Obscure Sound


This blog is loaded with mp3s. They have so much love for their music and reviews, you'll get excited. You won't be able to help yourself.

Pin Tweaks – “Girl on the Wire”
by Mike Mineo almost 4 years ago
The Healing – “Childhood Home”
by Mike Mineo almost 4 years ago

The Walrus


A Philadelphia-based music blog written that focuses on all music, new and old, with an indie flair.

HearYa -- Indie Music Blog


If you're getting tired of looking for new music but hate cutting through all the crap, then visit this blog; they Hear Ya. You'll get a little bit of everything here from daily downloads to live recordings.

The Moondoggies – Stop Signs [music video]
by oz@hearya.com almost 4 years ago
Christopher Denny – If The Roses Don’t Kill Us [album review]
by oz@hearya.com almost 4 years ago

Sound on the Sound


First, the grunge music movement brought the Northwestern city a ton of attention. Then Starbucks turned into a caffeinated star with plenty of foam for the masses. Now Seattle once again launches a healthy bout for American musical supremacy, and Sound on the Sound is there to capture every punch and jab. Get the first word anywhere on the newest and freshest talent coming from Seattle and the other terrific Northwest states here.

Timber! 2014
by Josh Lovseth over 4 years ago
“We Got the Team” – The Seattle Football Team Song
by Josh Lovseth over 4 years ago

Nialler9 Music Blog


This blog's excellent helmsman "has been enthusing about the music he loves whether it be indie, electronica, hip-hop, folk, dubstep. Whatever – as long as it’s good."

Download Jeremih’s smooth N.O.M.A. mixtape
by Nialler9 almost 4 years ago
Listen to Adebisi Shank’s whizz-bang third album
by Nialler9 almost 4 years ago

Left as Rain


This is one of the more modern-feeling music blogs that opens with a new song of the moment that's worth your listening.

The Audio Muffin


The Audio Muffin focuses on posting as much new and fresh music as possible for its loyal and lyric-hungry visitors.

Sexy Jews Spending George’s Money
by audiomuffin over 4 years ago
FKA twigs
by Betsy Moyer over 4 years ago

Post Punk Tumblr


If you can special cravings for 80's punk tunes and more, then come visit this blog. They will teach you everything you need to know about the post punk music era and more.

hippriestess: Curiosities of The Fall - No 10 of 15(ish) -...
over 4 years ago
oneweekoneband: New Puritan (Peel Session, 1980) (Youtube) I...
over 4 years ago

Apes for Indie


This blog provides very rare alternative country releases. They pride themselves on getting to point in their entries and reviews. They blog solely for the benefit of the musicians and their readers.

Cover Lay Down


Cover Lay Down is a blog dedicated to bringing in more listeners to their favorite genre of music, folk. They do this by finding folk covers of other pupular songs to reel you in and then give what you'll need to keep exploring the fascinating world of folk music.

(Re)Covered In Folk: Tom Petty (16 more transformations in tribute to a truly American songbook)
by boyhowdy over 2 years ago
(Re)Covered: New coverage from old friends Chris Stapleton, Eli West, Scott Warren, Chris Bell, Ben Sollee & more!
by boyhowdy over 2 years ago

The KEXP Blog


One of Seattle's loudest and proudest radio stations takes a break from the airwaves and hits the blogosphere. The Smiths and Ezra Kroenig are recent features.

Music That Matters Podcast: Commit Things To Memory
by KEXP over 4 years ago
Friday on My Mind - Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
by John Richards over 4 years ago



Matt's blog is the tale of two local music scenes. He concentrates on both Seattle and Chicago.

Beijing Gig Blog


This is a blog about Chinese indie rock and gig-going in the city of Beijing. This is what you get for running a gig guide website, I guess.



Toronto can be chilly in terms of temperature. But this local music site shows that all's warm and loose when it comes to the neighborhood scene.

The heat death of a music blog
by Frank Yang over 4 years ago
Colin Stetson leads lineup for Wavelength 14
by Frank Yang over 4 years ago

Van Music


Vancouver's music community earns the glamour blog treatment here. The freshest and most worthwhile acts playing in town will post notice here first.

by Jordan over 4 years ago
宇宙コンビニ (Uchu Conbini)
by Jordan over 4 years ago

The OCMD - Obsessive-Compulsive Music Disorder


The bloggers are definitely obsessed when it comes to music. They scour the Internet looking for various music clippings they can post on their blog for the readers. This is a fun and hip blog that we think you will enjoy.

Indierockgirl Radio // Vol 34 – The Best of 2015…so far
by theocmd@gmail.com almost 3 years ago
Indierockgirl Radio// Vol 34 – The Best of 2015…so far!
by theocmd@gmail.com almost 3 years ago

Olivia Blue Music


Aloha! I'm an Army wife/singer/songwriter on Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. Most of the music on this site was recorded and produced in my home studio. I’m a self-taught “newbie” learning the ropes of music production, and I'm having a blast! Thanks so much for allowing me to share my music with you.... :)

Guitar Trump


This blog is constantly releasing cool interviews from some of the hottest Indie bands out there! Discover new music, learn about awesome bands/artists that are steadily become famous, and enter giveaways featuring rockin' band goodies!

Free Blues Guitar Theory Guide from GuitarMasterClass.net
by Alex over 4 years ago
New Gear: Marshall Doctor Who TARDIS Amp Stack
by Alex over 4 years ago

Absentminded Scientist


An eccentric mix of the best Indie/Unsigned music and great books, this blog will satisfy your literary as well as musical cravings.

Indie Wiretap


Immersed in the indie subculture, offering a second opinion to the almighty Pitchfork. Yelling about the latest indie releases, news, and occasionally yelling at musicians. Attempting to bring you a slightly different look at the indie culture, and what we think you should be paying attention to. Music reviews, indie music news, concert reviews, and a healthy dose of cynicism is what you can expect from Indie Wiretap. Those who come from a broken social scene, have been knocked to pavement for being the strange indie kid, and long for other horrible indie band puns have come to the right place. Hopefully not your normal indie music blog, filled with just the right amount of snobbery and elitism, we thank you for joining us in yelling about music. Welcome to Indie Wiretap.

Far From Your Worst Nightmare
by Aaron over 4 years ago
A Night With Kid A
by Aaron over 4 years ago



This blog has psychedelic mostly but they have no category here for that. I have a bit of punk, post punk, classic rock and before I'm done with it, should probably have indie as well then I might actually fit here. This is a hybrid blog. It also has a few original quotes, some justified rants and perhaps a few of my poems. On the blog site, just below the blog description you'll find our intrepid sojourner. Nail him with your mouse and that will lead you to my main poetry site.