Arguably America's cultural capital, New York City receives glamorous attention and analysis on this award-winning page. Shakespeare in the Park and the Meatpacking Distract are new post topics.

Women's Philanthropy


Let Bill Gates and Carlos Slim brag among the boys about how much they give. This blog is helping deep-pocketed women get in the giving mood.

Pam's House Blend


Pam's House Blend is a multi-author blog run by Pam Spaulding that focuses on LGBTQ news and commentary. Particularly, the blog runs many series about Don't Ask, Don't Tell as well as other political battles, like marriage equality.

Processes of advantageous gambling affair: good sites for bettors
by Jane Hamsher over 2 years ago
Tips and hints of felicitous gambling experience: ideal guides for players
by Jane Hamsher over 2 years ago

American Catholic Blog


Catholicism, a major religion in America's history, functions as this blog's primary fodder. It's an excellent way to delve into US culture's understanding of religion.

The Last of the Forty Days
by Angela Glassmeyer about 4 years ago
A Lenten Lesson from Traffic Court
by Louise Pare about 4 years ago

Maman Poulet


Maman Poulet, written by Suzy Byrne, is a blog mostly about Irish politics and culture from a progressive--and lesbian perspective. It has a very broad focus, with posts on disability as well as LGBT issues.

What do you call a Former Taoiseach?
by Maman Poulet over 3 years ago
His Excellency on Water and other issues
by Maman Poulet over 3 years ago



Run by straight Melissa McEwan, Shakesville is a collaborative blog with a large and diverse set of writers, including lesbian, trans, and gay bloggers. It focuses on the political and the personal and where they intersect.

The Oscars + Flint
by Melissa McEwan about 2 years ago
Open Thread
by Melissa McEwan about 2 years ago

Chocolate City


Self-reputed to be "the best African American blog," the site covers topics like Sarah Palin and Kim Kardashian through a Black lens. Readers of all colors are encouraged to comment often.

Rosemary Reeves Candidate for Cook County Board Commissioner 3rd District
by Sekle58 about 4 years ago
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Nigerian author wins best fiction for ‘Americanah’
by Sekle58 about 4 years ago

Blog of New Orleans


New Orleans has become internationally regarded as a microcosm of America's struggles and cultural excellence. Readers direct themselves here to stay abreast of the Big Easy's hardships.

Jazz Fest 2014: Photos from Day 2
by Scott Saltzman almost 4 years ago
Saturday at Jazz Fest
by Will Coviello about 4 years ago

The American Muslim


Islam in America, a touchy subject, is covered with finesse and allure here. Blogger Robert, a former Marine, relates a nuanced and intelligent viewpoint to readers.

The Weather Channel Blog


America's extremely diverse weather patterns reflect on its equally unique population details here. Glean info on the country's understanding of climate change and more.

American Red Cross


This blog covers the importance, historical and current, of the Red Cross to America's triage and emergency health. Measles and tornadoes are recent topic points here.

Volunteers Map Fire-Affected Neighborhoods in Chile
by Jenelle Eli about 4 years ago
The Intersection of Work and Volunteering
by Kristiana Almeida about 4 years ago

Change: Economic Justice


This blog covers Americans' stance and tackling of the country's currently dire financial straits. The site excellently covers those arrested for their economically motivated actions.

Imperfect Women


Imperfect Women is a news and information source offering original compelling content and a safe secure place for busy, clever women of all ages a place and right to be heard. Imperfect Women was founded by a diverse group of eight opinionated women whose ages span 4 decades. Our aim is to reach women of a variety of political/social viewpoints and stages in life. Though we do not always agree about politics, religion and life issues, we all respect and value the opinions of other women. We battle the tendency for others to judge mothers, wives and working women against an impossible ideal. We believe each woman’s choices about her life and family should be respected, not vilified. We share one common trait: we are all “works in progress.”

Reebok FuryLite Giveaway
by IW Team Member over 2 years ago
Book Review – Minute Zero by Todd Moss
by Pam@IW over 2 years ago

The Daily Platypus


This is a blog written by a 9 year old which documents news, opinions and general happenings in St. Louis, MO and world-wide.

Lade Ikeji's Blog


For the latest celebrity gossip, top stories about the society's high and mighty, love and relationship talk and #UkwuSaturdays, *wink* then you need to read my blog always. :-)



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