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As the self-proclaimed "official music blog of Afropop worldwide," you're basically guaranteed to find the best news about the genre here.

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Jamming to tunes sung in French can seriously speed up your grasp of the tongue. Find the latest popular hits and video clips to download and lip-sync to here.

Archimede Makes Pop Rock Franglo-Saxon Style
by Celeste almost 4 years ago
Practice Page for New Release Slider
by Celeste almost 4 years ago

Hearing Shofar


The ancient ram's horn, called a shofar, is featured in a growing number of compositions in all genre of music. This blog tracks that trend, and offers a vast treasure of information for people who want to know more about this unique instrument.

"Shofar Coloring Page"
by Michael@Chusid.com over 2 years ago
14th Century Shofarists
by Michael@Chusid.com over 2 years ago



Metal-Libre is a free music blog, with the objective to "promote" metal bands that share their own music with free licenses and for free over the web, without the need to pirate anything. All the music posted in the blog is totally FREE and LEGAL.

Yet Another Academic Writing Company Is Being Perused. Non-achiever or Profy?
by Sercari almost 3 years ago
Algunas novedades y descubrimientos “recientes” del metal libre (05/2014)
by Houndix about 4 years ago

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aDubstep.com has an Extensive High Quality Collection of The Best Dubstep Songs! Our Dubstep Playlist Only Features Top Quality Dubstep Artists and Songs!

Lost in the Music


I just post some of my favorite music in foreign languages and tell you about them. It's mostly pop music but I include other genres as well. I love languages so I can help you out with song meanings as well.