Greenleaf, an independent music retailer with a special affinity for the jazz scene, maintains this blog that concentrates on celebrating the artists that make the music pop. Dave, the blog's writer, is himself an acclaimed composer and trumpeter. This makes his sympathy for the men and women behind the notes is all the more credible.

“Present Joys” Roundup
by Emily about 4 years ago
Dave Douglas and Uri Caine Record First Duo Album, “Present Joys”
by Emily about 4 years ago

Armwoood Jazz Blog


As "an Atlanta-based [source of] opinionated commentary on jazz," this site should be popular with those who agree that all jazz MUST swing.

Last Stop on the 4 Train (Jackie McLean) Part 1
by John Armwood almost 4 years ago
▶ Duke Ellington Solo Piano Concert - Australia 1970
by John Armwood about 4 years ago



Do you know Toni Harper? Cab Calloway? How about Clifford Brown? True jazz fans and purists know these major figures by heart. If you're looking to earn your sea legs in the jazz scene, this is an essential site to bookmark and follow closely. Very frequently, blogger Marc composes a comprehensive and knowledge-packed post that will get you up to speed on familiarizing yourself with jazz's notable figures besides, for instance, Miles, Ella, and Billie.

Between Jazz and Rock 'n' Roll
by Marc Myers over 3 years ago
Voices of Doo-Wop
by Marc Myers over 3 years ago

The Wonderful World of Satchmo


Quick quiz: Satchmo is the loving sobriquet for which jazz legend? You're right on the money if you answered Louis Armstrong. This blog is devoted to chronicling Armstrong's genius and prolific career right down to the minutiae of his musical catalogue. If you feel like Satchmo couldn't possibly provide enough fodder to generate an interesting and zest-filled blog page, you're one of this site's ideal readers.

Here and Now (And Looking Ahead to the Mosaic Set!)
by Ricky Riccardi over 4 years ago
Happy 95th Birthday to George Avakian!!
by Ricky Riccardi over 4 years ago

Swing, Jazz, and Blues


Blogger Henrik has carved out a well-reputed niche for himself and his blog, both of which are dedicated to getting the word out on the best and most swinging tunes and artists in the blues dance community. Though he's from Scandinavia, Henrik writes as if he grew up in the Latin Quarter of New Orleans. Readers will find their feet tapping spontaneously as they read the jaunty posts on offer here. The perfect bookmark-able blog for real blues fans.

Jacob's Jazz Page


This is an excellent site for beginners and old timers alike in the jazz world to keep updated and informed. There's an emphasis on respecting the classics here.

All About Jazz


This is one of the more comprehensive jazz pages around. Turn here when you're looking for great session reviews and sharp viewpoints on the jazz scene overall.

Russell Malone: Guitar Master
by R.J. DeLuke over 2 years ago
Chris Potter Quartet at Village Vanguard
by Tyran Grillo over 2 years ago

Jazz Inside


This site is famed for its great collection of interviews with important figures in the jazz world. Sonny Rollins and Kevin Eubanks were all recently featured.

bebop spoken here


Take an understanding of sha-la-pop-doo-be-doo -- aka, scatting -- with this blog page. The coverage of the modern-day jazz sphere is really stunning here.

Jazz Record Requests Pays Tribute to the late Horace Silver
by Lance about 4 years ago
Rest In Peace Horace Silver
by Lance about 4 years ago

Brilliant Corners


This blog looks to boost the profile of the jazz scene currently flourishing in Boston, Mass. It proves that the New England town of note has real groove worth seeking out.

Songs That Deeply Move
by Steve Provizer over 3 years ago
Talking With, Listening to Sheila Jordan
by Steve Provizer over 3 years ago

Riffs on Jazz


This self-professed jazz aficionado uses his page to voice his myriad and charmingly rambling ideas and thoughts on the music. We love his dedication to jazz history.

Let's Cool One


Larry, a music specialist working for the Library of Congress, lends authority and substance to the jazz blog world here. Anticipate thoughtful anecdotes galore here.

Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival Panel
by Larry Appelbaum over 2 years ago
Jazz Singers Exhibit
by Larry Appelbaum over 2 years ago

Night Lights


This jazz blog is patroned by Indiana Public Media and determines to augment the visibility of classic jazz. The recent feature on Langston Hughes' songbook sizzles.

Hot House


Anyone at all seasoned in the jazz community knows how contentious jazz critics can be against one another's views. Enter the jazz critic crucible here.

Sound Prints
by David Hill over 3 years ago
Ahmad's Blues
by David Hill over 3 years ago



This blog fuses two loves: great jazz, and loving photography. Therefore, readers are in for feasts of both sight and sound when they visit, and likely get hooked on it all.

Faye Carol Interview with Wanda Sabir – BlogTalkRadio.com
by James over 4 years ago
Deniece Williams @ Yoshi’s San Francisco
by James over 4 years ago



JazzTimes is often cited as one of the preeminent jazz publications today. Visit its page here, and let the insightful articles and reviews show you exactly why that is.

Bobby Hutcherson Returns to Blue Note Records - News
by Jeff Tamarkin over 4 years ago
Med Flory, Alto Saxophonist, Dies at 87 - News
by Jeff Tamarkin over 4 years ago

Jazz Profiles


Come here to learn about a notable jazz figure on a regular basis. Chick Corea, Mundell Lowe, and Orrin Keepnews have received brilliant and prolific features of late.

Dich Haymes by Bobby Scott
by Jazz Profiles over 3 years ago
Oscar Peterson - The Canadiana Suite
by Jazz Profiles over 3 years ago

Take the "A" Train


Anyone who doesn't know the classic jazz standard of this blog's title ought to start reading this page immediately. It's excellent at delivering remedial jazz education.

Photoset: Dizzy Gillespie at Fort Belvedere, 1963
by Ehsan Khoshbakht over 2 years ago
In Memoriam: Michael Clifton (1956-2015)
by Ehsan Khoshbakht over 2 years ago

Boogie Woogie Flu


Blogger Ted makes it clear that once you're hooked on blues music and dance, you're hooked for good. Visiting his site only helps the blues virus to stick to your ribs.

Seven Years in Fluville
by Ted Barron over 4 years ago
Hanukkah in Santa Monica
by Ted Barron over 4 years ago

Freedom Jazz Dance


The best and most exciting of current jazz and blues dance trends pops up here often. The blog introduces you to many blues gems, in addition.

Big Band Blog


One of the mainstays of blues dancing in its heyday was the big band. Learn what a thrill it is to feel the brass section energize you from this page.

We’ve been busy, busy… Bassey!
by docmacari over 2 years ago
Trumpet star to guest with SNC at Brighton Fringe
by docmacari over 2 years ago