The Journal of Nursing Jocularity


This blog understands that nursing is too serious of a profession to take, well, too seriously. As nurses serve as the primary source of care for many a patient, and also help to maintain the calm of doctors and other staff members, the writers for Nursing Jocularity remind their readers of the importance and respected place of laughter in the profession. Nurses who might be a bit skeptical about the importance of the funnybone can take advantage of posts that address integrating humor.

Free 3 Month Subscription to Nurse FYI Magazine
by kbuxman about 4 years ago
Lead With Laughter: When Things Don’t Go Exactly As Planned
by kbuxman about 4 years ago

Nurse Mommy Laughs


Pediatric nurse and blogger Stacey has won acclaim and a sizable following for her crack-up site here. Citing her favorite loves in life as children, health care, and writing for comedy, her blog combines each of these three adored elements into a charming and chuckle-worthy whole. People who appreciate narrative humor, instead of a zesty one-liner that lacks a sufficiently satisfying follow-up joke, will truly find themselves in stitches lovingly provided by Nurse Mommy herself.

Google Fiber First Thing in the Morning
by Laughing With Kids over 2 years ago
Spelling Bee Memories Can Sting
by Laughing With Kids over 2 years ago

Nursing It Yo


Fans of "Nurse Jackie" may find Edie Falco's ambivalently humorous work frustrating from time to time. Yet the character Zoey can be counted on to supply comic grace in spades. So sizable has her following grown that the network Showtime has opted to grant her a blog in order to catch the overflow of her fans' love. Readers proffer loving notes and quirky details, to which Zoey responds with levity, grace, and -- of course -- a whopping helping of comic bliss.

about 4 years ago
about 4 years ago

At Your Cervix


Considering specializing in labor and delivery? If so, you'll directly benefit from the experienced wisdom of this L&D nurse blog.

Happy new year!
by AtYourCervix over 3 years ago
Year two as a CNM/First Colonoscopy
by AtYourCervix over 3 years ago

Barb's Daily Dose


Barb is not only a women's practitioner, but a prestigious health expert and award-winning author.She has appeared on television news programs on ABC, CNN, and NBC. Her blog focuses on helping the average individual, offering health tips and ideas on how to care for those who are seriously ill.

Nursing Ideas


This site's goal is to spread new ideas, promote research, encourage leadership, and develop new a new way of thinking in the nursing profession. It desires to "strengthen the collective voice" of nurses everywhere, shaping the future of healthcare and creating a good name for the nursing profession.

Baby Catcher


Jody, the author of this blog, is an RN working nights in Labor & Delivery in a large teaching hospital. She is learning how to help newborns join the human race and finds her job a blessing and wants to be really good at it. The photographs on this site are precious!

The LaborPayne Epistles


This blogger's got a whole list of credentials behind her name that's sure to make you sit up and listen. She's a nursing instructor, lactation consultant, author, editor for Clinical Lactation Journal, and aspiring certified nurse midwife. She offers lots of advice and acts as an advocate for maternal infant health and lactation.

Death Maiden


One thing about being a nurse is that you often have to face death more often than most people. Not sure how to deal with it? Melaina can help nurses by touching on both the emotional and physical associations of death.

InterOp Nurse


This blog is written by a nurse working in the field of Healthcare Information Technology. She finds the technology tools to help nurses through the different stages and struggles of software maintenance and implementation. The main purpose is to have technology positively impact nurses.

Nurse Virginia Blog


This blogger is devoted to the idea of aging with dignity, and even wrote a book on the subject based on her mother's experiences in a skilled nursing facility. One post talks about volunteering, while another discusses different instances of bullying in nursing homes.

by Nurse Virginia about 4 years ago
by Nurse Virginia about 4 years ago

Rehab RN


Here's what one RN calls the "dramatization of her little world." This blog's a really interesting read, from a woman who's not only a professional nurse, but a farmer working on her standup comedy routine!

You never forget
by RehabNurse over 4 years ago
Share the love
by RehabNurse over 4 years ago

It Shouldn't Happen in Healthcare


Sometimes even those in the most serious of careers need to loosen up and laugh a bit. At least, that's what Max E Nurse believes. This blog's an open house of fun and good humor, featuring funny tales from the medical profession.

The Butterfly effect…
by Max E Nurse about 4 years ago
Spanish Inquistion….
by Max E Nurse over 4 years ago

Nurse Ratched's Place


Mother Jones blogs about her life and posts reviews on books relating to health or the medical field. Other nurses are sure to feel an instant camaraderie the moment they start to read her lighthearted yet realistic posts.



A guitar-loving nurse jams to the beat while building lightly comic posts here. Readers who look for authenticity in their medical blogs will be satisfied here.



This blogger has a passion for nursing and education. He's been in the nursing profession for more than 25 years and is now on the brink of obtaining his doctorate in nursing.

nighttime nursing


Tracey believes that getting things off one's chest is often the best therapy. Nursing can be stressful at times, and she blogs to "let it all out." Read about her days here -- some good, some bad.

Weird Nursing Tales


This registered nurse calls his career an adventure "from the life-changing moments to the absurd." Stop by his blog and enjoy a random post that's sure to contain some of his nursing encounters.

Nurse Me


This nurse sees the worst of life while on her job, and she gives a glimpse of it to her readers in a blunt real way. Want to know what it's like to work in the critical care and trauma unit? Discover it here.

The Man-Nurse Diaries


A man's perspective on the nursing profession. He also writes about current medical news. A great place for male nurses need support and feed their man-side; this guy is known to post random stuff such as X-Rays of video game controllers…yep, this is a guy's site!

My Strong Medecine


It can really take a lot of energy to be a nurse. This guy's surviving the journey and blogging about how he stays fit, happy, and healthy, along with lots of other stuff about the nursing field.

Nurses and their sixth (sick) sense of smell
by Sean over 2 years ago
What about a student Nurse purchasing “RN” merchandise?
by Sean over 2 years ago

Digital Doorway


This blogger calls his site a "digital doorway for creative expression (and) adventures in nursing." He's a very good writer, making this blog about nursing and life a very interesting read for new nurses.

Don't Close the Tech Door on Your Nursing Career
by Keith Carlson over 3 years ago
The 10,000-Foot View of Your Nursing Career
by Keith Carlson over 3 years ago

The Nerdy Nurse


The Nerdy Nerdy nurse is a Patient, Nurse, and Technology Advocate. This RN is a devoted wife and mother, and a passionate advocate for nurses everywhere, encouraging them lift up one another and help each other reach their highest potential. Her posts are practical and helpful, and offer occasional tips for mothers.

10 Phrases Every Nurse Should Know in Spanish
by Ramona Vega. BSN, RN over 3 years ago
A Complete Reference Guide to Set Up Family Sharing in iOS 8
by Guest Blogger over 3 years ago

Anonymous RN


Anonymous RN works in the great white north…and that's about the specifics you'll hear about his personal life. However, he does offer thought-provoking posts, along with a bit of "nothingness" and random funny nurse comics.

Nursing Ethics Blog


Ethics means everything to the practicing medical professional. As quoted on this blog, "Ethics is central to the way we care, and to the way we envision ourselves as professionals…"

Canada’s Supreme Court unanimously strikes down the assisted suicide laws
by Nancy Walton over 3 years ago
Nurse Admits Wrongdoing in Canada’s Far North
by Chris MacDonald over 3 years ago