Nerd Fitness


"Steve and NerdFitness HAD to go on our top list. After all, how often do you find nerdy fitness instructors with a sense of humor and a wick of wit, knowing that this is what keeps us nerds and geeks on track.

Struggling to Get Fit? Add Potions Before Your Boss Fight.
by Steve over 3 years ago
How to Make Healthy Holiday Sides
by Noel over 3 years ago



BBspot is way up on our top 5 list. It is has it all for geeky nerds. From constructing fabricated techie news briefs, to teaching geeks to meditate, to the classical everyday droll witted nerdy articles. It all wants to make you ROTFL (roll on the floor laughing.)



Come geeky nerds one and all. Welcome to the macabre universe of I-Mockery. We cannot emphasize enough that it is comical and humorous, weird and unusual, and even at times tacky and tasteless but never ever boring and blah.

Time For Another “Movie Fights” Battle!
by -RoG- over 3 years ago
My Latest “Movie Fights” Appearance!
by -RoG- over 3 years ago

Self Deprecate


Self Deprecate blog exhibits Jason Parker's own unique nature of geeky humor. His kind of adventurous comic relief is pure enjoyment. It is sassy, sharp and is not just blah blah blah boring articles. Be sure to check this site out.

Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen Mock Chris Christie with “Born to Run” Cover
by Jason Parker over 4 years ago
Amy Poehler Wins Golden Globe for Best Actress in Parks and Recreation – Video
by Jason Parker over 4 years ago

Geek of the Day


The Geek of the Day blog is chocked full of funny and zestful joking. It certainly parties hardy as it rocks and rolls the geeky humor world with a blend of indulgence and understanding wit. Be sure to catch it daily.

Casino Gamers Are Gamers Too
by TopGeek over 4 years ago
Casinos and their importance in GTA
by TopGeek over 4 years ago

Geek Culture


Nitrozac and Snaggy immerse themselves into their geek blog and request us to sample their nerdy-ness right along with them. Geek Culture indulges us with hilarious humor and illustrious amusement. With gifts like that how can we refuse their invitation?

"Lucy" trailer
by Snaggy over 4 years ago
Woz delivery!
by Snaggy over 4 years ago

Geek Fury


Make no mistake about it - the Geek Fury is definitely a blog that is designed in mind for the geekiest of geeks. Blogging on specific subjects of interests while turning the table and allowing us to find the humorous inner being as well.

Fierce and Nerdy


Ernessa T. Carter is the essence of the Fierce and Nerdy blog. This humorous blog is intense and powerful on one hand and then flips and becomes this amusing, go-with-the-flow joyful site we enjoy dropping in on and hunkering down with.

My Nerd Blog


Nelson calls his blog My Nerd Blog but we tend to believe it is everyone’s nerd blog as his insight indulges us in nerd humor that just oozes and drips in funny and jesting articles that always brings us back for more.

7 Walking Dead Things You (probably) Didn’t Know!
by Nelson over 4 years ago
The Witch and the Hundred Knight – Launch Trailer
by Nelson over 4 years ago



Dave, Drew and DX do their geek’s best to stun, shock and surprise the viewers that romp upon the Revo-emag blog. They rant, they rave, and they spew and sputter. Be it movies, music or all about the mojo. They cover all their bases.



While Mark O’Neill may have serious geeky moments and kindly takes the time to answer some real intense nerd inquires, the funny bone does pop out for some very mirthful and jovial entertaining moments. The MakeUseOf blog is definitely one to make use of.

10 Top Browser Tools To Translate Web Pages
by Dan Price over 2 years ago
Make the Most of Your Body Language for Powerful Benefits
by Bryan Clark over 2 years ago

Once Upon a Geek


Shag portrays himself and his blog Once Upon a Geek as completely and irrevocably incorrigible in all things and manner that pertains to science fiction, super heroes and such with a lighthearted drollness leaning toward TV, movies, comic books and more.



