I Guess I'm Floating


These guys provide fabulous song/album/artist reviews. Their witty remarks and passionate reviews will make yearn for more. Plus you can never go wrong with mixtapes!

You Ain't No Picasso


This blogger goes above and beyond. They not only listen to music they go to concerts to bring you their true reviews on what you're listening to. With reviwes and interviews they give you what real scoop.

[mp3] My Morning Jacket: “Hungry Heart” (Bruce Springsteen)
by Matt over 4 years ago
You Ain’t No Picasso’s Favorite Concerts of 2013
by Matt over 4 years ago



Their number one goal is give the best and widest selection of alternative mp3s. A one stop shop sort of deal. You don't want to miss this.

Skye Steele
by todd about 4 years ago
Silver Dapple
by todd about 4 years ago

Deaf Indie Elephants


Need music from a global perspective? This Venezuelan blog is here just to do that. They have great music selections and reviews on world wide underground tunes.



Suppporting artists and writing for days this New York aborigine supplies endless amounts of mp3s and reviews. Although they have a very high level of self-esteem you should still at least check them.

They Love Their Movies
by Matthew about 4 years ago
Let’s Keep The Secret
by Matthew about 4 years ago

Said the Gramophone


This blog's focus in on their pure love for music. Everything they post and review is out of their passion for sharing what they love. So come here to get in touch with your softer side.

The Garden
by Emma over 2 years ago
Neu Snowplow
by Mitz over 2 years ago

Indie Muse


Indie Muse is dedicated to getting you the sounds of the underground. Come here to get music that you will keep in your ipods for fabulous playlists and parties.

EDM Tracks


Hot tracks, articles, and info regarding many different genres of electronic dance music (EDM). Links to fresh tracks from the biggest artists as well as lesser known artists in a variety of areas. Check it out.



BrainShutDown is a music blog streamlined to bring you the the latest and best from the music scene around the world. We discover and feature daily updates of genuine up and coming artists across all genres that truly deserves to be shared.



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Want to take over and run FromDJs4DJs.com?
by FromDJs4DJs A-Team almost 4 years ago
Fehrplay Set To Invade NYC’s Cielo This Friday
by Upper West over 4 years ago

Milktoast Music Blog


Milktoast Music, the distributor and biggest fan of the strange and melodic. Original home of "The Masters of Space Opera", and official record label of The Mighty Order of Milktoast. Shine on proud unicorn...