UK Mediation


This mediation blog posts about the role of mediation in modern society, what the company that hosts it is up to, and interesting news in the mediation world. It covers topics like when it is correct for companies to use mediation in internal disputes, and how members of parliament consider mediation as a practice.

Mediation Online


Mediation Online speaks to its readers in a frank, direct tone. It doesn't mask its terms in complex jargon, and in a world where mediation information is frequently shrouded, murky, and obscure, this tells us what we need to know briskly. Some of its frequent themes include "MythBusters" style posts about mediation, and careful analysis of changing laws.

Hesketh Mediation


Whether concerned with negotiation or worried about legal complications between two parties, we all have questions that need answering when it comes to seeking mediation. Hesketh mediation takes these questions one at a time and answers them from a highly professional perspective.

What value do Mediators add?
by Philip Hesketh over 2 years ago
One day lad all this will be yours …
by Philip Hesketh almost 3 years ago

Divorce and Mediation Blog


A strong interest of this blogger appears to be gay marriage. This is something of a rarity in the mediation blogging world, and in conjunction with a strong writing style makes this blog a certain point of interest.

Shasta Superior Court Family Judge Gibson Denies Existence of Constitution
almost 4 years ago
Divorce and the Founding Fathers..... :)
over 4 years ago