The Jas Obrecht Music Archive


Written by one the Internets most revered critics, Mr. Obrecht; music lovers of any genre would heed his opinion.

Retro Remixes


Retro Remixes is the best old-school music blog on the net. Spinning your favorite Pop, New Wave, Dance & R&B Remixes.

British Music


Recalling the popular British music of the 1970s. From glam rock to punk rock and everything in between.

The Ultimate 1950's Music Site


Our goal is to promote the music of the 1950s. We provide song reviews, biographies of popular artists, and articles related to music in the 1950s. We also take articles submissions.

Faithfull Forever


Faithfull Forever is a blog dedicated to the British singer, songwriter and actress Marianne Faithfull. The focus lies on rare photos, but news and original features are posted as well.

2000's music


2000's music doesn't seems to be thát popular (yet). So that's why I made this blog full of the best 00's songs. From songs like 'Can't get you out of my head' from Kylie Minogue to 'Dani California' from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Every aspect and genre of the 00's is covered. (I even added Soulja Boy to the blog!) I am open to suggestions, so I made a request page to request your favorite song from the 00's!