Squeeze My Lemon


The slightly sensual nature of this blog hearkens back to the intimacy inherent to great blues dancing. But no worries, this site is not risque -- just frisky about the music.

Louisiana Blues - The Best Louisiana Sounds
by Kelvin Cook over 2 years ago
B.B. King's Top 10 Rules For Success
by Kelvin Cook over 2 years ago

Real Deep Blues


Blogger Rick headlines this blog with a famous and piercing phrase from the inimitable legend of blues, Mahalia Jackson, who notes the pain and suffering that are inherent to authentic blues dancing and performing. Rick's posts go on to compliment this aspect of the blues genre with other important virtues such as soul, deep passion, and a savvy in the art of swing. Anyone who wants to imbue their blues love with more detail and depth will enjoy this blog.

by RiCK SAUNDERS over 2 years ago
The Soul Blues of Boston's JULiE RHODES
by RiCK SAUNDERS over 2 years ago

The Blues Foundation


One of the country's main bastions of the blues in located in Memphis but has a blog that reaches everywhere. This is a great introductory page to what makes the blues the blues.

The Blues Report


The latest in the blues music scene shows up here with regularity. It features a very charming podcast feature as well.

5 Cara Memaksimalkan Facebook Fans Page Untuk Keperluan Bisnis Hijab
by eron elzatta over 2 years ago

All About Blues


Rev Keith has been living thickly in the blues scene for decades. You can learn quite a bit about how the music and dancing is so important to our here and now with his insights.

Janiva Magness CD Preview
about 4 years ago
Ronnie Earl CD Preview
about 4 years ago

Son Henry's Blues


A famous blues guitarists writes with charm and honesty about his music and culture here. It's a great site for dancers to learn more about one of their music's brightest lights.

My life as a sideman
by Son Henry over 2 years ago
Gigging again
by Son Henry over 2 years ago

Back in the Day


Blogger Ricky enjoys looking back at blues' past to take guesses at its present and future. Dance fans will find a lot of history to inform their performances here.

25th Annual Blues for Food
by noreply@blogger.com (Ricky Bush) almost 3 years ago
Syllamo Trio
by noreply@blogger.com (Ricky Bush) almost 3 years ago

Nothing But the Blues


This blog and podcast chronicles the best of blues dancing across the country. Check in regularly for a new feature on what's hot with blues in the present moment.

Nothing But The Blues #387
over 2 years ago
Nothing But The Blues #386
over 2 years ago

Blues and Jazz Piano


One of the two most important contributors to the proper blues mood -- besides the drums -- is the piano. Revere the eighty-eights with more fervor here.

Enlighten me, by all means please???
almost 4 years ago
Bill Evans
over 4 years ago

Blues, Jazz, and Soul Food


This blog understands that blues dance and music goes hand in hand with the cuisine. Taste the best of the dances and the dishes here.

Coming Home to the Blues


This blogger, based in Boston, is doing a great job at injecting a love of blues dance into the community. Blues fans from anywhere will appreciate the intriguing posts.

Blues in Britain


This British blog documents the best of blues music and dance in the United Kingdom. If you're going across the pond soon, check this exciting blog out first.

Issue 148 – April ’14
by Paul Stiles over 4 years ago
Issue 147 – March ’14
by Paul Stiles over 4 years ago

Big Rock Candy Mountain


This blog shows how blues music and dance can happily infect your worldview. The writing here is all about integrating the style and flavor of the tunes into your everyday.

Alone and Low as Low Can Be
by bigrockcandymountain over 3 years ago
Leave You Low, Come Time To Go
by bigrockcandymountain over 3 years ago

Uncensored History of the Blues


The title gives it all away here. Visitors will be thoroughly educated about the story and history of the music to which they dance with such pleasure and enjoyment.

Show 67 - Back-biting Man
by mrugel@purplebeech.com over 3 years ago
Show 66 - Biographical Mysteries
by mrugel@purplebeech.com about 4 years ago

The Delta Blues


The blues lives with the most brio and joy, inarguably, in the South of the United States. Think of this blues blog as a refreshing mintjulep.

Soul Sides


Soul Sides is all about musicology, but the author does occasionally write about other art forms. He features different soul artists and gives a historical piece on them to allow his readers to get a good feel for the person behind the music.

by O-Dub over 2 years ago
by O-Dub over 2 years ago

Washington Blues Blog


A blog covering the blues scene in the Pacific NW.

Flying Flutistas


Lynne Krayer-Luke & Vanessa Breault Mulvey reveal how Body Mapping can unleash exquisite music-making and share their flying trapeze insights about the learning process, performance & facing fear.

Piano connects with kids


How can we better connect our children to the benefits of piano study?

Music Divas And Other Beings


Best music blog dedicated to female singers and everything related to them. Online since 2009, and with lots of heart in it. Reviews, articles, products, promotions, lists, surprises.Deejays, exclusives.

Eighties Fashion Trends – Agnetha, Gary and A-ha
by David Cocas over 4 years ago
Madonna Music Mix by Leaf
by David Cocas over 4 years ago



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