ManWithPez is a nerdy blog that unquestionably renders itself as sharp and edgy with a shot of smartness to those readers that avail themselves to the site. With categories along the way of “Bromance,” “Versus,” and “Hot Nerd Crush and Mancrush” its humor stands on its own.

Topless Robot


Rob Bricken takes his blog Topless Robot to the top with featherlike amusement on topics of interest by way of comics and cartoons, tech and toys and of course a eye-drawing, distinctive category that says it all - “Nerdery.”

Does Anyone Have Brown Eyes in All of Gotham?
about 4 years ago
Tony Stark Shakes Hands with Charles Dickens in These Iron Man Gloves
about 4 years ago

Has Boobs, Reads Comics


There is no doubt about it that Jill Pantozzi struts her stuff in her blog Has Boobs, Reads Comics. While it may not read like Shakespeare or Voltaire, for the nerds and geeks her quaint comic humor still gives it status.

Geeks of Doom


With dabs of drollness the Geeks of Doom blog churns out not just the latest and greatest news but reviews and reviews and reviews. Pick a topic and they review it. There are DVDs, games, movies, music and TV. Oh – and of course comic reviews.

TV Review: The Walking Dead 6.11 “Knots Untie”
by Empress Eve over 2 years ago
Oscars 2016: A Rundown Of The 88th Annual Academy Awards
by Dr. Zaius over 2 years ago

Girl Gone Geek's Blog


Jamila Adel is great, grand and groovy on her Girl Gone Geek’s Blog. With her subtle and one-of-a-kind trademark humor that she imprints on all of her articles and comics including her weekly picks on pictures. We especially enjoyed her ‘Random Geekery” section.

Not Lost in Space: A Love Letter to My Internet & IRL Friends
by girlgonegeek over 2 years ago
Self-Care Tips for fans of Geek Culture
by girlgonegeek over 2 years ago

talk nerdy to me lover


Talk nerdy to me lover is a blog that rings in as being racy, riotous and raucous and not only that but it is unbelieving downright uproarious proving that Jen Friel know how to rite…oh sorry, write. This is one blog that readers need to read.

#OpenLetter: Barbie = less dream house, more little shop of horrors
by Talk Nerdy To Me Lover over 4 years ago
#RealDeal: Single? Taken? Confused? Who cares! Here's a different approach to Valentines day
by Talk Nerdy To Me Lover over 4 years ago

Nerd Bastards


Luke swings into battle with just the headline captions alone with his dry witticism that will no doubt tantalize and tempt the nerd-ish of twits to devour the blog Nerd Bastards articles on movies, movies and movies. Awesome.

Nerdy Bits: Photoshopped Gal Gadot As Wonder Woman, Finger Snapping Mario Theme, Impressive How To Train Your Dragon Cake, And MOAR!!!
by Luke Gallagher about 4 years ago
First Pages from the All-New ‘Amazing Spider-Man #1′ Revealed
by Adam A. Donaldson about 4 years ago

The Kooz Top 5


The Kooz Top 5 is a daily top 5 list covering a wide range of topics; from Star Trek to music, to beer, to things that are annoying about NYC subways. This blog has something for everyone.

New Book!
by noreply@blogger.com (Kooz) about 3 years ago
Top 5 Ways to Write Better Articles
by noreply@blogger.com (Kooz) almost 4 years ago

Velociraptor Hands


Jillian Karger is the author of a plethora of novels--especially if you count the unfinished ones. She enjoys the word "plethora." This is her blog.

Short Post and a Song #93: Très chic
by Jillian Karger almost 3 years ago
Short Post and a Song #92: Victory Litter
by Jillian Karger almost 3 years ago

"Jetpacker" and Other Scoffs


A British comedy blog containing a collection of funny, true stories from my childhood as a struggling geek in the 1980s and 90s. Listed in chronological order starting in the early days of school right through to Sixth Form and beyond... feel free to laugh at my expense!