Arguably America's cultural capital, New York City receives glamorous attention and analysis on this award-winning page. Shakespeare in the Park and the Meatpacking Distract are new post topics.

Young Black Starz


Watch out Hollywood -- many of your residents of the future are coming up, and they are young, gifted, and Black.

The Shoe Dish


The Shoe Dish brings you the best of everything from the shoe industry. View what celebrities are wearing, glimpse new collections, read reviews on shoes, follow trends, and more! The Shoe Dish is extensive, so be sure to allow yourself a lot of time when you visit this site.

Sarah Jessica Parker Teams Up with Manolo Blahnik
by Jill over 4 years ago
Dolce Vita ‘Hexen’ Summer Sandal
by Jill over 4 years ago

Women's Philanthropy


Let Bill Gates and Carlos Slim brag among the boys about how much they give. This blog is helping deep-pocketed women get in the giving mood.

WSJ Health


It's the Wall Street Journal and it's news you can use, every day when it comes to health issues of any kind. It offers excellent analysis of the healthcare industry, and issues related to mental health care.

HealthCare.gov Explorer: Decode the Health Law’s Subsidies
by Christopher Weaver over 4 years ago
One Reporter, Four Families, Six Scientists and the Search to Cure a Rare Disease
by Amy Dockser Marcus over 4 years ago



This is the health and wellness blog of the New York Times. Columnist Tara Parker-Pope addresses and reviews topics presented from medical research and experts in the field to help readers live a healthier life.

Turning Your Pet Into a Therapy Dog
by By Jane E. Brody over 2 years ago
Ask Well: Why Daily Weight Lifting Can Be Dangerous
by By Gretchen Reynolds over 2 years ago

Pam's House Blend


Pam's House Blend is a multi-author blog run by Pam Spaulding that focuses on LGBTQ news and commentary. Particularly, the blog runs many series about Don't Ask, Don't Tell as well as other political battles, like marriage equality.

Processes of advantageous gambling affair: good sites for bettors
by Jane Hamsher over 2 years ago
Tips and hints of felicitous gambling experience: ideal guides for players
by Jane Hamsher over 2 years ago

Animal Rights


The Animal Rights blog on About.com is reliably updated regularly, primarily providing information on recent news in the animal rights activism world, changes in animal rights laws, and animal farming. Blogs contain plenty of links to find other sources of animal rights information.

Japan Cautiously Moves Forward with Whaling Plans
about 4 years ago
Rabbits, Chickens, Eggs, and Easter
about 4 years ago

Let's Help Animals


You don't have to roam the continents to save animals. This blog encourages you to do do simply by supporting your local animal shelter.

Stop Animal Abuse


This blog is more news-focused than philosophy focused. Each post provides an update on how people are committing atrocious animal abuses or are bravely fighting injustices. Nearly every post includes video footage.

Geari Animal Rights


The Group for the Education of Animal Related Issues has a blog that puts people in touch with animal rights info. Michael Vick and religious groups are recent topics.

I'm Still Here but GEARI was Hacked. So I've Been Working on Getting it Back Up
by GEARI.ORG almost 4 years ago
The Chinese are the Worst: 2 Quick Actions
by GEARI.ORG about 4 years ago

Atheist Media Blog


The Atheist Media Blog is your daily source of news and video highlighting atheism, atheists, and/or topics that will be of interest to atheists. The blog also features a list of books and websites for learning more about atheism or living one's life as an atheist.

The Islamic State - Vice
by David almost 4 years ago
BBC Panorama: From Jail to Jihad
by Admin almost 4 years ago

The Atheist Experience


The Atheist Experience is a weekly live call-in television show sponsored by the Atheist Community of Austin. Although the names are the same, this is an independently run blog that features contributions from current and former hosts and co-hosts of the show.

Open thread on episode #860: Does religion need suffering?
by heicart about 4 years ago
Camp Quest Texas needs YOU
by Russell Glasser about 4 years ago

Muzzle of Bees


Complete with a delightful mp3 player this blog gives you great posters, reviews and interviews. That's really all we want. Free music and honest work.

Favorite Albums of 2013
by uwmryan over 4 years ago

Indie Music Finds


Indie Music Finds is a devout UK blog that is constantly giving new independent music to your ears. They have a mission, and they have not faltered. Their mission is getting you great indie music, and that's exactly what they've done, well.

Mississippi Atheists


This blog provides information and resources for atheists living in Mississippi. Many of the posts are specific to atheists residing in Mississippi and other states in the south, although some of the information is relevant to atheists in general.

Looks Like Mississippi is Keeping the Confederate Flag
by Jack Vance over 2 years ago
Ask Legislators to Oppose Religious Exemptions for Child Vaccinations (HB 939)
by Jack Vance over 2 years ago

The Atheist Conservative


The Atheist Conservative brings you news, reviews, commentary, and opinions from a team of four writers who are all atheist conservatives. Post cover everything from politics to current affairs to the state of humanity in general.

How “democratic socialism” blighted Scandinavia
by jbecker over 2 years ago
Idiotic promises (or the bs of BS)
by jbecker over 2 years ago



Skepchick is a group of women and one guy who write about science, skepticism, and pseudoscience. The group tackles diverse topics ranging from astronomy and astrology, to psychics and psychology. Curiosity and a challenging of tradition and the "norm" are key characteristics of this blog, and the team leader of Skepchick delivers entertaining ideas on science, atheism, and much more.

Going Dry: How To Talk About Wine Sweetness
by Julia Burke over 2 years ago
Quickies: Goats Breastfeeding Babies, Sexual Harassment in Indie Music, and “Slavery with a Smile”
by Mary over 2 years ago

The Damned


The Damned highlights the most provocative and interesting posts from atheist blogs in one place. If you're looking for a compilation of great debates posited by atheists or skeptics, this is the blog for you.

The Good Atheist


Posts on The Good Atheist bring awareness to various occurrences in the news, media, daily life, and popular culture that demonstrate the problematics of religion. It also highlights atheism and atheists who you may not have previously heard of. The blog also has a podcast for subscribers who choose to pay a 20 dollar annual fee.

Islamic TV: How to beat your wife
by Jacob Fortin about 4 years ago
Ray Comfort calls out Neil deGrasse Tyson
by Jacob Fortin over 4 years ago