Mysterious Reviews


Who can resist a good mystery? Certainly not the bloggers at Mysterious Reviews. In partnership with the Hidden Staircase Mystery Books (www.omnimystery.com), this blog is committed to providing readers and collectors of mysteries with the best and most current information available on the genre. This is a slick looking but professional blog that posts fairly objective reviews about books from every mystery sub-genre.



Bookshelved is a book blog that mainly reviews mystery, thriller and suspense books.

The Book Addict's Guide


A self-proclaimed book addict's review and suggestions - Mostly mystery/cozy mystery, YA, dystopia, and chick lit as my favorite genres, but the possibilites are endless!

The Bands of Mourning (Mistborn #6) – Brandon Sanderson
by Brittany about 2 years ago
Burning Midnight – Will McIntosh
by Brittany about 2 years ago

Sojourn in the Ether


Reviews of mystery, romance, thrillers and action adventure books. Information about self-publishing and ebooks. Also features books published by Sunset over Peconic Books.

Original Acoustic Song: Hurricane Warning
by Barry Terenna over 3 years ago
Original Acoustic Song: Twilight
by Barry Terenna over 3 years ago

Read Books


Some book that I have read at school. I mostly read mystery.

Mystery Girl on the Train


A mystery novel book review blog written by a dedicated mystery fan who always enjoys trying to work out 'whodunnit'... to varying degrees of success.

The Daughter of Time - Josephine Tey
by mystery girl on the train over 4 years ago

Second Glance Book Reviews Presents:


A blog of book reviews on older crime, mystery, thriller, books, book quotes, and perhaps a surprise or two thrown in for good measure.

Mystery Sequels


Mystery Sequels is a resource site for all mystery, thriller and suspense book lovers who enjoy reading the books in order. Reviewing books, taking part in book tours and musing about books is what this site is all about.

Interview with Book Author Dietrich Kalteis
by Mystery Sequels almost 4 years ago
If Snow Hadn’t Fallen by S. J. Bolton (Lacey Flint #1.5)
by Mystery Sequels almost 4 years ago

Mysteries Etcetera


A blog for reviewing and discussing mystery books, especially those within the cozy sub-genre. Both self-published and traditionally published authors are happily accepted. There will also be interviews, giveaways, and other fun stuff :)