physical examinations are evergreen topics on the site, always good for a laugh.

Fabulous Nurse


Nurses who aspire to the finer things in the medical can glam up as they guffaw here. This blog enlists its very own readers to create comic posts and cartoon strips.

How Nurses Can Effectively Combat Depression
by Fabulous Nurse over 4 years ago
Thank You Letter After The Nursing Job Interview
by Fabulous Nurse over 4 years ago

Nursing Avenue


This blog helps nurses find jobs and ace their interviews, interlacing comically dependable posts all the while. Married nurses and newbies are lovingly targeted.

Jeffrey MD


Blogger Jeffrey, a medical professional, can also turn out a great joke that goes for the jugular. Enjoy this page's mixture of concentration and comic relief.

Attending Status
by Dr. Jeff over 2 years ago
Chief Residency
by Dr. Jeff almost 3 years ago

Nurse Jokes


This blog could successfully contend for status as the Web's highest quality nurse joke headquarters. Short nurse jokes provide particularly hearty enjoyment.

Nursing Fun


This blog champions unsung nurses while continuing to uplift them with witty, reliable humor. The Toon for Today feature can always be counted on to bring a smile.

My Med Jokes


Discover a trove of modern jokes, cartoons, and crack-up videos for nurses and doctors here. Even those who know nothing of anatomy can find their funnybone on this page.

What cigarette do you smoke Doctor?
by noreply@blogger.com (Mac Hiavelli) about 3 years ago
iPod Shuffle IUD
by noreply@blogger.com (Mac Hiavelli) about 3 years ago

Not Nurse Ratched


Here's a blogger who's had a number of irons on the fire. Reading from a former medical editor and current ER nurse, you'll get part geeky content and part nursing anecdote.

Nurse Cartoons


Blogger Dan unleashes a comedic onslaught with his undeniably delectable page here. The nurse humor, to warn readers, can border on the blue throughout the site.

The Nursing Show


RNs, LPNs, and other nurses of all varieties come to this podcast page for the latest news in the community. Humor is ladled in generously for each listen.

The Next Pandemic – Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Says CDC
by Jamie Davis almost 4 years ago
Household Product Poisonings and Episode 306
by Jamie Davis almost 4 years ago

Abilene Rob


Rob, inspired by Florence Nightingale, continues the tradition of great nursing with a portion of reverential humor. He also writes warmly about the rigors of nurse school.

Asystole is the Most Stable Rhythm


An Irish medical student charmingly writes about her two loves -- nursing and music. Smart nursing news elbows the regular joke posting here.

Sweaty Scapulas
by Albinoblackbear over 2 years ago
by Albinoblackbear almost 3 years ago