What's the best city for jazz in the world? Chicago, San Francisco, and New York can all make impressively strong bids for the title. But a little town known as London also, surprisingly, has become a Mecca for legends and up-and-comers alike. LondonJazz will sway the naysayers into agreement that the Big Smoke's jazz scene is quite a big deal. Local musicians and concerts are rampantly spotlighted, as are the best players to hop into London for a gig or two.

CD Review: Emilia Mårtensson- Ana
by The LondonJazz site over 4 years ago
Review - on its way: Spring Quartet at the Barbican (Jack DeJohnette, Joe Lovano, Esperanza Spalding, Leo Genovese)
by The LondonJazz site over 4 years ago

Amber Waves of Twang


Amber Waves of Twang covers mostly alternative country and folk music, but they have more than good things to offer. This blogger's music selection has sounds that take you back as well as make you feel fresh.

Seattle Subsonic


Keep track of what's hot and steamy in rainy Seattle's sound scene here. The writers enjoy drawing your attention to promising new acts.

Triangle Music


Charleston, North Carolina finds a music blog all its own here. The site caters to fans of all the main styles of the area: rock, country, soul, and more.

Boyz II Men to play with NC Symphony again in June
by Kevin over 3 years ago
The Dodos announce new album 'Individ,' winter tour
by Kevin over 3 years ago



Tired of hearing nothing but news about New York music? Hitchhike up North and take in the fresher, more expansive rhythms of Toronto's community here.

The Best Cooking Classes in Toronto
by Liora Ipsum over 2 years ago
Toronto could get a big snow storm tomorrow
by Amy Grief over 2 years ago

From Beyond the Stave


We liked this blog for many reasons, first, it is blog dedicated to classical music, so if you are a fan of classical this is right up your alley. Secondly, the blog also reviews different books concerning classical music. It is written very well, updated regularly, and it has lots of great information.

Night After Night


Steve Smith offers reviews of various musicians performing in New York City. He offers music clips and reviews, which makes it very interesting reading, especially if you live in the NYC area.

by NightAfterNight over 2 years ago
Live review: Coheed & Cambria, House of Blues, Feb. 22, 2016
by NightAfterNight over 2 years ago

Pretty Much Amazing


Great blog that concerns itself with various music news and scenes. It welcomes many contributors to send their music directly to the blog owners that is original and they will review it.

Andrew Bird Shares Fiona Apple Duet "Left Handed Kisses"
by Pretty Much Amazing over 2 years ago
Stream Charli XCX's Sophie-Produced 'Vroom Vroom' EP
by Pretty Much Amazing over 2 years ago

Uncommon Music


This blog does not give critical reviews of artists, but they upload various concerts that they love and share it with their readers. They do give concert reviews, but they are not critical, therefore, take a peek at this wonderful blog about various types of music and you'll see how uplifting it is.

Jeff Rosenstock’s Tour Van Burglarized in San Francisco
by Carolyn O'Hara over 2 years ago
Beers with Jeff Rosenstock
by Carolyn O'Hara over 2 years ago

graymonster music


graymonster music focuses on reviewing and recommending quality music, old and new, so you can enjoy life more. Music styles featured include (but are not limited to!): Indie, classical (especially baroque), electronic, hip hop, oldies, ambient, classic rock, old-timey country, jazz, and most of what exists in between. I also write about using sound for healing, different recording techniques, and concerts.

One Love Rock


Reggae Rock & Related Music Blog with Albums, Videos, Shows

Guitar Town


give information about music reviews

Original Music Reviews


ORIGINAL MUSIC REVIEWS & Music Business Advice for ALL Unsigned & Indie Bands, Groups, Musicians, Singers, Songwriters. All Music FANS who love Original Music are welcome. Discovering Tomorrow's New Music, Today. www.OriginalMusicReviews.BlogSpot.com

by ORIGINAL MUSIC REVIEWS about 4 years ago
April 2014 Submissions
by ORIGINAL MUSIC REVIEWS over 4 years ago

Good Tunes for Good People


Good Tunes for Good People is a blog that posts video and audio posts of songs several times everyday. Looking for variety with a simple interface? Check it out. I also enjoy doing special feature posts for musicians who contact me. Looking to get your music out there? Want a review done? Send me a message and I'll make sure to give you some awesome promotion.

The Mills Brothers - Paper DollFrom the Lawrence Welk Show,...
by kaitlinz0rz over 2 years ago
I listen to this once and it’s stuck in my head for the rest of...
by kaitlinz0rz about 3 years ago



"liberating my downloads one track at a time" - it's all very well having over 5,000 tracks in my iTunes library but actually listen to any of it? Surely not. This is me becoming reacquainted with my vast music collection and enjoying every minute of it.

“For hearts and for minds….
by Liz over 2 years ago
What a party piece!
by Liz over 2 years ago