Difrent is an example how music can often create change. Find out about what hip hop greats like John Legend and the Roots think about youth empowerment and social change on this blog.



Want to keep up on what's hot in hip hop? Then check in with BuckMarleyXXX because this blog keeps up with what's coming out as it's happening.



Check in with 2dopeboyz to keep up with hip hop related news--guest performances on late night shows, upcoming albums and tours, and new collaborations are all featured on this blog.

The Weeknd Performs "Earned It" At 2016 Oscars
by JES7 over 2 years ago
Tribe GVNG - "Play" (Video) f. Metta Cvse & Blonco
by JES7 over 2 years ago

Blatantly Blunt


This blog features hip hop news and updates from London.

Pocket Full of Paper


Pocket Full of Paper infuses new music reviews with social awareness and relevant news outside of the hip hop world.

Blood Orange - “Palo Alto”
about 4 years ago
Future - “I Be U”
about 4 years ago

Slang Rap Democracy


Want to keep track of what 'old school' artists like Redman, Mos Def, and Wu-tang crew are up to? Then check out Slang Rap Democracy for updates as well as new music reviews.

Davey-D's Hip Hop Corner


If you want to get a hip hop perspective on the news and happenings in the world, come to Davey D's Hip Hop Corner. Wisdom, music, and a critical reading of the news, what more could you want from a blog?

Madlines: Talks About New Album ‘Love Child’ & Transitioning to the Bay Area
by mrDaveyd about 4 years ago
Jasiri X: Raising the Flag & Using Music as a Weapon to Fight Oppression
by mrDaveyd about 4 years ago

Fake Shore Drive


This blog has won several accolades from prestigious music publications, so it comes highly recommended by those in the industry. Check out their mixtape collections for a good selection of music, mostly coming out of the Chicago music scene.

Chief Keef – Randy Moss
by Andrew Barber over 3 years ago
Live Stream: Kanye West Live @ A (RED) THANK YOU In NYC
by Ty Howard over 3 years ago

99 problems


This blog combines social commentary with music reviews and news and is run by a youth fund promoting youth education. So if you want a young and socially aware point of view check out 99 problems.

Political Quick Hits: April 11th Edition
by Justin Burkhardt over 4 years ago
Political Quick Hits: April 4th Edition
by Justin Burkhardt over 4 years ago

No Warning Shots Fired!


This blog sets itself apart because it doesn't deal with music except in the broad cultural influences on hip hop and rap. So if you want interesting and new ways of thinking about music check out No Warning Shots Fired!

Call for Black Power on MLK Day
by noreply@blogger.com (No Warning Shots Fired !) over 2 years ago
Books or Bullets
by noreply@blogger.com (No Warning Shots Fired !) over 2 years ago

The Smash!


The Smash offers critical commentary on the music industry in a funny and lively tone. This blogger also scours the web for some premium and hilarious hip hop related youtube videos!

by Michelle S. over 3 years ago
by Michelle S. over 3 years ago



How cool is a weekly take on the national news rapped over sick beats? Yes, rapper Jasiri X does just that on his blog RealTalkXpress. So if you're sick of dull and boring news reports you should definitely take a look at this blog!

Can't Stop Won't Stop


Want some opinions on race, hip hop, and copyright law? How about book reviews and social commentary? If this appeals to you, then take a look at Jeff Chang's Can't Stop Won't Stop for an intellectual take on contemporary hip hop culture.

Who We Be + N+1=Summer Reading For You
by Jeff Chang about 4 years ago

The Interludes


Classy graphics accompany intelligently written pieces on cultural movements and trends in rap and hip hop. The bloggers of the Interludes consider their posts to be social documentation of the current music climate and each post is accompanied by a downloadable mix.



WayUpHere is a music website that aims to highlight up and coming artists in the industry. We also strive to bring up to the minute music news, singles, and videos.

The Lonely Island - HUGS ft. Pharrell & Tatiana Maslany (Music Video)
about 4 years ago
Lil Wayne – D’usse
about 4 years ago

Swagged Hip Hop


Hip Hop Music, Videos, Mixtapes, Quotes and More



Hip Hop Downloads, Gossip, Videos, Big Booty Honeys, Bookmark us we got that fire! - This site is about hip hop, rap, news, gossip and big booty hoes.

Room 187


This site covers everything from music, to news, videos and sports.