Indigenous People's Literature Blog


Count on this blog to provide, prolifically and profoundly, a great deal of information on the state of indigenous literature today, with a particular focus on the books and materials of American Indians. Blogger Glenn composes hundreds of posts monthly that examine the lifestyle, political values, and cultural importances of various indigenous peoples throughout the States and the Americas. He expertly places the latest books into the context of existing as primarily niche-driven material.



Blogger Julia writes incendiary and insightful posts on the current state of Indian Country in her eponymous blog page. Literature is an evergreen topic here, as is Hollywood, Capitol Hill, and other American mainstays that have either highlighted or maligned the representation of Native American Culture. Students and others currently in the midst of reading a work by American Indians will appreciate how Julia's knowledge provides up-to-the-minute context and reflection.

Julia Phillips
by julia good fox over 2 years ago
From the Web: The Indian School for Practical Nursing
by julia good fox over 2 years ago

Native Appropriations


Five-hundred page tomes are not the only type of recognized literature: comics, tabloids, newspapers and other less heavy forms of words also qualify. This blog focuses in-depth on the latter variety, spotlighting the grievous abuse and misuse of Native American culture in pop culture and contemporary society. Those who would like to learn how appropriations is a legitimate arena for protest, and not just a wounded-heart soapbox, would be wise to check out this page.

“9 Questions Natives have for White People” and White fragility: That time I was in Buzzfeed videos
by Adrienne K. over 2 years ago
The Next Chapter: #employed
by Adrienne K. over 2 years ago

First Peoples


This blog, concentrated on indigenous studies, provides regular special features for Native Americans' literary scene. They also interview relevant and popular writers.

Cynthia Leitich Smith


This children's author knows how to give focus on works for youngsters that deal with Native themes. It's a great way to introduce children to the Indians' struggle.

Native American Totems


Native American literature can be said to begin with a reverence for the totems into which endlessly deep narratives are etched. Learn about totems' meanings here.

Teachings From Grandmother Moon
by Beverly Two Feathers over 4 years ago
Animal Spirit Medicine From Elk
by Beverly Two Feathers over 4 years ago

The Native American Taoist


This blog steeps its posts into the complex religious beliefs that often inform Native literature. Works from Eastern traditions also will factor in here every now and then.



The peoples of the Fourth World, including Native Americans, are this blog's target audience. The fiery writers frequently discuss their favorite books of the moment.

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Aboriginal Press


Natives of occupied North America, Australia, and South Africa can find tailored book reviews and news coverage here. A sense of righteous pride runs through each post.

Indian Beauties
by cesarsoimah9 about 4 years ago
Hollywood Babe Selena Gomez Gets Fucked Fake Pics
by cesarsoimah9 about 4 years ago

the sad red earth


A photographer and writer, after having taken an inspiring road trip, launched this blog to return the focus to the Natives they encountered. Opinion pieces on new literature appear here often.

The Third Narrative: Not So Third, Not a Narrative, Not New
by A. Jay Adler about 4 years ago
Ave Atque Vale
by A. Jay Adler about 4 years ago

Native American Blog on Just About Everything


This up-and-coming Native writer blogs on, well, anything of great relevance to indigenous writing. That she brings a Sioux Women's perspective adds to the pleasure.

Native American Netroots


Food, literature, marriage and more comprise some of this Native blog's varied focuses. There's an emphasis on blogging about pre-Columbus history too.

American Folklore


Enjoy an assemblage of the most popular myths and folk tales in the Native tradition here. Each story utilizes a grand feel that references the beauty of nature.

Brer Bear’s Big House
by schlsa over 3 years ago
Prison Break
by schlsa over 3 years ago