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Meet Author & Playwright Gordon Osmond
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Tips On Writing Mystery Contributed To Bookpleasures.com By Joanna Myers
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Succotash Reviews


I like to read. Therefore, I have a mix of both new and old books in my library. My book review blog, Succotash Revews, has reviews to different books from reading or writing clubs I belong to, from books that publishers send to me for review purposes, or gems from the library or my favorite bookstore. There are also links to different reviews I've done on other sites.

Soupelina's Soup Cleanse - by Elina Fuhram
by Renee Shelton about 2 years ago
The Darkest of Suns Will Rise Book 1 by Brian Sfinas
by Renee Shelton over 2 years ago

SMS Nonfiction Book Reviews


Book reviews, giveaways and other book related posts on nonfiction books, from children's nonfiction to adult nonfiction on many topics but especially: parenting, society, health/wellness, cooking, educational, animals and lifestyle.

Happy Habits by Vicki Morris
by Kathleen about 2 years ago
Rest Assured by Vicki Courtney
by Kathleen about 2 years ago

Robert Keith Book Reviews


I write reviews for all types of non-fiction books including biographies, auto-biographies, historical works, and textbooks.

Reading the World: A Litrary Grand Tour


Reading the World reviews books on or related travel, culture and geography. Most books reviewed are nonfiction, but occasional Fiction novels are also included. Following each review, I post an article on a topic related to the novel such as tourism in the country featured.

guiltless reading


Welcome to where reading is no longer a huge guilt trip, thanks to the local public library! Books and reading have always been among my guilty pleasures. Book reviews, bookshelf love, bookmark monday, bookish food, book art, and lots more bookish fun!

Mental Health Awareness Month (1) #MHAMJune
by guiltless reader almost 4 years ago
Friday 56 & #BookBeginnings: The Reflections of Queen Snow White {+Giveaway!}
by guiltless reader almost 4 years ago

Book Kvetch


Book Kvetch | Beating the drum for worthwhile reads in nonfiction.



It's a book and drawing blog. That's why its called " Anibooks"

A Book-Lover's Blog


I write about books, reviews, share thoughts on books, share quotes.

the cook(book)ing school


One of the goals I started off 2012 with has been to post reviews of cookbooks that I have read or tried recipes from and share with you, my journey through what I like to call “cook(book)ing school” – how to become a great cook without going to cooking school. In the process, I hope to create what I hope will become a pretty impressive cookbook collection.

Free Book Reviews


Free Book Reviews Including Indie and Self-Published Focusing on Memoir and Narrative nonfiction

Momma Says Read


Momma Says Read is dedicated to helping authors and readers connect. We take a different approach to book reviews. We don't tell you the whole story, we just let you know if if we liked the book. We'll hint at what we liked so you might like it too! We also do author reviews, blog tour stops, giveaways and other contests.

Perception, Book One of the Wishing FREE 4/12
by Momma about 4 years ago
Allan Green FREE 4/12
by Momma about 4 years ago

“Predictive Analytics” Book Gets High Rank and a Haiku


High rank and a haiku for Dr. Eric Siegel's book, "Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die" (Wiley, 2013 - http://www.thepredictionbook.com)

Always A Book Geek


Always A Book Geek is a book review blog for Young Adult & New Adult Literature.

Books & Technology Reviews


My Blog Features Book Reviews...Technology reviews, Poems, My Writing, and my Journey as an Aspiring Author and free lance writer.

Left-field Books


Non-fiction book reviews, psychology, politics, sociology, gender, history.

Doing Dewey


Hi and welcome to Doing Dewey! My name is Katie and I’m a grad student currently working on my PhD in bioinformatics. Other than my increasing interest in reading non-fiction and my lifelong love of fiction books, my hobbies include: photography(mostly when its not so cold out), playing computer games (mostly in the wee hours of the morning), and cooking (mostly sandwiches). The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my attempt to read through the Dewey Decimal system, one book per Dewey Decimal number, a project you can read more about here. I currently post book reviews (fiction as well as non-fiction), share some of my photographs, and participate in a few memes each week. I’ve also been posting about my experiences relating to the books I’m reading, like my visit to cheese club after reading about cheese making (the 637?s). If you’re interested in seeing where my literary adventures take me and learning a few fun facts along the way, please stick around. I’d love to have you PS – You can contact me at DoingDewey [at] gmail.com.



I blog about producing and marketing eBooks. I do book reviews on eBook titles that are notable for their subject matter, use of technology, or unique marketing approach. I also look for books that can help authors and businesses be better digital media publishers.

POD Reduced Author Solutions Growth So No Wonder Penguin Random House Sold It
by David Wogahn over 2 years ago
How to Manage a 99designs Book Cover Contest
by Glen Baslao over 2 years ago

Bats Are Not Bugs


Nonfiction book reviews primarily regarding sports, entertainment, business, and psychology.