The Rambler


The Rambler touches on many different aspects of music. The blog owner, Tim Rutherford-Johnson offers reviews of various music and is also a writer himself.

Help crowdfund volume of David Burge’s writings
by Tim Rutherford-Johnson over 2 years ago
Martin Arnold in London this week
by Tim Rutherford-Johnson over 2 years ago

2'23" - Musicology, Politics, Whatever Else


One thing is clear when reading 2'23" is the writer of the blog is very unique. The blog sets out to give you a good feel of not just music, but also the politics and many other topics are shared on this blog. It's not a dumping ground by any means; somehow it flows and makes you think about music and other life events in a whole new way.

Taruskin's Klinghoffer
by PMG over 3 years ago
Classical Music is Undead
by PMG over 4 years ago



This blog offers a lot of information on various forms of music along with pulling from other blog sources, which makes it a unique blog. It also offers resources for those looking for music education.

I Have A Little Dreydl- Free Sheet Music And Lyrics
by criswell@musicedmagic.com (Chad Criswell) over 4 years ago
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star- Free Sheet Music
by criswell@musicedmagic.com (Chad Criswell) over 4 years ago

NC Music History Dot Com


This blog is dedicated to the music of the 1960's through the 1990's. If you were a fan of this music, then this blog is definitely for you. The blog offers various music clips and interesting reading concerning the artists.



If you have not heard of ethno-musicologist, check out this blog where the bloggers give you everything you could ever want to know about this type of music. Well organized blog with lots of great information and sound clips.

Where’d the Beef?
by wayneandwax over 4 years ago
Montage Is the Method: Migos Flow Edition
by wayneandwax over 4 years ago

Frances Wilson's Piano Studio


A blog for piano students, piano teachers and piano enthusiasts, written by a pianist and piano teacher. Posts on repertoire, technique, exams, performance and more. Soundclips and videos. Links to other resources. Regularly updated.

Dulwich Piano Festival 2014
by Cross-Eyed Pianist over 4 years ago
New Piano Techniques app from ‘Pianist’ Magazine
by Cross-Eyed Pianist over 4 years ago



Blog run by an Ethnomusicology major and composer at UCLA. Mixolydianblog is dedicated to music, in whatever capacity it exists in (in the United States, around the world, sociopolitical issues surrounding music, music that has not been noticed by the masses etc.).

Shinobi Ninja-“Bang Bang”
by Derek Kortepeter over 2 years ago
Interview with Duke Sims of Shinobi Ninja
by Derek Kortepeter over 2 years ago

Beautiful Song of the Week


Features a new "beautiful song" each week, with humorous analysis of what makes it beautiful, plus a recommended listening activity. New music, old music, all genres.

Week 204: “Sarah’s Song” by David Downing
by admin over 4 years ago
Week 203: “Something In The Way” by Nirvana
by admin over 4 years ago

She's Pretty Good For A Girl


It’s difficult for women at every stage of becoming a musician. There’s not enough role models, and the female musicians who are visible are usually airbrushed and pouting on the covers of magazines and album covers, making young girls feel that they have to sexualise themselves to get anywhere. If they do make it in to the local music shop they can expect to be patronised by the male staff, and then when they form a band, they end up forever playing lower down the bill while male bands headline. The purpose of this project is to highlight the amount of sexist crap the average female-identified musician has to go through, by letting them tell their own stories. We’re still looking for musicians (of all genders) to interview, so if you’re interested, get in touch!

Memorising Music


A blog exploring how musicians memorise music

Uncle E's Musical Nightmares


A music snobs music blog, with a sense of humor.



Monday's Music Moves Me and I'm head conductor of this Musical train. There are also some posts in review of the Designated Riders a Classic Rock & Blues band. Come join me and my friends ROCK THE HOUSE!

Who are they?
by Marie Moody over 2 years ago
An e-mail sent to me from my friend in Arkansas! Mar-gate Shell Grotto...Amazing
by Marie Moody over 2 years ago

Thinking in Sound


A blog about Music Education and the Kodály Method

Music Row Girl


Music Row Girl: Biased Music News is a blog based out of "Music City" AKA Nashville, TN. My blog aims to report on the most exciting music news story of the day in my creative, witty writing style. My blog promises to be informative, fun, and easy to read. What differentiates my blog from other music news sources is its references to past events in order to create linkages to current news in an exciting way.