Poe's Deadly Daughters


A characteristic particularly associated with mystery novel blogs is the phenomenon of collective authorship. Several mystery writers will gather together and take turns writing posts for the same site. Of the multiple-author mystery blogs out there, Poe's Deadly Daughters stands out for its diversity and breadth of content.

So Long and Au Revoir from Poe's Deadly Daughters
by Elizabeth Zelvin over 4 years ago
Ave atque Vale
by Sheila Connolly over 4 years ago

Literaturely Speaking


This cleverly titled blog focuses on the paranormal branch of the mystery literature community. Blogger Breia conveys a serious reader's sensitivity and perception in her photo's gaze, and those same qualities filter throughout her posts here. Her criticism is not restricted to books alone; she occasionally proffers a review of a film that's caught her attention. Readers who want to latest news on the best in mystery lit should try to keep up with this blog's ardor.

Deryn Collier Mystery Novel Blog


If you're interested in the mystery subset of crime fiction, this is a fine site to visit. It provides a ton of tips on how you yourself can write your own mysteries.

Retired blogger
by deryncollier over 4 years ago

Laurie R. King


Blogger Laurie has earned a sizable following for her adventuresome writing of mysteries. Budding writers can learn a ton of technique from her savvy.

Newsletter giveaway
by Laurie King over 3 years ago
Larceny in the Library
by Laurie King over 3 years ago

Graveyard Shift


A veteran police investigator brings authenticity and focus to the crime scene blog community here. His expertise is especially valuable when evaluating TV crime.

Cop, Crook, and Street Slang
by Lee Lofland about 4 years ago
by Lee Lofland about 4 years ago

Myth and Mystery


Author and blogger Rick has accrued a lot of praise for his Tres Navarre mysteries. Young readers and writers can fuel their love for the genre here.

Vikings in Times Square
by Rick Riordan over 2 years ago
Rick's Recent Reads for February
by Rick Riordan over 2 years ago

Getting Medieval


When looking to craft great modern stories, it can be helpful to look to the past for inspiration. Blogger Jeri steeps herself and her readers in history here.

LA Times Festival of Books 2014 Sunday and Last Day
by Westerson about 4 years ago
LA Times Festival of Books 2014 Saturday
by Westerson about 4 years ago

Norman Green


Norman Green is a great mystery writer who focuses on the milieu of crime and intrigue. His blog lets readers in on the inner workings of his process.

by Norman Green almost 4 years ago
by Norman Green almost 4 years ago

Mystery of a Shrinking Violet


Blogger Barbara highlights her latest writings on her personal blog page. And she also makes sure to include honest portraits of the writer's life.

Terry's Place


Terry keeps it real about the real peaks and valleys of writing in the mystery genre. She also stages sweet contests to reward her readers.

Mystery Trivia


This blog lets you have a snippet of a mystery anecdote to stoke your expertise in cryptic narrative. Even those who don't will find this site a treat.

Plant Your ‘Aha’ Clue Early
by mysterytrivia over 3 years ago
Plant Your ‘Aha’ Clue Early
by mysterytrivia over 3 years ago

Wendy Roberts


Mystery writer Wendy whips up tale after thrilling tale in both her novels and her blog here. Green thumbs to the genre can glean quite a bit here.

Grounds to Kill is on sale!
by Wendy Roberts over 2 years ago
Happy Halloween
by Wendy Roberts over 2 years ago

The Crimes of Austin Carr


Austin uses crime fiction, redheads, and so much more to provide sundry inspiration for his site. He's recently drummed up a $1,000 cash prize for game writers.

Redhead of the Week Calls Badlands Home
by Jack Getze over 2 years ago
TFA Sneaks into Fancy Party
by Jack Getze over 2 years ago

The Rap Sheet


Distinguished crime fiction is dissected with an emphasis on uncovering each work's long-term worth here. A Seattle journalist helms the site and curates the selection.

A Right to Leftys
by noreply@blogger.com (J. Kingston Pierce) about 2 years ago
Of Boosts and Blunders
by noreply@blogger.com (J. Kingston Pierce) about 2 years ago

One Woman Crime Wave


It takes only one inspired lady to launch a tsunami of great crime writing. Read here how Vicky lands a wipeout every time.

What's new and LCC
by Vicki Delany over 2 years ago
Haitian Graves
by Vicki Delany almost 3 years ago

Mystery Bookshelf


Blogger Violette is a consummate pro at reviewing and critiquing the best and worst of new crime and mystery writing. Let her opinion influence your next book purchase.

Portable Vaporizers
by Christy Bacon over 4 years ago